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    #1. Reuniting with Elementary Teacher, #2. Stealth Shooter

    by , 07-02-2014 at 05:42 PM (468 Views)

    In bed: 11:08 PM - 7:40 AM

    2. II. 7:25 AM
    I am in a video game or what seems like one. I have different guns including a sniper. I have to stay stealthy. I am up on top of some buildings which is over this green field below. There are a bunch of RPG animal enemies down there that will attack me if they see me. I prepare to attack them, but before I can, somehow they know I am up there and launch attacks that kill me forcing me to restart. This same thing happens which really confuses me since I don't know how they could possibly see me from that height.
    Moving into new dorm, male resident adult reminds me of Mr. MB, but heís not him, and I gotta remember that. Seeing him as I walk to class in an area that looks like main generic building at my high school.
    Class or group thing that I go over to. GW and others in it. The teacher Iíve had before when I was younger (reminds me of Mrs. S). Talking to GW a lot before. Makes the teacher get all teary and such for some reason and she has to leave the room for a moment right before Iím about to talk to introduce myself to the class.
    Our bikes moved by an ra the first day because of where we parked or something or just as a drill of some sort. Having to go over to some other room to retrieve.
    Talking to CT after the assembly and walking out, somehow forgetting to bring up the world cup match with him.
    Going to some resort-ish area that students like to go to. Returning there, TK driving us. He driving very wild and crazy on way to resort place. Flying into air from jumps and going fast.
    Going to event after assembly hosted by an organization. I going to bathroom first, funny girl in there. Tons of ppl here after I come out. Learning that I inspired others to go to this organization through a story somewhere. Ppl from the organization talking more generally here at the event to help everyone since they werenít expecting these numbers.

    1. I. 3:40 AM
    Reuniting and working with old teacher of mine from elementary. Same summer camp or something at the school. Computer lab used by camp a lot, so I in here very often.
    Conversations with GW and others. Big room we all getting for just talking amongst each other. A friend telling me about some students that were punished for something academic but they doing a lottery to decide who to punish and just fined a few. Point when it shows a view of the house they live in on a street on campus.

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