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    2014-11-23 EPIC! beauty/bed, barfing sister, squash valley, child stealers; LDs #84, 85 TOTM

    by , 11-23-2014 at 01:24 PM (436 Views)
    + summary: EPIC!: closing window against rain, comforting hot girl in bed, chatting with her vomiting little sister in bathroom, vivid squash valley, chess concert, they're stealing our children, suicide slave, the doomed teen loves the queen, discovering a new cleanser

    Over 30 minutes of amazing vivd "I'm there" dreaming action. The swirling water valley gorge was absolutely stunning.

    Closing window against rain:
    I'm in a room and it's dark and pouring rain outside. There's a small window that is open and the rain is really coming in. I think I'm on a ship and this could sink the ship. I go to examine and close the window, there are two sliding rectangular panes of glass (it's a small window) at first I try sliding the front one shut but water is still coming in, then I see the back one has a screen on it and also moves so I close the screen to the left then the front pane and it seems to have worked.

    Something about a cat in the hallway?

    Comforting hot girl in bed:
    I'm in a room (sister's bedroom of childhood home) in a twin bed lying on my left side. There's a beautiful girl there lying on the next bed or next to me on mine, she was upset about something and I put my right arm across her to comfort her. At some point I decide to bring my arm under the covers, I maneuver my right arm under the covers and place it across her naked torso/chest just below and pressing up into her breasts, it feels fantastic . She does not complain. Across the room lying on the floor underneath a desk in darkness is another girl and I think my wife. The girl on the ground disapproves of my actions. I think this is a bit risque pushing into her boobs so I run my hand/arm down her tummy and rest my hand on her left hip. She thinks I'm going for the "special place" and objects, "Don't touch me there!" I say I'm sorry I didn't mean anything by it. She's now getting really into me and I think my wife is faking sleep to spy on me. I look over at her in the darkness and think I see the gleam like the reflected eye of an animal at night (day reside from WL walk in park at night, saw animals' reflective eyes), so I'm getting nervous. At some point I say to her in a seductive voice "do you like this?" and she indicates yes, and I feel quite naughty and tell her in a seductive slow voice, "I like it, too!" Girl I'm lying with gets bold and makes some risqué comment out loud about what we should do, and I instantly say "SSSshhhhhh!!!!!" so that my wife won't hear. The girl has fairly dark skin.

    Barfing little sister:
    I'm out of bed and looking for the girl I was just lying with, I think she's in the next room, I go into to bathroom (also in retrospect the upstairs bathroom of my childhood home), there is a long multi-colored shiny (like tinsel) dress looking thing lying on the floor with part of it in the open toilet. I reach down and lift up the part in the toilet and there's a girl in the dress! Her head was in the toilet. She's the little sister of the girl I was just in bed with, she has dark blonde long permed hair and fair skin, she's been vomiting in the toilet. She turns over and is lying face up on the ground with her body propped against the toilet, she puts her right arm up over her head and apologizes for her stinky pits. I note she doesn't shave there and has a small growth of light hair. I do indeed clearly detect an unpleasant odor, but it is neither vomit nor body odor, I can't place it. Some large matronly woman comes in and is cleaning about, and taking things out on a small cart down the hallway to my parent's room.

    Squash valley:
    Some kids enthusiastically lead me to see the view. We're in some ship/building? We come up to a large open window (no lower pane you could just step/fall out) up high and we're overlooking a stunning view down a wide, steep hillside, one side of a very deep and wide gorge, at the bottom of the gorge is a violently swirling body of water, and cliffs rise up on the other side. (This image is the closest match I could find of my perspective, but my side had more of the hillside on it and the vegetation was much farther away/shorter)

    I have a strong feeling I should step out and flly/glide over this amazing view, but don't. Some children and adults climb down and walk among the greenery. My wife is admiring the vegetation and thinks it's edible, my son also agrees that it looks quite delicious. I say "are you crazy? Who knows what those plants are? I look closely at them and they seem more like wild palms than lettuce plants. But I keep looking to the right and the ground seems to be more cultivated in rows, more like a lettuce plant, and then as my gaze keeps panning to the right I see a large area of tall plants with what appear to be giant yellow squash growing there. I say to my wife, "Now look there, there's some squash!" She ways "where?" I say "there! there!" (this goes on for a while). I think about harvesting these squashes which are about the size of a man, and I wonder if the pirates on our ship will eat them at all? I look to the right in the room and see one pirate seated at a counter facing me eating, and I see nothing but big hunks of meat on his plate.

