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    by , 04-19-2012 at 01:15 PM (1209 Views)
    War! (Non-lucid)


    I'm standing with my small machine gun in hand next to my friend, Jacob. We watch as a swarm of enemy soldiers start to march towards us.. the battle starts. The enemy soldiers start running towards their trenches as fast as they can while our soldiers rain bullets on them.
    I attempt to aim and fire my SMG but the distance is just too far. The bullets become unaccurate over the range and hits nothing.. I pull out my Desert Eagle. Everyone that has played CS: S knows that DEs shoot better over long distances! I take a few shots.
    Many of their front wave get injured from the volley of bullets, tumble, and lay face-down, still, in the mud. The enemy decide that they are in a really bad position and retreat deep into the tunnels of their trenches.
    We follow.. but that was a bad move. Once we climb into the tunnels, we find them all lined up with their guns out.. a trap, great.

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    1. NewZealand's Avatar
      What happened after!?
      Was that the end of the dream?
    2. fOrceez's Avatar
      Yeah, that was the end of a dream, hahahah