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    1. Getting a look at ThreeCat

      by , 08-01-2014 at 02:24 AM
      I pinch my nose and I can breathe. Lucid, ThreeCat comes to my mind right away, and I go immediately to exploration. I'm in a big unfamiliar city and have no idea where to go, so I ask someone where ThreeCat is located. People are pointing in different directions, but one seems more credible than the others, so I turn and walked towards where he pointed. He followed me down the road. I ask if ThreeCat did bring food, but get no answer. I'm going to a new street and see two lions and another cat lying by the roadside, I immediately think that they are not dangerous, and can not hurt me. Still I'm a little scared. There are some people on the sidewalk, and there is a 2.5 meter high black dressed guy with makeup and cat-like eyes. He seems superior, but then he begins to shrink a little, but he is still higher than me. It strikes me that this might be ThreeCat, so I ask. "Yes" I get for answer. I ask if he is sure. "Yes". There are many people around us, and there is a girl next to ThreeCat, most likely his girlfriend. I'm trying to think of some of my goals for lucid dreaming, and can not think of anything. "There is a restaurant there, you can probably get free food there," said ThreeCat. "Thank you!" I shout back, now I can finally taste how food tastes in the dreamstate. Before I do, I want to ask about the black clothes and makeup is something for Halloween, but I drop it. I do not think I asked if he would come with me, because he signaled that he was in a hurry. I go to the restaurant alone. I and ThreeCat parted ways already here, but such a mysterious man would I like to meet later and get to know. I stand outside the restaurant and get the urge to go through the glass door. I'll have some momentum and bang into the glass. It was hard, and I bounce back and land on my ass. All the people around me laugh, and I am a bit embarrassed. I try again, the same thing happens. So I set myself up in front of the door and keep my eyes on an object behind it. I imagine that I go through before I do it. There were suddenly two glasses. I got through the first one, but the other broke as soon as I touched it. One of the waiters were clapping and smiling at me. I go over the glass and say "bam!", and the glass is gone. I go around and sit next to a girl and say to the waiter that I want the best food they have, free of charge. "Nonono", I get for answer. "Nothing free". "Yes", I say, "I'll have it for free. And the food will come right away". The girl next to me orders two burgers that come immediately. She hides one of them on the other side of her, and I get a little confused. I ask if one was to me, and the girl gives it to me immediately. I said I may well get her more food at another restaurant, since I'm dreaming. She just nodded. I see a poster on the wall behind the girl, and cry out "TURN" and the poster turns 180. I cry out more, and the poster turns almost every time. There are some other people coming in and sit down at our table, and I explain to them that I'm dreaming. One girl who came in pick up her phone and take some pictures of me. I say that she is not going to find the images in WL and she says that she knows. The burger tasted the way, not so much, it was very mushy and tasteless and easily fell apart. I think it was a fish burger. I'm sure I've been lucid for a long time now, and I hope the alarmclock does not ring any time soon. Suddenly I'm outside, and I think of flying, but to take it to the next level. I have always flown only like superman or by swimming through the air, and now I should try to just levitate. I facilitate fast, it was pretty easy. I'm with someone (I do not remember when or how they showed up) who are very impressed and ask about how this is possible. I think that in a dream you will not live like in the physical world, but in a mental one, where only your mind sets the limits. We come into a room which was packed with people. I yell "hey!" and everyone look at me. I am a little nervous, but concentrated, I set myself up in front of the crowd. So I levitate. Everyone are clapping and shouting, and I hover over them, until the end of the room. So I count down from three, and shoot out in tremendous speed back to where I came from with one arm straight in front of me. I ended up in a ventilation pipe and break me further inward, I creep through multiple vents and fans and come quickly to an end. I look out and see that I am a big place, with many people gathered. Someone's coming up the pipe end, an ugly face, and takes hold of me and trying to drag me down. "I dream. I have power", I think to myself. The person's face tells me that he is scared. Then he lets go. Then a new, not-so-ugly face shows up, and take hold of me. I take hold of him back, and squeezing all I have. The person expresses great pain, and I let go.
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