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    00:00 Tuesday 2014-03-18 competition #17 night #11, missed FA

    by , 03-18-2014 at 03:24 PM (458 Views)
    1 hour swim, 2150 m., moderate sprint lap every 250m

    23:06 bedtime

    took a while to get to sleep -- deep drowsiness but some room distraction, sleep time maybe 23:30-23:45

    00:00 Tuesday 2014-03-18 competition #17 night #11


    1) I'm in a large open luxurious apartment with (fake?) wife, another adult woman, and a child. There are floor-to-ceiling walls and I'm positioned so that I see the full panorama outside. I see that a huge wind is starting I can see the wave of massive wind blowing trees over on their sides horizontally, I say "Get away from the windows! The trees are going to fall!" and I see huge massive trees falling towards our place. The people won't move away from the glass, I'm yelling but my voice doesn't come out well. Some other trees fall on the other side of the house behind my back and this breaks some other glass walls we have. "See!?" I say.

    2) In my parent's house, my mother is showing my wife and me some cabinet. She gives us the choice to see the old one or the new one, let's see the new one. It has doors that close down to the bottom. She has two pictures of short-haired 30ish women on the bottom of the cabinets, their name's start with "K". I think my wife might be jealous that my mother has those pictures there. My mother opens a giant trunk to display a huge set of files, 2 meters by 1 meters packed with files and papers. I'm impressed at the amount of correspondence she has. My wife is talking about how she confirmed our wedding date in November (false, it was another month).

    3) I am configuring a can of Coke. It has lots of electronic controls. It takes quite a while to get the can correctly configured. When I finish, I look up and see an Asian man, he's expecting me to continue. I think this is going to take a really long time if we have to configure every single can by hand.

    F1) G and the cousins spending money for something

    F2) the celebrity singer did not want to come


    4) I'm in a small room with a window looking out over a city street. I look outside the window and there is a procession in the street. A car like a limousine is driving very very slowly from left to right. The passenger's side door is open and I see inside. There are some adults and some children there. As the car passes I see that there are bicyclists on the far side of the car to the back and riding behind the car. They are harnassed in some way to the car so that they are pushing it. I think that's a hard job probably and explains why the car is going so slowly. I look farther to the left behind the vehicle and see a topless attractive young woman on a bicycle. I look away in embarrassment at first, then I think what am I doing, take a picture at least! I think I need to find my iphone or my iPad, and run ahead of the procession and take a shot of her. As I go inside to find them I feel like get lucid or start to get lucid but the dream fades and I feel like I'm waking up...


    ...into bed in a very large open white room with very tall ceilings everywhere except for right over my bed which is on a raised platform. I have forgotten the previous dream scene. There is a normal height ceiling over my bed. I sense that my bed area is is on a raised platform. There are no furnishings at all. I sense that the main room is all around and below me to the right, straight ahead, and left, situated on a corner. I look up above across this opening to the wall near the far ceiling and see "windows" (flaps of wall on hinges) that can open and I think people could probably see me through those (dreamsign). I'm looking through one of them which is propped open and I see an industrial looking unfinished space with a long bright white flourescent light tubes on the ceiling of that room on the other side of the wall. I hear what sounds like a circular saw and I suppose they're doing construction to build that space, maybe they're building a restaurant there, but if they do then there will be a lot of people there and they could see me. The vision into the other room with the flourescent lights is extremely clear and bright.

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