    I decide I *really* want to fly over that scene so I take a few running steps towards the window and start to dive out but am blocked, somebody has put up a big screen over the window, I'm bummed by this (DARN that would have been an awesome flight!).

    I move to a window on the other side of the ship/building and look out another window, I see the people walking back up the hill who had climbed down earlier. There is a group of royalty unrelated to us blocking the way, and they consider taking our people hostage. The scene transitions into:

    Chess Concert:
    I'm walking in a large open room/theater, and I come across two <my instruments> lying on the ground, and recognize them and say "Hey, <my instrument>s!" I see the players: one is sitting on a bench (the principal) and one is standing (the 2nd). I offer my hand to both of them and say I'm a <my instrument> player, too! The first is slow to take my hand and the second one leaves me hanging, I don't like that. I talk about my instrument is a <manufacturer>, sort of a high end student instrument / low end professional, how it has beautiful tone, but that the F# trill key on the right hand doesn't work right, and demonstrate by flicking my finger in the air a bit, then realize, OOPs, no, it's the C# trill key hole ring on my right hand that doesn't work. I ask the principal what make his instrument is and it's the same as mine. The show is about to start up so I have to move on, I walk across the room and up the bleachers to the exit at the top, walking past lots of little kids with chess sets out. This is some sort of chess concert where they discuss a chess lesson and the audience plays along on their own boards. The lesson today is "bishop battle": two nights against bishops? There is some short visual of chess pieces all mixing together.

    Child stealers:
    I'm standing outside on a remote wooded road with a group of adults including my wife, there's some activity going on, they're loading the children into a truck whose canopy/trailer is entirely made from opaque green cheap plastic, a bit brighter green that army green. Everyone is happy and looking forward to the activities. I get a terrible suspicion as the parents and the children are about to be moved to the destination location: who are these guys with the truck? Where are they taking the kids? We may never see them again! I jump on to left outside and hold on to a round tube as the truck takes off. My wife looks scared and runs after the truck too, I help her up to the other side. There is a guard at the back of the truck and I'm sure he sees me doing this but he takes no action. We move through a compound of theirs and through a check point, and some group of guards calls to the truck to come up and eat with them. I think they see us but our guard indicates to them not to raise any alarm. I'm wondering why and he mentions some sort of large pay off I will need to make to him.

    Slave suicide:
    Our truck pulls up to the destination compound where children are slaves, there is a large outdoor area filled with what looks like shiny wooden coffins. Something about the "PhD fields" (!?). I move to see where one very talented slave girl, dark skin and dark eyes, is being forced to read a scrolling text on a screen and compose a rap song to go along with it. She's very talented but is struggling, there is an overseer and a "teacher" sitting with her goading her on. Her performance is not perfect, and there's some mention of her wanting to "push the button," the overseer disagrees but she goes ahead, she picks up (it's hanging around her neck?) a short sharp thing like a dagger and plunges it into her jugular vein, and bleeds and dies. I think it's sort of a nasty sight. But it was her escape.

    The doomed teen loves the queen:
    (DO) In a large outdoor stadium, football field sized, rectangular with vertical walls, we're up high on the walls, the "field" is far below. At my back (along the short "endzone" side of the field) is a row of the royalty including the queen. I drift forwards along the left long wall, and there is a long line of condemned prisoners each bound to a holding contraption. As I get close I notice the deception: their arms are in fact bound inside long black cloth tubes [like a straight jacket], and fake stuffed arms in white are hanging down: they are in fact bound, not with loose arms, like the crowd thinks they are from the view, with bound arms the have no chance to save themselves.

    There is a young man at the end of the long row, he loves the lonely queen, he wants to call out to her (maybe she will pardon them?), his position shifts around the corner and on to the short wall opposite the field from the queen. I look back towards the queen and she can't hear him, her position is shifting down the long wall towards us.

