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    I Have a Problem

    The Weird Restaurant in China

    by , 08-07-2011 at 08:42 PM (494 Views)
    Date: 05-19-11
    Length: 1 Day
    Vividness: 6/10

    I was at some museum in China and when I came out of the exit, I hugged some random old lady. She looked at me weird and said "I don't even know you", then walked away.
    My mom, my sisters, and I drove back home and my mom was trying to be slutty with some clothes she bought 0.o
    We drove to some pizzeria place and ate some dinner, everyone but me left. Everything became a Zork style gameplay, where I had to type in commands. I picked up some cooking stuff and read something. It said there was a robber at GameStop. I knew it was close by, so I took a shortcut up through a back alley way.
    There was a pipe I couldn't walk up, so I climbed like a badass. I believe it was covered in ice as well.
    I got to one point and saw the robber coming the opposite direction. I knew he was going to try to rob the restaurant. I was going to use the command "fight ___ with ___".
    My dream slipped to this guy who looked exactly like Davis, and he was talking about video games. He was driving in a car, way too fast, and other people were in there too. The dream ended.


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