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    00:00 Friday 2014-03-21 competition #17 night #14 LDs #27, #28, FA fight with an orc

    by , 03-21-2014 at 09:04 AM (711 Views)
    23:18 bedtime. Yay!

    00:00 Friday 2014-03-21 competition #17 night #14 LDs #27, #28, FA fight with an orc


    5) scene over the ocean high on a cliff/hill by a house. I'm just standing there observing. There is a little house to the left in front of me. There is a planter there on the ground near me to the front and left. I look at this planter and think about it. There is a table at the end of a ramp also in front of me, I think this is for the house owner since I "know" he's in a wheelchair. You can't see the ocean (out to the front and right) because of the fog. I know my brother-in-law has told me about this spot and recommends climbing down the path to the ocean that is to the front and right of me.. There is also a road off to the left through the trees.

    6) I'm outside old college house, I see NI friend there, there's a row of computers, 80's style PCs, I'm looking for mine but can't see it. NI is using a computer. I think I have returned to the house after a long absence but my room should still be available.

    7) Keeper of the amber. I'm in a room with big huge slugs of amber. I know that we can forge these slugs of amber into powerful swords. I imagine that we can also imprints the names of people allowed to use these swords on to a stone. People knock at the door trying to come in, only the people on our team are let in, I'm guarding the door.

    8) bizarre star paths in the sky. There were lines of stars in the skies following paths, and you could follow them walking underneath. The stars were moving along these paths, it was very beautiful.

    Takes a little while to get back to sleep, perhaps the dark chocolate bar in the afternoon was kicking in to nudge me alert. It may have helped with the lucid: (!)

    05:18 LD #27

    9) I'm in my parent's bedroom of my childhood home, it's dark night, vision is grainy/faint in the room. I'm sitting in a recliner chair next to the bed, my younger son at a younger age is lying in the bed. I'm looking at him in the bed, his eyes are creepy/wrong and watching me, it's hard to tell in the dark for sure, then I think he's not looking at me. He's holding something in his hand, I take it out of his hands, it's a little box, I open it, I see on the left side under the lid his passport and the rest is a bunch of his favorite small toys, I give the box back to him. I say "that's OK." His eyes are looking at me and they're really creepy, I'm kind of freaked out, I do a nose pinch and I'm lucid. I'm a bit surprised but not very much, I forget my "son" and feel no fear. I'm downstairs now walking from the dining room to the living room. My vision feels clouded. I recalled a technique of imaging veils in front your eyes and pulling them away, I do this and I see the veils and I easily pull them aside resulting in super HD clarity. I'm in the well-lit living room, I'm amazed at the clarity. I see books on a bookshelf and I can clearly see the writing on their spines: different colors of text. I wonder how realistic things will feel: I reach and look down and inspect "the equipment" and yep, things look and feel realistic. I don't read them (and not sure if they're letters or not) but I could have they were so clear. I go out on the deck, it's night still outside, and take off flying over the trees. I sense my wife has come out on the deck behind me and I don't want her to see me, so I urge myself to fly faster to get into the cover of the trees, "come on! faster!". I keep flying and remember my goal of really wanting to see myself flying, and look down and see trees and houses with lights on passing underneath me. Then I "wake up"

    ...and my alarm is going off. It's not my alarm ringtone but I don't catch that. I get up from bed in a white room (dream sign, common in FAs), my wife and I are captives, I'm thinking about how to save us, I ask her for some advice and she makes a snide remark about solving problems myself, I then see an Orc in the room with us he's holding a long but kind of dull-looking sword. I engage with him, I have no weapons, I avoid the blade and close in and manage to twist the blade out of its hands and I stab the orc, my wife is impressed. I then go to the next room, there is an orange large evil orc/caterpillar/snake thing there with a little head on top of a long neck, I run at it and make a two-handed overhead strong blow with the sword with intention to decapitate / smash its head but my sword bounces right off.

    This raises an alarm, the beasts are gathering, I head outside and I pass by an area where there are lots of human captives, I see them and they are very cartoony-looking, like hasty/rough drawings of cavemen with scraggly beards. Then I'm at some sort of bus station with the beginnings of a resistance, about 8 young strong men are gathered, and more come to our group, I name them as they arrive. I think we've avoided discovery because of all the activity at the bus station with lots of prisoners. They're all lifelike at this point.

    Takes a while to get back to sleep

    07:08 LD #28

    10) I get lucid walking down the steps from my childhood home's garage down to the back porch. I stop on the stairs, feel like I have to "hold" the dream, I rub my hands, and recite my name and state that I'm dreaming competitively (nod to StephL for this idea). But I "can't hold it" and the dream fades.

    07:40 alarm for breakfast duty. No one's actually getting up today, eat breakfast myself and head back to bed for some more dreaming and to make up for the extra awake time.

    08:30 (?) back to sleep

    Daydreaming, looks like I got an incubation effect given the next dream. Finally got a handle on myself and forced myself to head for relaxation, and eventually slept.


    Spoiler for sexy time, somewhat explicit:

    2) buying a gift at a gift store, the guy asks all kinds of questions, I"m not sure why he's asking them so I answer. It turns out the questions were so he could engrave the answers on the pressent, but because of this misunderstanding of the questions and their purpose the present was engraved with the wrong name of the recipient and the wrong information, I'm quite puzzled as to how this could have happened.

    3) I'm lying outside in a sort of tall tent outdoors, daytime. My dad is talking to some guy he called a "communist hippy freak." We're in some sort of park, but the hippy dude is part of a project to plant vegetables/food in public places, we're trying to figure out what his plan is, when they get enough food growing in public they will send some sort of signal and the people will arise and be free.

    F1) And older woman is walking looking for an older man for romantic actions and finds him.

    F2) Weird face masks, one young boy has a mask and a wasp is walking across his upper lip giving his mask some sort of power. Another boy is highlighting his eyebrow and sewing some thread into his skin on the eyebrow as a decoration. Then I'm swimming up the sidewalk outside my adult home and come upon a big wasp floating in the water and think it's 'dream residue' from the boy's face mask, and splash it off to the bushes.

    F3) some friends and their kids are playing video games in a house, they have to earn their time in the video game room.

    4) I'm entering a store looking for a hardware store that has been taken over by some oppressive company. I go in and someone tells me this has happened. I turn to the right and enter that area, a store within a store. I look around and think this is not want I want. I leave then go back and say the heck with it if they're evil I need to buy <something>

    In the far corner of the store my mom and dad are doing something. My dad is installing some new room there and carrying walls/windows.
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