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    00:00 Tuesday 2014-08-26 LDs #56, 57, epic long multi-waking dream, bunch of shorter dreams after

    by , 08-26-2014 at 09:27 AM (825 Views)
    22:30 1 scoop UYM protein powder with cup of milk
    22:57 pre-bedtime: day memory review, set intention for recall and lucidity
    23:17 bedtime
    00:00 Tuesday 2014-08-26

    05:19 epic multi-waking(?) long continuous dream of previous adult home, 2 lucid dreams within the mostly non-lucid content

    I'm outside my old adult home watering a patch of grass. I look down to see what sort of grass is there because I want to change the grass of my current-day home lawn because it's too thin. I look down and chuckle: it's not just one kind of grass, but several different types all closely blended together: there's a patch of light-green thick-bladed grass, and next to it are other patches of 2-3 different kinds of grasses of varying shades of green and blade thickness. I stand on the big front sloping lawn and continue to water it a while.

    I move to the left side of the front lawn facing the house where there is a strip of succulents my wife planted, and see them and tell her "your succulents are doing great, they really enjoy the heat" and I see some other plants that are not doing so well in the heat, they look sort of wilted.

    We suddenly hear a sound, voices, coming from the open living room windows, it sounds like my wife's voice and kids voices? Is someone in there, or is it a recording playing? We run inside and there's a party going on, my son S2 is very young and sitting on a couch, it's (his birthday party?) there are friends there. My wife asks me what moment that was and I tell her "don't you remember? That was S2's birthday party".

    I'm standing at the front door, heading outside, I look into the empty living room and see the beautiful wood floors, I want to always remember this place, and wonder if the memory of that room would fade in time. I look again and the floors are now dark brown, seemingly covered in the same granite tiles as the small entryway is. That's not right, I think, it wasn't that way before (WTF #1).

    I'm lying on the couch (my head to the left facing the big window), busty milf IJ is near my feet, crawling on the ground on all 4s moving up towards my head, I see a mirror on the entertainment center is reflecting some part of her but it doesn't match her position. At some point in there I get lucid and
    Spoiler for NSFW, explicit, 18+:

    the dream ends / transitions.

    + back in the same house, it's night-time I'm walking around closing up for the night. I'm there alone. I go out the kitchen door to the garage, the garage is empty and dark, I look to the right of the door and the washing machine/dryer are gone, how will I wash clothes? I think that the light from inside the house will be visible from the street shining out underneath the bottom of the garage door, I close the door and slide the dead-bolt.
    Moving into the dining area I notice something strange: the high window (false memory) has been removed and there are only some thin transparent sections that I slide around and move left/right, I see the screen has been cut (WTF #2)! Someone in our absence has removed this window to gain access to the house! I think of turning on the house alarm and hope that the motion sensors will catch them if they try to come in. I'm going to have to spend time replacing these windows calling a window place, how long will that take?

    I hear the jingling sound of my old dog's collar when he moves but I don't see him.

    All of a sudden I notice it is bright daylight outside (WTF #3), I'm really confused by this, wasn't it just 3am? How could this be? I look out the window and see bright blue daytime sky, I go outside and look at the sky and look for an artificial light source or some reason for this, (I see a faint 'morning moon' in the sky?).

    I'm indoors it's (time for bed?) I'm on my laptop and all sorts of videos start playing, my wife is nearby, they're not necessarily NSFW but I panic at their appearance, and start quickly pounding on the ESC key, trying to hit alt-F4, the videos keep popping up, I finally press and hold firmly the power button and the laptop eventually turns off.

    I'm standing in the family room it's dark, I'm looking out the glass door and see a reflection of something moving on the futon to my right, I get scared/startled (WTF #4), I turn and look at the real futon and see a pile of clothes there but nothing's moving. I look back into the glass door and notice (movement again?) from the futon, I go there and see some chip bags, one is open, it's cheetos, I look inside and a fly flies out of the bag, there are cheetos (and pieces of paper?) in there.

    I see my wife lying on the futon, her head towards the kitchen, she has a mischevious expression on her face and she says slowly/seductively "I saw over your shoulder, I know...what...you..were... doing...on...your... laptop!" this is very out of character for her and I recognize this is a dream. I'm not nervous at all about being "discovered" since this is clearly a dream.
    Spoiler for NSFW, explicit, 18+:

    I wake up.

    Heading back to sleep, I'm awake, didn't make it back into the dream, so I decided to get up and get a snack: piece of wheat bread with a small slice of cheese, a medium banana, and a cup of milk with another scoop of UYM protein powder, I always wanted to try it in a WBTB scenario, I have at least 3-hours of bedtime left so I decide I have time for more dreaming and want more lucids. After snack head back to bed and it takes a while but I eventually sleep. Did SSILD and relaxation and MILD.

