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    1. Iron Maiden Concert [Lucid]

      by , 10-11-2010 at 06:07 PM
      This has been my longest lucid to date. The dream itself felt like it lasted probably around 30 minutes or so, but reflecting on it, it feels so much faster than that.

      I don't know exactly when my lucidity hit me, but I just know it did. However, prior to being lucid: I was in some lodge like area with someone I didn't recognize. out of the blue I was told that Iron Maiden (and more specifically Steve Harris) would be arriving momentarily. I turned crazy with anxiety. The moment they arrived I asked them to sign whatever I had, and they ended up signing my Zero shirt. I don't remember much else, except at one point I couldn't walk and collapsed to the floor because I was so filled with joy.

      Somehow, the dream transitioned to a concert arena. Like I mentioned, I don't know exactly what triggered lucidity, but it happened. I started walking around trying to meet people. There was a loot of people obviously. I remember walking through a crowd at one point and I saw a completely original face of a girl-- not one from my memories-- and she just stood out. I don't know why, but I felt she was another dreamer, somehow in my dream. She looked just as confused as I was to see her. I walked up to her, held her close and whispered in her ear "I'm Markus. Remember this moment." as I leaned back to look in her eyes they widened greatly, and she simply dissipated-- maybe she woke up, maybe I'm crazy and it was all me from the beginning-- who knows!

      I went back to a seat and sat down to see if my dream would make Iron Maiden perform. and they did. a strange moment followed where a row behind me, several people started singing the lyrics to a song (I can't remember which), but they were horribly monotone. I also remember it wasn't one of my favourite songs. After this occurrence, Maiden went off stage for the encore part and the crowd was restless. I realized it's my dream, Maiden doesn't get to have a break! I shouted "Play another song!" and bam, they were back on stage, playing music again. I listen to a lot of music, and one thing I've noticed about my mind is I really have songs engrained in my brain. when I'm in dreams, I can have music playback to me just like an MP3 player. I kept shouting "Next!", and Maiden would switch to a completely new song. it was exhilarating. Eventually they finished and I decided to walk around and check out the crowd some more.

      somehow, in the midst of walking around the giant rows and rows of chairs, they started to shrink more and more until there was about 2 rows of chairs, and the setting changed to my room. I didn't want this to be where I was, because any time I'm lucid and it's in my room, I end up thinking about waking life too much which ruins my lucidity and wakes me up. I've tried the spinning method before to change locations, but I've never been successful. Until now. I thought of traveling to a Forrest type location, and spun and spun. I could see the faint imagery of trees and clung to it. I was teleported to one of the most visually stunning landscapes I've ever seen.

      It was a majestic looking country-esque location, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Rolling grass fields in the distance, and closer to me where two houses, both with interesting log-cabing-esque looks to them. I went past one into the 'backyard' per say (there were no fences or boundaries)..and saw an amazing view. The season was somehow a mix of summer and fall at the same time, and it was gorgeous. Trees had no leaves, but there were many of them--and all across my field of vision, these strange sunflower things were floating around-- I'll try and recreate an image. It was as if the heads of the sunflower plants were just floating from the sky, and it was beautiful.

      They looked roughly like this (sorry for quick and sloppy photoshop) :

      I kept walking through this beautiful scenic field until I came to a mountain. I gazed up at it, and already knew what I was going to do. I thrusted up from the ground and took flight. As I flew over it I was speechless..I started loosing altitude, but I realized it's because I was too focused on trying to fly-- I just had to know that I could fly. and it picked up again. After that, I remember mumbling to myself "You are the one, neo" (I'm a huge nerd). I came upon a city scape quite fast and landed in it. I remember I was changing a bunch of things completely on the fly-- the city seemed to have a lot of police and SWAT members in it for some reason and it was giving me a bad vibe-- so I just willed them away. Poof. gone. The city also looked kind of dark itself, like it was build some time ago, not like slums per say.. but just old. I decided to change that. I said "lighten up these buildings" and they were transformed into newer looking gray skyscrapers. I kept changing small things here and there until I was distracted. I realized I should probably have some sort of goal, and was put off that I didn't know what the DV task of the month was, because it would have been an excellent time to do it. Shortly after I spent time thinking about goals, the dream collapsed and I woke up.

      This was my longest lucid to date. It was absolutely astonishing. I cannot wait for more.