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    00:00 Monday 2014-08-18 Home Run! 4 LDs: #50, 51, 52, 53

    by , 08-18-2014 at 07:41 PM (542 Views)
    23:18 pre-bedtime 3mg melatonin
    00:00 Monday 2014-08-18

    04:00 alarm, 2 x 4mg Galantamind, 1x 300mg Choline Bitartrate, 1x 300mg Alpha-GPC, 1 large rye cracker, 1 banana, immediately back to bed

    (no recall, just vague impressions, not even fragments)

    05:00 still awake

    05-06? very stimulated, familiar body buzzing feeling on G + Ch, difficult to get mind to stay at rest, "relieve tension," BTB

    fall asleep somewhere around late 05? or perhaps 06?


    + I'm lucid sitting on a bus, feel unstable, turn around to my right and see a guy sitting in the seat behind me smoking, I grab a strap that runs vertically along his body with my right hand and hold it firmly and say to him, "NO SMOKING ON THE BUS!!". I'd like to stabilize and get deeper into the dream but I can't take my right hand away (like if I did the dream would end) and I can't reach the right hand with my left. I lose visuals and I'm holding both hands on the bar on top of the seat in front of me. The bus starts pitching up and down violently like a ship in tall ocean waves, I feel the bus pitch down sharply and my body lifts up off the seat, still holding on to the bar in front of me, I wonder if the bus is going to start flying into space.

    Transition: I'm now a DO flying above behind and to the right of a bus that's driving on a road. The world is a flat-shaded cartoon world: a lot is white, and it's very blocky. The bus turns left at an intersection and them pulls over to a building and stops. I call out "Hey are there any cartoon girls in there?" I see a little guy get off the bus and head in to the building, I follow him and call to him "are you going to show me your cartoon <ahem>?"

    + In a house, in front of a mirror, I pick up an electric toothbrush and turn it on. The sensation in my hand gives me an idea and I place the fairly strongly vibrating toothbrush in a NSFW way in several different positions looking for the best sensation.

    + (I may have been walking through my kitchen at one point). I have a shirt with a large red food stain on it, I feel generally kind of nervous/edgy. I'm outside my kitchen (on a patio?) looking down at my shirt every once in a while, when my friend MR appears in my kitchen looks at me picks something up in his hand and says "Hey <my name> why aren't you eating these pancakes?" I'm thinking those pancakes were cooked some while ago and may not be very clean. He takes a bite and says "pancakes are great for digging out cavities!"

    + colleague JT is holding a joint press statement with the police, they've found his kidnapped son after a long search, he's calling for leniency on the kidnapper -- his wife is hot and busty I see her topless with her arms over her head, get lucid, and enjoy the view and perhaps think about leaning in for some contact for a few seconds before waking up.

    + I'm standing in a hallway (feels like a house) and am immediately lucid. At the lucidity I notice the walls change from uncolored to colored in a modern color scheme: muted warm colored rectangles, smoky translucent glass arranged in patterns. I turn to my left and walk ahead slightly, my attention drawn by incredible colors and patterns. On a (bed?) in a room there I see a pile of cube-shaped pillows (about 4-6 inches on a side) that have a mixture of many different colors in various patterns (mostly straight/triangular lines). I'm astonished at the vivid colors and look at the scene for a few moment to make sure I can remember it. I remember TOTM basic (I) (foreign word) and turn back to where I started expecting to find some people. Just ahead I see the hallway open into a large open area and DCs are mulling around there. I walk up to one and try to say "tell me a foreign word and what it means," but I can barely open my mouth and can barely make any sound. I try again with another DC and the sounds are severely muted like trying to talk under water, the DC just walks away, I try once more and the DC looks at me with a quizzical "say that again?" look, and I slow down and try to speak very clearly. I think it comes out better and the DC answers something like "fribblety-splat". I repeat it back to make sure I heard it correctly. Then I ask her what it means, and she answers "the kakashka is in the F. U." Despite the success I go on to ask a few more DCs in the area and now I can speak clearly and freely. I'm eyeing some DC girls as they walk by, like one, then pick another (long curly blonde hair),
    Spoiler for NSFW explicit:
    I wake up.

    awake, recalling dreams, trying to get BTB, jerks are playing loud music outside somewhere

    09:10 ? receive phone call, stand up answer it

    Back to bed. I'm quite awake. Should I just get up for the day? NO! I feel I have at least one more LD in me and I'm probably still on the fumes from the G. Boy, I'm awake. OK, if you want it, you have to work for it. You've worked for this, you know what to do, DO IT!

    So I do counting breathing up to about 50, that's not helping much, the counting is keeping me too aware. Do my classic sleep kung-fu: on every exhale, sink deeper into relaxation, let EVERYTHING go: mental, physical tension, on EVERY breath, let more and more go, let everything go! And in a short while .... I sleep!

    + I'm lucid in super crowded indoor space like a bookstore. I don't remember anything before this moment of lucidity. YES made it, 4th LD!, Start to to stabilize by rubbing my hands, hey, ... why not rub that cute girl's butt instead? I reach for her butt but she somehow knows what I'm doing and scoots off away from me really fast, I decide not to chase, I think it's pretty funny! Wow this is crowded, mostly young people, cute girls, push past them through a doorway and turn to the left. OK, NOW it's time for a girl! Wait...no, stabilize! I stop and rub my hands, and pound my chest with my fists a few times. At the pounding a DC who was sitting down next to me is startled, and gets down on the ground and scuttles/runs away like an insect. She was wearing a dark/black burka, like a muslim. I thought that was sort of funny/weird. Ah ha, I want to carry a bottle of water with me to stabilize! I think I'm holding a bottle of water and look down at my hands. WOW TRIPPY, my hands and parts of my arms to the wrist are not fully rendered yet by my brain, it looks like I'm wearing black translucent long gloves with bright lines circling all over and sparkles all over them, then I see the "paint" of my skin color creep quickly into my hands. Looks like a computer graphics effect! I'm now holding an empty bottle of water. I will for it to be filled with water. Wait a minute, no, Beer! Be filled with Beer! I see it fill with liquid. I upend the bottle to take a drink with my head back and my mouth open, and a few modest sized splashes of water (darn didn't get beer) hit my tongue and the roof of my mouth at the back of my mouth, the sensation is entirely realistic. I move the water bottle to my left hand. I remember my goal of chewing dream gum to stabilize and stay in the dream, I reach my right hand into my right pants pocket expecting to get some gum there, I feel a lot of coins and something like a wrapper, I bring my hand out and see some coins and an empty wrapper, ah well. I walk forwards (back the way I came) and people are still everywhere, I see a petite girl sitting in a chair
    Spoiler for NSFW explicit:
    I wake up. I'm quite pleased that I got in my 4th lucid in one night, I'm really happy about this. I'm in a hallway in a large area and I look up and see a big analog clock and see that it shows 11 o'clock, wow I've slept quite late! Then I get a dream transition feeling and think "Hey maybe I can DEILD back in!", but I feel more awake, now I'm in bed, really awake, and realize I just missed a FA/transition to non-lucid, ARGH!

    10:20 now really awake
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      Great job and congrats on the quadruple FryingMan!! That was fun to read!
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