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    2014-11-13 LD #83 (flying into ocean sunset), also semi-almost-lucid airplane crash, missed concert

    by , 11-15-2014 at 07:19 AM (357 Views)
    8:30pm zonk out, yes I'm weak, very tired, couldn't hold out for "normal" bedtime. Melatonin production starts around 5pm now, it's dark and cold and will be this way for the next 5 months....I love it! Excellent for long stays in bed, dreaming

    10:30pm family comes home, have to get up a few times, had some recall here but forgot

    early batch:

    + missed the concert! I'm trying to find the time, it's 7:30 already, the concert is beginning, I can hear the music (on the radio), this is terrible I've only ever missed one concert before in my life, maybe if I hurry I can get there in time for the 2nd piece, I'll have to walk on stage all by myself. I put on a gaudy purple lapelled tux. Lying down on the ground a cute girl walks over some of us she's wearing a white billowing dress and I notice she's panty-free and get a clear view of her (ahem).

    + semi/short lucid watch a plane explode, break apart and crash right outside my window, the roof of the fuselage is blown off and the edges are glowing red hot, I see the rows of seats and perhaps some people, I say "no way this is waking" and I think I do a nose pinch but forget about being lucid, after the crash I go to the left to see if there are people, I see some weird strange cartoony guy

    + enemy base infiltration in darkness, the doors are open I see, I must take advantage of this while I can, I enter a long dark hallway and I see the outlines of guards down at the end of the hallway, they're looking my way, I get down on my stomach on the floor and glide/slide forwards slowly, this will make he harder to see, then send a toy train sensor down the hallway to search for intruders, it runs right by me on the right, I hear them saying "caught another programmer," it's like now, I stand up and wait to be discovered

    + held prisoner, leader asks me how the treatment is, I say (one guard) shoots some prisoners in the head, he says "yeah have to do something about (him)." writes a note for me but shouldn't be needed if existing s laws were enforced

    + teaching a little girl how to bind together little toy rings made out of thatched straw, her dad is watching

    + dinner with the T family, drinking? I only have a few days left before the end of this trip so I'd better hurry to wrap up my project goals

    + trying to find a cab?

    3am wife comes to bed? do some mental recall of the above


    + JG is standing naked at the top of the stairs, I climb up behind her admiring the view, one "feature" is exposed clearly and I make a note of her shaving practices

    + meeting with some guys in a club, exchange contact information, someone's complaining about short palestinians in leather jackets who are self-proclaimed law enforcement

    + I'm chasing a little spider that I have to catch with another guy, it will allow me to do something. Can't catch it. We're in some crawlspace. I look up and see a large crack open area extending up with tons and tons of spider webs and dead spiders, I see a live one. I continue looking on the low ceiling further and I start to see larger and larger and juicier/thicker live spiders with stripes and dots, "ugh!" I think and just get the heck out of the there in a hurry

    + 1st person shooter base assault. I'm at the enemy base and view one of (our guys?) the strikers flying / jumping in. We attack the generators, and the turrets, the enemies are dismayed that we're making progress on trashing their base. We put a special marker on an enemy target and one of our guys follows the signal in a flying craft and torches it with a flamethrower.

    + (lucid) I'm on an outdoor large patio that wraps around the corner of a building which is on my right, as I turn the corner and see the expanse of patio stretched out in front of me and the nature in the distance and I'm lucid and I think "FLY!" I take several steps and then a few running steps then take off superman-style. I want to fly to the ocean. I extend a hand forcefully forwards and I fly faster and higher, but no ocean yet, just more nature on the horizon. Another spurt of speed forwards and I catch a glimpse of water in the distance, "ah, there we go" I think. The trees are beautiful, and I fly down low to fly through the leaves of one tree, as I approach I feel the sensation of the leaves dragging on my left shoulder and back just before I actually fly through the tree, and think this timing mess-up is funny/interesting. Back up higher I notice the sunset is the purest orange that I've ever seen, it's amazing. I think that on the hills below me must be a house with a girl in it, I look for it and start to land and the dream fades.

    I'm then talking with someone (a woman?) about how, yes, it's trite and everyone says it, but that was probably my best flying dream ever to date.

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    1. ThreeCat's Avatar
      Wonderful, FryingMan. I can see how that would be the best flying dream to date. I get a sense of your awe flying into the sunset. So cool, man!
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