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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Hot guys fighting

      by , 01-15-2014 at 04:01 PM
      I remember being somewhere outdoors and there being an evil hot guy and a hot good guy. The good guy was my boyfriend and i remember i kept kissing him. You k now when someone is about to say something but you shut them up with a kiss? Well something like that. I remember i was doing that because he kept telling me i couldn't crown me and him as the queen and king of whatever party we were at so i kissed him to shut him up and then asked him " Were you saying something?". Then he shut up. Then i was taking a walk and the hot evil guy picked me up bridal style and was carrying me away. Then he challenged my boyfriend to a sword fight like in the old days and who ever wins gets me. Then i don't remember what happened

      But also i remember having a dream later that night about me being in a hotel and i was resurrecting a doll into a real girl. Then after that i remember eating and there was a huge open bouffett and there was a lot of amazing food. I remember i was really creeped out. It had an over all creepy vibe to it. Also i remember there was a lot of pollution they were throwing in the water so i went up to the thing collecting pollution and i made sure it didn't go in the water. Then i don't really remember much.
    2. Cute guy and weird shit

      by , 11-29-2013 at 01:55 PM
      I remember me being at home and going to the kitchen and seeing my cousin's from my mom's side in my brother's room and there's a cute guy i don't know there. after that they fight and get ready to go down in the elevator. I tell the cute guy because they are fighting you can stay here for a while, he was like it's fine, and i can't just stay here alone. The elevator gets stuck for a while then goes down

      Then i'm walking somewhere and my cousin's and the cute guy are walking in front of me, and i ask them wheat's him name and i feign stupid and i'm like is it something with an A? I guess a few then say Ammar. Then they call him over. Turns out his name is Farouk but his nickname is Ammar and many other names. then i dream that i'm somewhere near the beach and i have to go up fast or i'll drown so i try to climb up but people next to me are getting attacked by dolphins and seals. I see a guy from my school who has made it safely so i ask him to give me a hand. He pulls me up and then i fall back in and start drowning. But then it turns out i'm going to another place and i'm not drowning. Then Suddenly someone is having an underground wedding. It's a girl from my school i think. Someone from my school is suppose to be dedicating a song but she's crying and she's not able to sing it so she gives me the mike and i start singing the song. The words are on the screen and im singing them. After that one of my best friends come up to me and tells me i did great but i messed up some stuff. Then i tell someone else from y class that usually i get so nervous and that's what makes me horrible. After that suddenly it's turned to walk for a cure but it's somewhere else. After that i see all the things that my friends baked that are getting sold. There were colorful rice krispies and brownies and Cinnabon and cinnabon with Oreo and brownie bits. I asked my friend if she made them and she said yes. After that i was pissed off because there weren't any booths for us to sell. Then suddenly i was in a dress and that was one of the things that we are selling. i was tying to get people to buy it. I get a person to buy it. Then i don't remember what happened and i woke up.
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    3. The Wanted

      by , 11-28-2013 at 05:43 AM
      First thing i remember is that we were in a classroom and the teacher told us to go out and have sex with as many boys as we could. All of us were in shock. I went out and the school had some sort of carnival going on. There was a cute guy sitting and looking at me. Then his friend sprayed snow spray on me and the snow spray was on fire so i threw my self on the ground so it would get off me and i kind of fell into him. Then he told his friend what the hell man and his friend winked and whispered to him, so i could introduce you guys. The guy smiled and told his friend that he owed him. We sat talking for a while. I decided he was going to be the first guy i slept with for some reason. After that my dad came and we fought and he left. Then me and the guy went to the bedroom and kissed and i don't remember what happened after. Then after that my business teacher was talking to me and he was wearing a The Wanted Jacket. So i told him, wait, you like them too, and he was like i'm their manager so i started freaking out and kept asking him if i could take a picture with him and begged him if he could get them to Egypt. And then i was like i knew he was their manager. He lived right next to them in Sahel. They live near me. It was so weird. Then i don't remember what happened. It was actually confusing.
    4. Vacation

      by , 11-26-2013 at 09:37 PM
      -I was at a hotel and we were on a vacation.
      -It turns out that one of my best friends was at the hotel too.
      -We went to a party that my parents told me i couldn't go to.
      -I went for a walk outside to clear my head.
      -After a while a girl that graduated from our school comes and tells me she wants to throw a surprise party to someone else in our school.
      -She wanted me to help her think of ideas
      -Then i don't remembered what happens and i wake up.
    5. In a towel? wtf

      by , 11-24-2013 at 04:22 PM
      I only remembered parts of my dream:

      -So the whole time in the dream, i'm in a towel and it barely covers anything and im holding it close to me.
      -I ask one of my best friends to think of a costume for me
      -I'm in a place near the sea
      -I bump into a guy that's having dinner with the same person i told to make me the costume
      -The guy is supposedly famous
      -The teacher tells me that she brought this guy for me and a couple of other people.
      -I'm at the theater
      -I've baked pizza and people were eating it
      -I remember buying a lot of toothbrushes from the supermarket near my house
      -My dad was in the dream but i don't remember what happened
    6. Pool and pie?

      by , 11-23-2013 at 12:44 AM
      So i'm starting to remember more details from my dreams now so yay. Had 3 mini dreams:

      1.I was in a hotel in a pool. I remember the swimsuit that i was wearing had a skirt. Then, i was swimming with a little girl in my hand. Then i asked a guy if he could set up the girl with anyone he knew. He set her up with his little brother. Then i remember getting overprotective over the girl and her telling me "You have guy friends, why can't i?" and she pointed at one of my guy friends in Sahel. After that my father called me and asked if i wanted to stay out a while longer and for my curfew to be out later and i said yes.

      2.After a while my surroundings changed and i was at my grandfather's house.There was a party going on. People were going into my grandfather's house and there was a party apparently and then someone who people really liked arrived and everyone went to greet him but i didn't. Then everyone went inside from the gate. Some people were eating and some people were just hanging out. People were jumping in the pool and taking chairs with them and i was shouting at them and was telling them that the chairs would get ruined. After that i went into the pool and a guy was going to attack me and was going under water trying to see under my skirt. so i started screaming and another dude hit him and i ran out of the pool sobbing. Then i saw a guy i didn't really know and i said hi. After that i don't know what happened.

      3.After that my surroundings changed and i was somewhere else.I vaguely remember someone singing and getting pie thrown at more money, the more pies that get thrown at her the more money she makes. I remember she had short hair. Also that she ended up making almost 49,000 dollars. Then i remember picking up pennies off the floor which had grass on it. Then i remember talking to a rich dude who was cheating on his wife. After that i remember talking to my ESS teacher about proof for CAS.

      Then i woke up.
      Tags: cas, ess, hotel, money, pie, pool
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Weird Random..

      by , 11-18-2013 at 05:39 AM
      This is what i remember:

      - We were throwing a surprise party for one of my friends
      - I remember there were cupcakes with frosting
      - It was at some place near the sea
      - One of my friends told me " I left a space to eat something sweet that you made" (I bake a lot)
      - One of my friends told me she hates Paris and when i asked her why she told me it was a secret and she wouldn't tell me