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    Chilling with Satan

    by , 06-16-2012 at 07:06 AM (1499 Views)
    Chilling with Satan (DILD)


    I'm in some sort of building with red walls. Absolutely no idea about what the function of the room is.. but my objective is to kill this guy. He's standing in the corner of the room with his back facing me - perfect! Creeping up to him, I pull out my pistol. As soon as i'm about 2m from the guy, I fire two shots into his head. ... wait.. what the.. It had no effect what so ever!
    He turns around, perfectly unscathed. The hell is this guy? Is he hacking?
    (Man... I've been playing too much Battlefield 3 ) I don't know what the fuck is going on, but I give up. At this point, I don't even care about anything. I turn around and walk up a small flight of steps which brings me to a girl sitting at a messy desk. It somehow reminds me of the receptionist of a ghetto PC gaming cafe.
    After saying a few words to her, I black out..

    I'm now standing infront of a red telephone booth with the girl to my right side. However, this is no ordinary telephone booth, it's actually an elevator.
    (Whilst writing this, I have absolutely no clue who the person coming up the lift is.) I have an incredible urge to eliminate this guy. He committed some sort of betrayal and it's seems only fair for him to die.
    I crouch on all four limps and leap up onto the top of the telephone booth. It wobbles and I'm forced to stand on two in order to keep my balance.
    (Can't clearly remember what happens here) but I'm pulled off the top of the telephone booth. I gain a low level of lucidity. The next thing I know, I'm talking to... Satan. Satan's wearing a black suit yet I can't seem to recall his facial features. He's now sitting on a lounge (picture one where you would lay on when going to a psychologist) with a small table next to him.
    I start a conversation to him about energy work.
    I start off by complaining about how the girl I arrived with wouldn't teach me energy work. He doesn't reply but doesn't seemed bothered by my presence so I continue.. "Can I try something?" No reply.
    I lift my hands up so that my palms and facing towards him and start to absorb energy. "Can you feel that?" There are golden sparks flying in the air from his leg into my palm - that's his energy flowing into me.
    "You're only talking a small dose, but it's very distinct."
    He checks his nearby laptop and discovers an identitity of an online user. For some reason, this is quite important to him.. the user is the brother of... someone or rather >_> He says he needs to go find this person and stands up to leave, making his way to the door.
    I'm eager to ask this man (whether he be Devil or not) to teach me energy work. An idea comes to me after watching "Buddha Boy" on Youtube again about Tummo meditation, generating your own body heat through.. energy? Qi?
    I draw the energy from the area about an inch under my stomache to my chest, then extending it over to my hand. I place my hand on Satan's shoulder (God knows why.. I was just really eager to do some energy work!)
    Satan turns his head and somewhat glares at me, though it didn't seem like a threatening glare. Moreso a "Man, you are starting to get a bit annoying." Ignoring my actions, he opens the door and walks outside.
    Being persistent as I am, I follow after him. The outdoor area looks almost identical to my waking-life backyard. "Will you teach me energy work?" I ask him.
    Expecting him to teleport, I stay close by him, getting ready to make contact with him to make sure he couldn't suddenly teleport away.
    But.. he flies. Feeling the shift in his mindset, I grab onto his arm. WHOOSH. Man, this guy flies FAST. For the first few seconds, I'm awestuck by how fast he flies, then I decide I want to fly for myself. As I let go, I'm immediately pulled down my gravity. For a second, I just fall but then propell myself forwards as fast as I can.. It's simply not enough. I can't catch up to him. He's probably going about 3x the speed I am.. blagh.
    Though I have no hope of catching up to him, I notice that we're flying over beautiful mountains with rivers flowing through the land. The landscape is absolutely spectacular..
    There's also something very interesting I noticed.... Satan's energy is WHITE.
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    1. Micael's Avatar
      this is pure awesomeness !
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    2. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      Sweeeet! Haha. Sick dream, CCCC!!
      fOrceez likes this.
    3. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Hanging with the cool kid, I see.

      Who was the brother he was looking for?!
      fOrceez likes this.
    4. fOrceez's Avatar
      Thanks for readinng, all :-)
      @Kaomea, sadly, I have no idea :-(