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    2015-01-17 epic nightmare, rushing to bus, daring exposure with woman at mirror

    by , 01-17-2015 at 11:07 AM (432 Views)
    Details to follow later.

    One of the most unpleasant situations in my life has resulted in one of my most memorable dreams (albeit nightmare basically):

    + (epic) struggle against me and my wife at work: theft of our precious silver, confrontation, race to the police, return to work, locked in, weird visuals of the process of manipulation of clay into various faces, drive through suburban cityscape with hills of golden maple and pink cherry trees, view of massive mall/movie theater complex to the right

    I'm in a workplace with my wife, there are long hallways and clusters of desks spread around. ("We" means wife and I were basically together the entire dream). We go to a different group in a cluster of desks/cubes, they're hostile to us. Their manager is also hostile to us. A guy there doesn't like me wife because he thinks that she is always giving them tasks to do with out any effort spent herself.

    I see down a long hallway that this guy is standing at the cabinet that houses our precious silver tableware. The top drawer of the cabinet is open, and this guy has a plastic bag spread out on top and is unloading the tableware into the bag. I run up to him and yell at him and shove him away angrily. I speak to my wife that we need to lock the cabinet in the hallway, I imagine a key inserted into a lock and turning, engaging a lock. I return to the cabinet and open the top drawer, and it is empty, we've been robbed!

    We're again with the hostile group, sitting down leaning against the desks, and I get a vibe that the guy is going to attack us, he stands up and starts backing away, I think he's trying to get proper distance to launch some attack, so I quickly run up to him and close the distance, he keeps backing away and I keep coming up right next to him. I look down and see that he has a revolver tucked into the front of his jeans, I immediately grab for it and take it into my left hand, start to walk away and call for my wife to join me urgently, we must get out of here and call the police. The pistol is small, but deadly, he could have shot us. I right away open the cylinder and empty the (somewhat colorful) rounds into my right hand, and place the rounds into my right pocket and the now unloaded revolver into my left pocket.

    We're exiting the building in haste, we must call the police, it's important to get our story registered first, the hostiles will try to get their story first. Should we go to the PA police department or the CU police department? The PA does not deal with cases outside of their jurisdiction I think / my wife says, OK, let's go to the CU then.

    Outside in a parking lot looking for our car, the spot is empty, "They've stolen our car!" my wife exclaims. No, we "remember" quickly that we simply moved our car ourselves far away, we'll have to go and get it.

    Driving now through rolling suburban hills with businesses around. To the left I notice a striking hillside covered with shining golden maple trees. I look closer and the trees seem to be pink Japanese cherry trees. I look to the right and down a steep hill I see a massive mall complex below, it's also a giant movie theater, and as we drive past I think what sorts of movies play there, I see some large (actors?) faces on a marque, maybe I should go to this mall to check it out.

    Back in the work place, it's empty, I think they could come and lock us in.

    Talking with some guy at work, his job over the years has been to create a system for transforming lumps of clay into faces. I see a lump of clay up close, there is a narration about the different parts of it, and soon it is getting pushed and pulled and formed into a series of about 5-6 different heads/faces with open mouths, mostly sort of monster looking. I'm thinking this has taken a long time and seems sort of like a wasted effort.

    (Waking from this dream was a relief, the sense of dread and forboding was constant throughout the whole thing. I quickly realized though that as a dream it was fairly awesome in terms of "present" experience, continuity, length/coherence, and visuals.)

    + pushing through crowds crossing the street to get to the buses

    A crowd of people is standing at a crosswalk waiting for the signal to light, some are "beeping" behind us telling us to go. We wait for the signal, and cross the street, and we're in a sort of bus station. Buses and coming and going, our bus is full and leaving, there are so many buses around that we can probably catch another one.

    Move into a group of (woman?) talking/laughing about something?

    + (semi/almost lucid) getting sexually daring with a woman and in front of a mirror

    I'm in a bedroom, I'm following around a black woman, not terribly attractive but I'm still following her around. We're standing in front of a mirror her attention is not on me, but I get an idea and want to start exposing myself so that I can see myself and the woman in the mirror but so that she doesn't see me. I'm doing this on and off stopping when she looks? Then I take her aside to the bed and pull out my (ahem) to show her, and the dream ends….
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