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    1. #4. The Epic Water Balloon (Dodgeball) Battle

      by , 06-04-2014 at 05:55 PM

      In bed: 12:38 AM - 7:43 AM
      #4. I. 7:30 AM

      I am in some building like a mall. I go to the food court area even though Iím not even hungry. There is a main area for a Burger King then a smaller, long area for other restaurants. As I am passing through the Burger King to the other area, I see on one of the menus they are selling these combo cups that combine two different ingredients. One of them is bacon with chocolate crunch which shocks and disgusts me that they are selling that. I continue to the area with the other restaurants which is through a short door to an area that is not very wide but is a long section with different restaurants along the wall just with a counter and the area that the food comes from is behind the wall. I am not even hungry, so I donít really know why I came here. One of the servers who is wearing a chefís hat is standing out from behind the counter as I enter since there must not have been many people around. He asks me if I want to order something. I sort of just want to leave, but tell him to give me a moment.

      I am meeting with a club of mine that has to do with Japan. We want to do outreach to different countries around the world. We have either a physical map or a map on a computer, and we are dividing up each person getting assigned to a specific country. I am looking trying to decide what country to pick, and consider Israel. But I realize that since I wonít be picking Japan since that is our main country, so really it doesnít matter to me. I want to do it randomly.

      I am in a different room in the building now. It is kind of like ď[ď shape with two indentations on either side. We are playing a team water balloon fight game (it is questionable if these are water balloons or if they are just balls since they never burst) that basically like dodgeball. I am really good at the game and carry more than one ball at a time usually using the one in my left hand as a shield to deflect off throws at me while carrying one or two in my right hand to throw. There is some way of having two lives which has to do with carrying a shield balloon or something. I stay in the corner that I am in getting people that come running over usually throwing my balloon even before I see them anticipating their approach. Pretty much every time, I end up asking if I even hit them as it is hard to tell if I hit them, but they always say that I did. Sometimes, I get hit as well, but using the second life, I stay in the game, and there is some way that I keep restoring it, each time I get a tag. Sometimes, I also manage to stop and trap their throw on my body, so that I effectively catch it and get them out. Towards the end, I am the only person left on my team. There are three or so opponents. I tag one from a distance from my corner then from there run to the other sideís corner which is through a door. I tag the guy inside then pretend to hide from the other guy that is outside. I hear him running towards the door, so I throw out a balloon which goes through the door right as he approaches. I am unsure again if I hit him, but he claims that I did.

      We all go to the theater for some event to watch. Most of us are on the left side seats. The guys that were the people left on the other team are sitting behind me. The academic director is sitting near us on the edge of the middle row of seats and ask out who all is going to Japan in the spring. The guys behind me each say that they are going, having already found out which I am excited to meet others going. I tell her that Iíve looked at the application to apply but havenít started it yet. She tells me to email her my information so that she can help. There is quite a lot of talking going on for this being an event we are supposed to be watching with us and others in front of us talking.

      Still in the theater, before long, I see an old friend from high school, DC, has just arrived. She walks up the steps towards where we are and says that she finally got her physical form in. It seems to be the very first day of classes. Most people are oblivious to her arriving for some reason though she does greet and hug a few people in the middle section. When she gets closer to where I am, I wave and she comes over and hugs me. I move my legs over so that she can get through to sit in our row here. I am on the edge, and there was someone sitting to my left that got up to go somewhere, and DC sits there, but I donít say anything about it. I ask her what happened that made her get here so late, it is already around 11:30 AM. She had a problem with her physical form with some of the words not being in the right order for the official surgeon general. Basically, something stupid. Her dad was luckily able to come to fix it.

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    2. #2. Attempting to Flirt Using a Printer, #3. Hiking in a Suburban Area

      by , 06-04-2014 at 01:43 AM
      Two pretty long and continuous dreams like back in the day (versus my usual very broken up and short scene dreams of late).

      In bed: 12:00 AM - 7:45 AM

      #2. I. 4:30 AM

      I am with my mom out somewhere in a building. It is for an appointment of some sort. She has to be there too though for her own appointment or something versus for mine. We find out that I donít have to be there until that evening. I decide that instead of wasting time here all day, that Iíll go back to my older sisterís until later. I am happy at the chance to be on my own.

      I head out and am walking along a dirt road that is some walking trail somewhere that I seem to be taking home. As I am walking, there are a bunch of low branches that cross the trail that I have to duck under and dodge around. On the bottoms of some of them, there are small webs that I get caught on and have to knock off of me. Eventually, I reach further ahead where there is a signpost on the left side of the road by some trees. My sister is with me now, I guess she was waiting there at the signpost. We go to the signpost which is the kind with a glass screen on the front with items slid behind it. We apparently put a lot of photos back here and are coming back to get them. She reaches into the signpost pulling out different photos, all of them really old from the past when we were younger.

      We play this old video that we also find here showing an old family friendís husband trying to take pictures of us and the rest of the family. He is having a lot of difficulty with the big camera that he is holding though for some reason. Eventually someone that was standing waiting to be taking in the picture walks over to help him.

