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    00:00 Sunday 2014-08-17 fragmented early morning, better late morning, successful back to sleep

    by , 08-17-2014 at 08:25 AM (360 Views)
    tired all day, 100mg b6, 2mg melatonin, 1 scoop UYM muscle-builder, noticed no effects
    B6 for better memory/recall, didn't notice any difference. Muscle-builder addiitonally for night-time energy since was quite hungry at bed-time. Woke up with a bit of a sort of stuffy head feeling.

    00:00 Sunday 2014-08-17

    (early morning recall, frustrating, almost nothing but fragments and I *know* there was a lot more there, nothing other than first impressions would come in at all despite diligent effort)


    +(f) I've come up with a guaranteed way to make money, it's so simple I can't believe everybody doesn't do it, based on real estate

    +(f) I'm at a table tasting two different Chardonnays, I can't tell the difference, I hear a wine-snob type says one of the wines isn't ready, the other one has "hints of Acacia."

    +(f) I'm surfing on water apologizing for the complexity of something I've prepared

    +(f) gathering the opinion of colleagues on some work I've done, I'm describing it a bit

    + in a garage full of toys I inspect a bicycle that's just come out of the washing machine and is dripping wet, I look at its small transparent seat, I'm sitting on a child's bike the handle bars are loose and not aligned with the front wheel, an Indian father is looking at a 1-foot tall robot toy and talking on a cell phone talking to his kid(s) saying "they're willing to trade, but there's no guarantees"

    (late morning, got back to sleep, yay)


    + (near lucid) flying through a series of glass-windowed walls, a new wall appears before me every time I fly through the next one, I can't break the cycle with expectation, I think this is ridiculous I've never had this issue before when flying, I see a city scape in the distance with night-time city lights, the tinted walls of windows has controllable-polarizing where the level of darkness is controllable. I fly out the first time through the glass expecting to pass through easily but get a bit stuck. Second wall I encounter I choose a section that is open with a screen that is not connected on the right side, expecting to pass through easily but I hit the screen and need to push it aside slightly. Looking ahead I see each glass wall fading in to appear farther in front of me just before I fly through one more.

    (This was noteworthy in that my dreams usually do not troll me so obviously, putting me into an unescapable loop like that, that may be the first time I recall it happening.)

    + In my home living room, I'm looking in to the top freezer section of our fridge, I see some ice cream bars there I try to pick one up but it's quite soft, I see several more and realize they're all soft, I look at the freezer box and notice it can't close properly there is a lot of ice/debris in the way so I try to clear out the door area and around the side so that it will close. I step back and look at it and realize part of the front door and side wall are entirely missing, that's why the ice cream is soft, I tell my wife the freezer is broken, (I think someone in particular [a woman] has done this).

    I then see my son S2 at a cute young age and lie with my back on the floor and put him on top of my bent knees (on his stomach) and play motorcycle with him several times, raising my legs and flipping him head over heels onto my chest. I realize I didn't do the whole game properly and so repeat it. I want to experience this time with him at this age for a long time, I think it's really important to value this time with young children. When finished, I reach over to S1 lying near me on the floor (present age) and pull him to me by his hand but nothing then happens. I'm still lying on my back and an older unrelated girl (JG I think) wearing PJs lies on my legs which are still in motorcycle-game-position and wants to play too, I feel her heavier weight, feel her body a bit through the PJs on my leg, and think we should stop before someone sees.

    I'm walking through some outdoor small area around tables looking for my young-age S2 again, I think about summoning him, it doesn't work, there are other small kids running around and a parent watching over them.

    + abstract/weird "dream-like" huge amusement area/slide, riding balloon falling on cartoon spikes. This slide/area is in the distance, then it's in front of me, I look down the white slide to see various rides/attractions on it including a water-spraying game in the distance.

    + I receive a memo / email at work, I read it but am a bit confused about its meaning. At first I think an "MP" (VP probably) wants to meet with me to commend me on my excellent work and offer me a continuation of my contract or maybe a permanent position. Then reading it again I think it says he's meeting with underperforming empoyees to diagnose the problem. I'm in a meeting room but it's filled with empty-headed marketing types, it's not my meeting. I'm walking around and am carrying two bottles filled with lucid dreaming supplement capsules, I take some capsules and a bunch of them spill on the carpet, I'm trying to pick them up but they keep spilling (DREAM SIGN!), I want to put them into a drawer so they're not seen, I don't want them to think I'm a drug addict, they won't understand about LD supplements. One of the bottles has written around the rim next to the cap "National Steroids", so I know they'll think I'm a druggie. (Something about coins?) I'm looking for the meeting I enter a room and see people in elegant black evening wear it's a celebration of the company's success, there's a beautiful marketing woman in black sleeveless evening dress, she lifts her arm and I see a glistening spot on her armipt and think this is a patch of deodorant.

    I walk to the end of this narrow room turn the corner and head right back the same way I just came in the new room which is also narrow it has hair-dressers cooing over an infant, I think the meeting room is off to the left at the end of this room.

    +(f) leaving a diner I get a splinter in my bare foot, I try scaping it off on something, I must have left my sandals in the diner.

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