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    Hong Kong + holiday..?

    by , 10-07-2011 at 06:25 AM (391 Views)
    HK, Bali/Hawaii (Non-lucid)


    In Hong Kong with family. The apartment buildings had been destroyed. There was some sort of portal that went from building to building. I was in a room with my family, and then i drinked a bottle of water. I talked like shit/plastic.
    I ran out of the room and through a few portals that connected through the destroyed buildings, looking to scavenge some stuff. Going through the hallways, i saw that all the rooms had been trashed, perhaps from scavengers before me.
    I went down an elevator. When it stopped, i looked outside and i was in on a very, very nice beach. The elevator came out of the side of a light wooden building. I started talking to a manager of some sort of nice restaurant and convinced her that I was the boss of the company but I was not wearing my mask today. (I think i was deadmau5..)
    I asked to speak to her in private and she led me to an opening of a shopping mall. It was very nice.

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