      I am just getting back home finally (earlier in the dream, I seemed to be going to my sisterís, but this seems to be my brotherís place). My brother calls me as I am getting in. He is on the train on the way back. I am in the living room of the place which is relatively small but a bit long. I go to a corner of the room where there is a beanbag chair and sit in it. There is also some sort of seating along the wall to my right and one high up behind me. While I am on the phone with my bro, one of his roommates comes in from another part of the home. It is a friend of mine from school in one of the same clubs as I. He is folding clothes in the room. My bro has just gotten back from a MTG event. MTG has changed a lot and is saying that it is definitely improved. He arrives back at the place, and we play a game of MTG on the folding table (that we used have two of that we ate on sometimes). The game plays more like Pokemon now. As we are playing, I notice this weird bug on the floor to my right that seems to be pulling a piece of trash or something along those lines, thatís almost completely covering up the bug.

      I am still in the room and a few other guys have passed through in the meantime including an old friend from high school. The dude from earlier is still in here. At a certain point, four girls are walking through the room as if this was a parking lot for a moment. As in the walls seemed to have been gone or something, and they walk in and keep walking as if just walking through the area. However, they stop while in the room and one of them knows me and sees me. She looks like an old TA but they call her by a different name for some reason. She and they are very flirty. There is a Carly and a Sam among them, one of the girls referring to Carly by the shorter Car. I want to hit back at them specifically at the TA look-alike but want to do it cleverly. They are walking very slowly, one of them talking with someone in the room. There is a printer on the other side of the room on a table. I scramble to type up a message in a word document to print it at the computer before they get there so they see it, read it, and laugh. I rush look up constantly to see if itís too late. Eventually, I print it and watch and wait, but they donít end up seeing it for some reason and leave the room. Around this point, my old friend from high school is just waking up or something and apparently has been on the seating behind me behind the beanbag this whole time which totally surprises me as I forgot or something.

      I am in room in the place, and my niece is talking to me. I seem to be getting ready for something and I am going into the closet to choose what clothes to wear.

      #3. II. 6:40 AM

      I am with a bunch of friends, and we drive to the store. In the parking lot, we all sit in the backseat of the car, ten of us somehow fitting. The wind is blowing nicely as we sit there and just enjoy ourselves. It is nice and warm and relaxing. Apparently, the car is sitting at a gas station. My RA is in the driverís seat. We watch as this car pulls in out of control and crashes into a short pillar slightly. He wasnít going very fast so it wasnít a bad crash, but just a bumping probably leaving a slight dent. We are worried he is crazy, so my RA pulls off to be safe. He drives up to the street, and we wait to turn out to the right. When traffic is clear, he turns right sort of more so continues onto the median then starts turning to the left so he can move to the lane going to the left relative to the parking lot.

      I am out somewhere in a slightly outdoor, slightly suburban area. I am with a group of people still. We are sort of hiking if it can be called hiking in this terrain. There is a bunch of random objects and things to walk on out here placed into the grass, and we are following a path through sometimes walking up the slopes and such. There is a girl in front of me that I donít know. Apparently, this group of people is all people from my hiking club. We are all discussing ideas for how we could have out of state trips, some people talking about whether theyíve been out of state before. I start talking to the girl in front of me about it mentioning that Iíve only been out of state on trips in the southeast. Apparently out of state just means CA in this sense. We start talking about other things. She mentions that she is a freshmen and asks me for advice regarding computer science as she is doing that as well. I ask her what class she took last quarter and she says the one that I also have taken that is the first in the series but is optional. I tell her I did the same thing and that that is totally ok versus skipping straight to the next one in the series.

      I am in a store with the same people. We are waiting to kill some time, and move towards a better area to wait that is on the other side of where we currently are. Mr. A (a teacher at a high school that I've volunteered at) takes this moment to return our chemistry quizzes also handing us a paper and pen so that we can write down any comments or questions that we have when we look over our quizzes. He hands me back mine, and I see I got 103% getting extra credit somewhere, seeing my score is something over something, the bottom not being 100 and the top being larger slightly. Mr. A starts going around to each person to see if they have questions. When he gets to me, I express my satisfaction with my great grade, but I explain that chemistry isnít my major but maybe I should switch or something. He responds with along the lines that I shouldnít be too hasty then he gets some binder to show us this cool compound that breaks expectations of how it would act because it has a bunch of atoms that should want to push away from each other, but donít.

      I get back home before anyone else somehow. I am up on the second floor of this place which I can tell since the window is still open even though it is dark now. I realize that I am missing my phone. I go to my computer so that I can signal flare and figure out where I left it. I track it right as the others are pulling up in the driveway. The flare points to the intersection of two streets and turn my head, so that I can read both. It is the intersection of a street called East and then another street. I realize that it is right outside where the car is meaning that it must be in the car. At this point, the others have entered the house by now. As I am heading out of the room to go search the car for my phone, my brother enters the room carrying my phone which he brought up for me which I thank him for.

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