    + I'm heading to McD's, I see my friend MR drive off from the drive-through. I'm heading towards the front door, step up on to the curb from the parking lot, a young black guy is standing there and he kicks my shin a few times, rapidly. I'm annoyed by this and stop and look at him and say, "Really!?" 2 more young black guys appear and I don't want to be bothered by them and head inside, but I turn back and say, "How old are you anyway, 13? You should be working in your community to make it a better place," at this I see some black girls who were sitting down stand up and prepare to leave, but one of the young guys says "give me your wallet!" and grabs for it in my waist bag. I'm holding my bag and struggling with them and trying to look to see if they got my wallet or my passport.

    + I'm standing in a house looking out a window at neighboring houses. The houses are built on a hill all right next to each other, wall-to-wall with no gaps. The entrances to the houses are up the hill, the body of the houses down the hill, so I'm looking up the hill into the windows of neighboring houses. I think I've been up there and remember the view looking down to the patio outside the window where I'm standing (false memory). I then see some girls in bikinis going out the front door of the other house and try to get a good peek. Then people are going out of and entering the front door of my house. A topless young person with longish hair and dark nipples comes in, is it a girl? It turns out to be a guy, yuck. Another blonde young surfer dude comes in following the other guy and gives me a "what are you looking at?" look, I feel a bit embarassed. I walk by a woman in close quarters and say "excuse me" to get by, she says "We've claimed the landing!" (?), I realize this house and the neighboring houses share a common elevated front door area and a common living room area. The walls are right next to each other with no space in between (so you can hear the neighbor noise?)

    + I'm playing cards with two other people. I check out my hand, I see a bunch of Aces and 2's, I think I've got a good hand, the player across from me plays the two of clubs, I wonder if I can play a trump to start getting rid of my cards, I'm arranging my cards in my hand, my cards suddenly fly out on to the table, I'm concerned about the other players seeing my hand, I gather them up, my hand seems MUCH thicker than it was before, I say "hey you guys added cards to my hand!!"

    + I'm playing a side-scoller video game, the game view fills my vision, I have some trouble controlling the character, I move him around, try to avoid a monster, have him fly/move up and to the left, there's a treasure on the ground I try to remember how to pick things up, maybe if you just move over it, there's a door to the right and I know inside the door is a chest with a book that raises your magical ability, I plan to go in there and get it.

    (Some time awake, back to sleep)

    + I'm on stage at a sad memorial, I start to make a speech, I move towards the podium and a big black woman to my side knees the back of my knee to make me move a bit forwards and kneel down, I speak in a slow, tearful, sad voice and say "I realize that there are things you can change.....and things you can't change...." and I realize I may never see this big black woman and her famliy again and this makes me sad, I see a plane/helicopter, and say "... and I realize that it's hard to track a plane via radar from a helicopter"...I'm DO viewing the helicopter/plane chase, a missile is fired at the plane, the pilot ejects before being hit but he needs to wait before deploying his chute or the missile may target him instead.

    + I'm in a strength competition doing pull-ups. They think I won't do many, I'll show them. I need to decide on my grip: palms facing away or towards me? Towards is easier, will they comment on it? I choose facing me. It's hard to get the first pullup but I make it, the pull-up bar is too close to the doorjamb top and I hit my head slightly at the top of the pullup. I do more and more, counting higher and higher, then it gets easier. At one point I start falling from my position on the bar, I was using white athletic socks for grip under my hands, but they're torn now and streching and I'm holding on to the socks and falling from the bar, I reach up and get a new grip and keep going and counting. A young man with a young woman come and the young man starts competing. I'm then inside a gym's weight room (the pullups were done on the door entering into this room) and I'm doing pushups on a bar, continuing to count, up to around 30, the bar mechanism falls apart, and two women comment on my progress. A body-buidler shows up and asks is it OK for him to strap himself into position, and I say that's OK with me as long as it's OK with him that I take a break to repair my equipment since it fell apart.

    I'm then going pushups immediately to his left, and I see a magazine/comic book on the ground. The dream transitions to seeing faces like the cover of the comic book, in expressions of shock, and one "wipes" his face it's very wet. At the end I see some image of a celebrity walking with a small dog like a dachshund.
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Great recall! And congrats on the double LDs!!
    2. ThreeCat's Avatar
      Looks like you're seeing some good success, Fryingman! Keep up whatever it is that you're doing. Like fogelbise said, seems your recall is getting back to awesome too!
    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Congratulations on the lucids, you burgeoning Dream Yogi! Your recall is insane as usual, really impressive! I've bulked my recall way up in recent months and it's still nowhere near what you get in a single night!
    4. FryingMan's Avatar
      Thanks guys! That was a great night. Great night last night, too, see the next DJ when I can write it up.