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    A Night with the Circus

    by , 06-01-2011 at 12:28 AM (616 Views)
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    A had a few oranges this night, I heard it helped with recall, and here you go, a fairly vivid dream!

    31st May

    Jacson, James, Cameron, Maddie, Sarah, Julia and I were in some sort of casino, the lighting of the place was pretty dull. (False memories: we were on a camp and coming in for dinner.) We and other people from school, were all eating dinner in a fairly large room, and the back of the room were big steps, like the steps from my bowling dream, but covered in carpet this time. With no warning, Jacson ran out of the room. I just knew he was going to look for James and followed him.
    We ran out of the room into a few corridors joining together, at the far end of the corridor was a sliding door, but we didn't get that far anyway. Jacson was still running, i don't think he really knew where James was, cause James just popped out of a corner to scare the living crap out of him.
    After knowing that James had been found and was safe, I ran back inside. The doors were all green automatic sliding doors. When I got back to the room, the tables had been removed and my group was sitting on the steps near the side of a big wall.
    We heard a dark, dark laugh.. it was almost like a roar. Some gut feeling, we all just knew there was a crazy man on the other side of the wall.
    Sitting on the steps, chatting amongst ourselves when a parade suddenly started. They came through a big door and walked along the area we were having dinner previously. Men, beasts, animals, all in cages. Following behind them all was a lady, about 20-25 years of age, brunette and wearing a tight black leather outfit.. kinda like Catwoman's, but no mask.
    Monkeys were let out, they were definitely trained. They started pop dancing all over us, arm waves and the lot! They were jumping over the crowd, running everywhere.
    To the side was a Remote Control Car track, starting high and coming down to the ground. Then a RC car came flying down! A monkey casually stepped onto it and started dancing, it was absolutely awesome :p

    The lady walked up to Cameron, Jacson and Maddie and moved them away from us seeing as they were talking. She then walked up to me and asked, 'Do you want your parents back?'
    'They're not my parents.'
    'They can rejoin you, but you must make sure they are quiet.' I had the impression that she was trying to imply, if my friends were not, she would do something nasty but i knew she wouldn't. She just seemed too familiar.. 'Actually, I have decided your group will come sit with me as punishment.'
    I really didn't mind, I wanted to know more about her anyway. I wanted to know how I knew her..

    We sat a couple of steps further up, me sitting next to the leather suit lady, i don't remember what the rest of my friends done, I recall them coming to sit with us, but i don't remember anything about them after that. I started questioning this mysterious lady. OH- I'VE SEEN HER BEFORE! Or at least, i think i have? She could cover her body in flames by will.
    "Can you teach me magic?"
    No answer.
    "Is your flame for defense only, or can you attack people with it?"
    "Defence only"
    "So you can only put it around yourself?"
    A man from the circus started performing. He was slim, but very muscular, tanned and had Asian features. He had two tribal tattoos on his shaved head and over his upper torso. I think he was standing on one of the cages performing.. breathing fire?
    I felt a connection with him, but not a connection of my own. I looked over at the lady in tights, "You like him, don't you?"
    She smiled and blushed.

    This brunette lady seems also very familiar to the girl from my second lucid dream (previous post).

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