    Discovery of a new cleanser:
    Back on the boat (space ship?) where the dream began, I'm inspecting up close a very intricate combo jacuzzi/shower with lots of jets and drains, I'm tracing with my finger one drain that has an area that has become "whiter than white," it is totally new and clean, I'm brushing aside the residue of the cleaning there are lots of soap bubbles around, though. I'm holding in my hand a very complicated looking jet mechanism roughly the shape of a cube, and it looks shining white and new. It's because of the secret cleanser that was used, I hear the ship's crew discussing whether they should tell anybody about about this discovery. (It's an alcoholic drink?) Dream closes with me singing an advertising jingle, "Iiiiitt's liiiike aiiiiirplaaaane fuuuuuel..." (my WL phrase for bad/cheap alcohol).

    ----------------end of dream-----------

    Awake, amazed as the scenes from the above dream came in one by one. There was earlier recall but the above epic totally overwrote earlier minor recall.

    I feel like there's some more dreaming left in me, there's an appointment to get to but since I didn't sleep half the prior night, my wife said I should just rest today, so that's what I do, I can *feel* the lucid in me, just waiting for another sleep session to pop out. It's not easy getting back to sleep, I change positions a number of different times, do breathing relaxation, see lots of dreamlets, and finally get a short actual dream:

    + OS class teacher at his desk, I'm looking at my coin collection
    A man is sitting at a desk, he's JoSv my OS teacher from college, he's taking some questions. I want to show him something, I'm holding my coin collection (false memory) in my hand and inspecting a particularly interesting coin, he's calling for final questions, some other guy gets in to talk. I figure "oh well" and put down the box with my coin collection on the desk and think that's where it belongs. I have my special coin in my hand and look at it and walk away.

    I know I have more dreaming in me and relax and fall asleep...

    + summary: (lucid #84 TOTM leaves) get lucid, try to gather leaves, fail, fly looking for leaves, bounce off of some guy's bald head, find leaves, fly/jump through pile, guy wants me to clean it up, kids in a cage, I deny writing on the wall, lose the dream when I realize kids are another TOTM and go back to ask them the question

    I'm flying a large UFO vehicle and land with a hard crash on the street outside my childhood home. I'm walking through my childhood home talking to my parents: the dining room, the living room, and out the front door. I call to my parents that I need to pick up the UFO I flew in on. I slowly get lucid as I'm running up the front steps to the street, I know my UFO is shaped like a gigantic motor home and there it is just as I'd imagined. I gesture towards it with my left hand, I want it to collapse into a tiny package and fly into my hand. At first nothing, then it collapses into a small thing, and I will it to fly into my hand, and it does, it's the shape of a coin. At this point I think TOTM leaves, and look around on the street and on the pathways to our neighbor's houses. There are a few leaves scattered on the M's walkway, and a few on the G's driveway, but not nearly enough for a pile and I don't want to jump on to just a few leaves on top of bricks. So I close my lucid eyes [never done this before!] and summon a large pile of leaves, nothing. Then I imagine using my "lucid power" to gather up with the wind all the leaves in the area into a pile and make whooshing gestures with my arms, but nothing happens. OK, I'll go flying to find a pile of leaves. I have to be careful though to stay lucid and remember to land again. I jump up into the air, and there's a white plastic platform hovering about 15 feet up, which I grab with my arms and use to catapult myself higher into the sky.

    I fly over the G's house, and I'm then in a false location, there's a bald (hispanic?) man walking along a tall fence who asks me for directions to something, I ignore his question and want to ask him (or ask him telepathically) where a pile of leaves is. I don't wait for an answer I'm hovering right over him, I use my hands and push off his bald head with my feet to change direction and keep on flying, I feel a little bit bad about this .

    I soon land and "remember" (an actual false memory, not a pretend one) that there are lots of piles of leaves around here (in WL my neighborhood and the park are full of them now). I see a wooded dirt area in front of a house across the street and know there are piles of leaves there, I see them, and get a running start and launch myself superman style into one of the piles. I bash into it and out the other side and fall to the ground. I look back at it and notice that it must be a biology experiment because there is steam rising up from the decapitated mountain of leaves. The man who is the owner of the yard asks me to put the "XYZ" back. He then walks by me from left to right and I notice there's a small metal cage with two kids in it, a boy and a girl, the man opens the cage and leaves. I'm amazed not that the kids are in the cage, but that he would leave a stranger with his kids. Kids come out and they mostly are little girls. I get deja vu at this point and think I was here in a dream before. They accuse me of being the one who wrote on the column, I deny it (I don't want to be determined to have been the one who was here before), they insist I did, I look at it and say I didn't, but I clearly see my initials in cursive in my handwriting next to one of the number "7"s written on the column, I say "I didn't write that pink seven" (but I think I did).

