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    Frederom's dreamJournal

    blue = non lucid

    red = lucid

    black = non dream

    1. update from my last DJ

      by , 01-09-2011 at 07:56 AM (Frederom's dreamJournal)
      I did WILD during my dream! (DILD)

      24:00-7:38 rated:5/5
      DC: Catherine ( my first LD !!!!!!)

      Everything started up at in my old school;p
      I was in line to eat at the cafeteria when i realized that i didn't brouth money but just my card In my new school we can pay with cash or with a card but not in this one Unhappy i went out of the cafeteria. I saw a girl that i haven't see since we were child I just reconnected with her on msn i went at her and put my arm around her shoulder but she didn't seem to apreciated she looked angry and shy at the same time... she left me. I tried to follow her but she desapered. suddenly i was in a new school that i didn't knowit was strange i had the felling that i knew this place ( it's the school from another dream) i went out of this school and found my self in the middle of a skydoo race track i had to dodge theme but i was trying to go foward me in opposite direction of the skydoo. the track than changed into the highway that is near my mom house. A girl in a car give a ride. She was driving to fast and burning the red light after this a lawyer come to her ... the dream skip. Now I am on the beach with a DC friend. We steal towel from two guys who take us on the hunt. I ran away and the beach transform into a wooden deck with wooden barrier and i jumped theme all untile i fell safe. that wood that surounded me was now a train. Than i had the felling that i should try to do a WILD technique i was alone and it was quiet. i closed my eyes and felled the SP sensation. I reopened my eyes and new it worked. the train stoped and told me when you'll be bored just call me. At this point i completly forget to do RCing but i did robbed my hands I tryed to fly . i jumped in the air but the gravity pull be back to the ground i was a little pissed off ^^. I tryed a second time and this time it worked (again i didn't try to trained my self to fly or anything i just wanted to go fast) it was to slow so i speed up but in neo style. and my arm directed the whole thing need to improved this but i speed up to much and everything become blurry. i think I travaled 10 kim in 3 second. I landed near some creature that looked like autar. they were playing with a dog ( there was a bal and the dog was running after it) and i started to play with theme bad idea XD. I was nolonger lucid

      lucidity layer 0 (Non-lucid)

      23:00-9:00 rated:4.5/5
      DC's: Kathleen Julien (cap bourbeau)

      the dream takes place on a earth road and i'm in a car with two school friends. the road is like a roller coaster very high at the beginning goes down very fast in the middle than go up in the air again. the car can't climb the road so we went out of it ...

      now i'm in a house with Kathleen and curiously we're talking about lucid dream!!! awsome:O at some point od this dream i am a DC of Kathleen's dream and i tell her to keep focusing on the dream and try to remember it when she'd woke up same for me and so we wouls see if there is a conextion between us XD but I realized that she was in fact part of my dream all this stuff is very related to lucid dream and at no point i've become lucid poor me So the dream storie changed and now i had to blo the house up with TNT but it didn't worked like it should i was trapped with the TNT ready to exploded XD and i woked up

      one of my first fly since a long time (WBTB)

      00:00-10:00 4.2/5
      DC:Nicolas Marc-André

      Everything begin in a big skyscraper the owner is my friend nicolas and he wants to blew up the city. I know I must stop him and feel like i'm have some sort of power. the dream than jump and I'm in my mom house i rest there with a unknown DC i know Nicolas is about to come to my house XD i just know it weird feeling and i must get ride of him. When nicolas arrived i had the feeling i was a vampire and i try to transform the other guy into a vampire to by making him drink my blood XD it should be the opposite^^ So I took a knif to pierce ma finger but outch F*** i didn't had the guts to do it. I was like ok i can't fail I wanted the guy to help me^^

      I opened the door and went directly to nicolas and marc-André. I took theme between each arm arm and I went up in the air. As i started to fly i was like HO cool!! but then i doubt I had this sensation of falling and i immediatly closed my eye and try to focus convincing my sefl that i could do it! I already knew that dream are likely to your wish and it work I was semi lucidUnffortunatly i remembered about Nicolas and marc-andré and now we were flying on the back of a big centiped still cool sensation but not lucide anymore