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    00:00 Saturday 2014-10-04 LD #67, 1st level DILD, 2nd level WILD, Canada, finger through palm

    by , 10-04-2014 at 08:57 AM (716 Views)

    + ski competition in a box. On a ski slope surrounded by tall walls, the door at the low end of the "box" opens and closes, I keep resetting (via rope?) to the starting line and the guy I'm racing against never begins at the same time as me.

    + getting a commemorative coin engraved with our names at a fair. I see the woman working the machine, the main guy seems to want us to think it will materialize out of thin air.

    + putting the little kid to sleep: kissing him goodnight, then taking him to the bathroom when it becomes clear his diaper is full, afterwards I throw the full diaper into the garbage can, go upstairs, and a woman points out to me mildly disapproving that there was already a garbage bag in the can for dirty diapers and that I should have used that instead, I agree.

    (late, back to sleep victory)

    + getting on a bus at a prison officially going to Canada but really going to the US, going to the US is "just a detour" but is the real purpose of the bus

    + (DO) the concert at the international border: two bands are playing, one on each side of the border, at the same time, the Canadian MP threatens that any MP from "KaNAHda" found on the other side of the border will be declared a traitor. View from high up, the two bands were inadvertently scheduled to play on the same night, on each side of a river which is the international border. The river is invisible below the frozen ice. There is a long trench running across the border and young people are running up and down the trench shoveling it to keep it clear of ice shavings. I hear one of the bands playing, and think the concert goes must be upset that they can't hear the band they came to see clearly. Then the view switches to the Canadian MP at his desk, standing up, and threatening the traitor MPs. I think the way he pronounces "kahNAHdah" is funny.

    + (lucid, 1st and 2nd level): on computer trying to figure out a stock price, I'm with a woman, we can't make sense of the numbers, (they keep changing?) they're too small/too big for what we're expecting and I think that's because there must have been a split. I'm working the interface using the keyboard, I'm having trouble identifying the "show split history" on the screen I find something like it but it's not satisfying.

    Brief scene of S2 standing outside.

    Back at the computer I look down at the keyboard, the apple command key is in the wrong place and doesn't look right, then I notice there are large craters/big groups of missing keys on the keyboard, this is NOT right, I immediately declare, "Oh, I'm TOTALLY dreaming!", nose pinch confirms, get that amazed feeling because I thought I was entirely awake, stand up and immediately move on to the dream. I'm in my parents house living room, dazzled with the lucidity a bit, quickly settle down to goals: lucid dare! OK I'll throw that darn fire ball that Nfri dared me to do. Went to the main entrance hallway looking down into the back porch, willed my hand to be full of a fireball, and made a throwing motion trying to imagine a ball of fire travelling down the hallway and exploding on the door to the deck. I don't see anything. Hmm, fail! OK, I need to find a candle, take the flame into my hand, and build that into a fireball and throw it. I walk around looking for a candle for a bit, find one, cup the flame into my hand, it does come to my hand, I will it to build to a big ball of fire and then I make another throwing motion towards the open kitchen door through the living room where my mother is working on dinner, the visuals of the fireball are very very weak and there's no big fiery explosion but I'm satisfied and don't want to spend more time on that.

    I think I should try some RCs that I haven't done yet. I've always wanted to try finger through palm: push my left index finger through right palm: yup, it goes through! It's like my right palm is made of thick heavy rubber. I get a quick glimpse of bizarre dream hands but pay them no further attention.

    I'm looking out the window into the inky black dark night to the bright city lights below, there are SO MANY lights, the scene looks entirely realistic, I see all the way across the water to the city on the other side, the bridges are covered in lights. I'm amazed at how my brain can create this image without sensory organs. This view is so amazing I want to go see it outside. I hear my parents calling for me, I "know" that I'm asleep taking a nap [downstairs, probably on the couch], and that soon they will wake me up and Im incorporating their voices into this dream, but for now I'll just acknowledge their voices calling me but stay in the dream. I'm a little concerned about flying off and the dream ending, but I decide I'll just hover briefly a bit to admire the view then stop flying.

    I open the sliding glass door and go out on to the deck, I want to "hulk jump" up into the sky and just hover there to look at the view. I give a fairly weak jump and maybe a arm/leg flap or two and I'm up at the level of the roof, I look out to see the amazing view and am somewhat disappointed that it is obscured with fog. Ah well.

    My dad walks by my "sleeping body" and I hear him mumble some mildly disapproving statement, and "oh just let him sleep" and he moves on. He says something about a sports program that will be on TV soon.

    I look down to the deck and see 3 people: 2 CGs standing on either side of a dude who after looking again is a 3rd CG. I fly down to the girl on the right, she's wearing a skirt, I get up close to her and do a double handed reach around and butt-squeeze and
    "wake up."

    I am in the living room and look out the window: hey, yes, indeed my dream view out the window was very much like the "real" view I see now. The position of some features of the city are slightly different "in reality" though.

    I go "back to sleep" on a bed or a desk. At one point I see a desk with used candy wrappers on it and there is some peanut sauce (made peanut sauce for some pasta in waking life the night before and O/D'd on it).

    "Falling asleep" there in my parent's house, I see some HI -- I think this looks like an outdoor scene with a blue sky. If I just stay calm it should turn into a dream. I DOES morph into a static image of an outdoor scene against a blue sky. Stay still and wait for the dream to begin, the people start moving, there is a carriage, people are walking on a path, soon I should be able to walk myself and yes, I can walk and move, now I can hear the people talking, a group of women is following another woman who is a financial professional of some sort who is out shopping on Saturday. She does not want to engage in work talk with these women, "it's going to take me at least 15 minutes" to get where she's going, she's in a hurry, they walk with her and keep trying to get free advice.

    I "wake up" and am really excited at my "successul WILD" and can't wait to write about it on DV and see what Sageous says .

    At some point I really wake up and am amused by the dream-in-dream "WILD".
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