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    Lucid Dreams

    1. Riding Totoro Out of the White House [lucid]

      by , 01-08-2012 at 08:03 PM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 01-08-12
      Length: 15 Minutes
      Clarity: 10/10
      Control: 10/10

      I was laying in bed using Ev's Singularity App when I began to WILD without even trying.
      My mind was already asleep.

      I got up from my bed and Sean and Reina were there, I think they were talking about Daily Grace.
      To stabilize the dream I started spinning really fast and rubbing my hands together. I almost fell over at one point, and was beginning to black out, so I decided I should go slower and be more careful.
      I looked at my closet doors and I told myself "when I walk through those doors, I'm going to be in Barack Obama's bedroom. I opened the door and sure enough, Michelle Obama was laying in her bed in her pjs giving me the weirdest look. I walked down their stairs which turned into Y-po and Y-gong's house.
      I remembered telling Stephanie that if I lucid dreamt, I would dream of flying on Totoro's stomach like Satsuki and Mei. I told myself that when I opened the front door, Totoro would be standing there with his top, waiting for me. I opened the front door and I see Totoro just hovering in my grandparent's fountain. I run up to him and for some reason there was a big pile of dog poo on the edge of the fountain. I jump on his stomach and we begin to fly away. We passed the neighbors' kids and I heard one of them say, "It's Totoro!". We flew higher and higher and I told myself once we landed somewhere I would be like Harry Potter and cast spells and fly around on a broom. Totoro's fur was super soft and kind of carpet-y. I closed my eyes for a second while feeling it and realized what a stupid idea that was.

      I woke up staring at my wall..

    2. The Yellow Car

      by , 05-26-2011 at 06:17 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 09-24-10
      Length: 20 minutes
      Vividness: 6/10

      I was on a bike, with my girlfriend Dakota sitting on it facing sideways.
      At one point, the bike completely flipped forward, and i fell on my face.
      I thought it would hurt really badly, but I didn't feel a thing.
      I realized that I must be dreaming!

      I was still on the ground, and this yellow car drove half on inch from crushing my skull.
      I got up and Dakota and I started walking around.
      I wanted to make things explode so I tried making all the people around me blow up.
      It didn't work
      Dakota told me she wanted Starbucks, so we walked a couple feet to a Del-Taco.
      I closed my eyes and pictured it changing to a Starbucks.
      At first, only the sign changed.
      I tried again, and the name changed, but the sign changed back to Del-Taco.
      Then finally, the whole building transformed into a Starbucks.

      I remember something to do with a kidnapping, or bad people doing stuff to us.
      I forget everything that happened afterwards as well.

    3. Inception

      by , 05-25-2011 at 07:22 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 09-20-10
      Length: Unknown
      Vividness: 10/10

      I was dreaming that I was in a huge house while traveling around with my girlfriend, Dakota, and her mom.
      It was night time, so I went to sleep.
      I had a dream inside my dream.

      In that dream, I walked into the bathroom.
      Everything was foggy and wet, and I could barely see anything.
      I realized that, since it was so foggy, this must be a dream.
      I did a RC to be certain, and sure enough, I was dreaming!
      I screamed, "YES! I'M DREAMING!".
      Literally a second later I went head first and jumped through the glass, and straight out the window.
      I forgot to stabilize my dream, so instead I began flying around.
      It wasn't working very well and I began falling.
      I flew by a mirror and when I looked in it, yet everything seemed normal.
      I was trying to think of things to do and thought of making a person appear, unfortunately this only caused me to wake back up in my first dream.

      I got up from the bed, walked to the door, and told Dakota about my lucid dream.
      Halfway through, however, I realized my dad (who I haven't seen in a while) is lying right there.
      I jumped up and hugged him and we both started crying.
      My friend Tema runs in and does too.
      Someone else says something about getting a delicious dish, called the carpaccio from my favorite sushi restaurant, Pirahna.
      My dream ended there.

    4. I am god.

      by , 05-12-2011 at 04:08 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 09-05-10
      Length: 1 Day
      Vividness: 10/10

      I was in a hotel room with my two sister, Marin and Manon.
      Dakota and my mom was there too.
      I stepped out of bed and kept telling myself this was a lucid dream... I just knew.
      I made a bunch of things come off the wall and made glass plates float.

      It was night time, but I decided I didn't want to go to bed, so I pointed my finger at where I thought the sun would be, and dragged it upwards to make it into day time.
      These UFOs began to descend from the sky and I could tell it was my sub-conscience trying to scare me out of my lucidity.
      I pointed and them and turn them into unicorns, problem solved.

      I began walking around town with this one guy telling him that I could control everything.
      I stole some fruits nearby by launching some fruits off the tables into my hand.
      I walked into a restaurant and looked up onto a hill where suddenly, a huge explosion happened.

      I told myself "When I walk through this door, I'm going to end up at the explosion site".
      When i got there, I went into a barn and told myself that when I turn the corner, Marin will be there.
      I turned the corner.. But she wasn't there, however I did hear footsteps.
      I called Marin's name and I heard her answer.
      I went inside the shack where the sound came from, and Marin and her friend were there.
      I told her about my ability of controlling everything and she asked if we could go to our Thousand Oaks home.
      They held on to my hand and when we opened our eyes, we were in this weird house.
      I searched around and saw this one girl sleeping a room.
      She ran out when she saw me.

      The phone rang, saying they had a mission to go on, and I came to the conclusion that my dad and his friends were a team like the Order of the Phoenix.

      I woke up.

    5. Double Take

      by , 05-09-2011 at 12:51 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 08-29-10
      Length: 5 Minutes
      Vividness: 10/10

      I woke up on the living room couch to the sound of knocking on the front door.
      People came in.
      Then a really weird thing happened, the exact same event looped over, people knocked and came in again.
      I thought to myself how weird this was, and how it doesn't make sense in real life so I thought, "This must be a dream!"

      I became lucid

      I opened my eyes and saw the living room wall all distorted and messed up, then everything went normal again…

      I thought I was in my actual living room, awake.
      I got up thinking to myself about how I could've let yet another lucid dream slip from me.
      I ran over to my sister Marin, and told her all about it…
      Then I woke up in real life.

    6. The Lost City of HOLY MOTHER OF GOD

      by , 04-28-2011 at 02:58 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 08-24-10
      Length: 15 minutes
      Vividity: 8/10

      Today, I had my first lucid dream.

      I had just been in another dream and was in a dark, mysterious room thinking about it.
      I was slowly walking towards a huge glass window, which took up the entire wall opposite to me.

      Suddenly I began thinking, "Hey wait.. What if this is a dream.
      I should reality check". So I plugged my nose and and did an RC.
      I could breathe!.. However, my dream consciousness believed this was normal..
      So I was not yet lucid.

      All of a sudden, I realized something was strange.
      I looked out the huge glass window and EVERYTHING was underwater!
      All these amazing colors, lights and calming ripples!
      Across from me was a hotel building, built on the sand of the ocean floor.

      This is when I realized I was dreaming.

      As soon I became lucid, a faint, peaceful song was playing in the background.
      After a few days of searching, I found it is almost identical to the first few seconds of the song "Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive".

      I was way too excited, and things began to become hazy.
      Things were swirling very fast, and I was losing the dream.
      I tried rubbing my hands together to attempt to stabilize the dream, but when I opened my eyes, I was looking at the ceiling of my room..


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