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    00:00 Saturday 2014-03-08 competition #17 night #8, LD #24 (FA)

    by , 03-15-2014 at 10:40 AM (369 Views)
    23:50 bedtime, a bit late but OK

    00:00 Saturday 2014-03-08 competition #17 night #8, LD #24 (FA)


    1) flying in to Country1, I'm flying over landscape, I land in a large building complex up high. The Country1's have set a trap for me, but Country2's commandos have prepared a way out for me. I make my way back through Country2's front lines and clasp hands with a young Country2 officer and exchange some words of greeting/thanks.

    2) Calling S2 on the phone. I'm on a tent on the lower level, and S2 is sleeping in a tent on the upper level on an out door platform. Then my wife and I are going to go to him and check on something, to check on his reading progress, I try to call him while I"m walking up the stairs with my wife to give him a head's up that we're coming to him. We reach him and he tells us the books he read are on the table under the coins. There are about 4 books on the table and a 5 inch tall stack of coins are placed on top of them. One of the books is really think. He said he'd just read portions of that one.

    F1) I'm calling someone and saying that the weed was AMAZING (IWL I don't touch drugs, weird), that was some AMAZING stuff!

    F2) buying a Honda and waiting for it, other people are waiting for cars to emerge from a building where they've bought them.

    F3) S2 is with his friend S, S2 has his shirt off, he's air-chopping with a katana, S is telling S2 he's doing a good job.

    Can't get back to sleep.

    06:00 out of bed, eat breakfast
    07:00? BTB

    between 08:00-09:00?

    3) FA LD #24. I'm in and out of sleep, dozing for a long time, seeing dream images start to work and then fade away, I see several times what appears to be a wall of bathroom tiles, so I imagine I'm in a shower or the bathroom. Eventually I get up to use the bathroom, I'm using the toilet in a bathroom where the walls are white tiles, after finishing I turn away and head towards the door at the opposite wall, my head feels really heavy/dizzy/drowsy I think I should get right away back to bed and I'll certainly lucid dream. I realize this is not my bathroom, this is a false awakening, I'm dreaming, then I'm awake.


    F4) Horror Hotel -- I'm walking around a bed trying to make it and pull the sheets across, the staff are talking amongst themselves and saying that they can't imagine that I would be staying here after I've heard all the stories. I think I should go farther on down the road to the next hotel.

    F5) Singing up the mountain. I'm walking up the mountain in a big group, I break out into a strong song. I think my voice is pretty good but not perfect.

    4) Battling the cyber demon, sliced leg. Lightsaber trident I'm showing it off to a woman before the fight, it has a long shaft, I ignite the blades, they're lightsaber power blades curved like horns of a bull in the shape of a trident they're white. In the fight some guy slices me on my left leg on the side /back just above the knee, I reach down to feel the wound it doesn't hurt, am I bleeding? but I feel a long cut I can't tell how bad it is I look to my hand and I see blood but not a lot it's not pouring out like I thought it might be.

    F6) dance with the really tall celebrity women. I have a view like standing partly up a stairway looking down. Very thin/tall women are dancing (and doing handsprings?) in a big room.

    5) french crinkle fry / dinner suggestion they say what to eat, I'm on a diet dipping a crinkle fry into ketchup and eating it then want to go out I'll go to keep company but won't eat much. They decide that they're just going to order to go, and I say "no, never mind then" and I leave the group and head towards the door.

    Lots of detail lost here, there's a ton more action that's just beyond grasp.

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