    I get up then and say "I need to fix the pile" and go there to do so, then I stop in my tracks and think "KIDS! The other TOTM, argh, I missed it" and turn around to go back worried about the dream ending, which of course then it does.

    I don't want to give up. I'm (in bed? The void?) rubbing my hands vigorously to return to the dream. I feel the friction, I feel the heat.

    + summary: (lucid #85 TOTM) back in a dream, people walking on street, find a teen girl, ask her what's it like to be a DC in my dream, she pulls away and says "go away"[/COLOR]

    (lucid #85 TOTM) And then I'm back in a dream. I'm on some random street with people walking around busy doing their thing. I go across the street and say/will people to tell me where some kids are, but I instantly see one of the people is a teen girl, I reach for her to turn her to me, she pulls away against my grip, I start to ask her how old she is but see she's about 14, so I ask her "What's it like to be a DC in my dream?" And she answers something like "Mmmpph!" or "Go away!" and the dream fades.

    I'm "in bed" vigorously rubbing my hands again. I'm lying in the same position where I last fell asleep (on my right side), I'm rubbing my hands vigorously, I so clearly feel the friction, feel the heat, I have some small thought in the back of my head that this is not quite the position I was in when I fell asleep, this may in fact be a dream, but I'm so intent on the rubbing that I don't even think to do a simple nose pinch. It was probably a FA and I missed it.

    But another dream arises:

    + summary: in a gym, lying on ground, checking out hot girl in spandex, banter with young black guys, locker's open, letter from mother, standing confused in front of mirror with shorts on yet naked

    I'm in a crowded room, it's like a gym, fairly small. There's a wall length mirror on one wall, and a wall made up of lockers on the other. At some point I find myself lying down on the floor looking up, just as a beautiful girl, sweating profusely from exercise and waving her arms around, comes up (to look in the mirror?), I think "woohoo by chance I chose the right spot!" and I'm looking up at her, a bit self-conscious but I want to check her out.

    Then I'm standing and chatting with a group of young black guys, they're talking about a scam method of theirs where they answer someone's question and they coerce/trick the mark into paying them money, they ask me how I / if I do that too, and I answer is, "Nah, man, I'm 'hood!" To which they respond with beat box, "Bow Chi Bow, 'Get out Da Waaaay!'" and I respond by rapping "Get out Da Waaaay!" as I turn towards the lockers and do a little dance and imagine they'll make fun of my poor white man dance moves.

    I go to my locker and feel all of a sudden like I haven't locked it because I didn't lock it. There in big giant numbers on my locker are the numbers X-Y-Z arranged vertically, my WL code for my gym locker. I open it and it's not locked, and I look through I see a backpack and white athletic shoes, it could have all been stolen but nothing appears to have been stolen.

    I'm putting a large envelope into the locker, it's from "MiSe" (whiny female colleague from company "3") and my mother, there's a handwritten note and something that looks like a plastic embossed card (like a credit card), it's something important.

    I'm standing in front of the mirror looking at the full body view of myself. Then I realize to my amazement that I'm naked from the waist down! How could this be? I'm wearing shorts, but my shorts start at around my chest and only cover down to my navel, how'd that happen? I reach down and "adjust" the shorts sideways and that somehow covers up my stuff.

    I've never gotten lucid from a mirror, despite ALWAYS doing an RC whenever I look into one in WL, and today was no exception. Sorry for any typos, I was typing at top speed for like 1.5 hours to get this all down.

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    1. ThreeCat's Avatar
      Sweet, FryingMan! I will take some time later to read back through thus, but it sounds like you had an EPIC night--especially the twin LDs and completing the task of the month. That's some awesome recall you've got.
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    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      Hypnos owed me a good night after the prior night's disaster!
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