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    2015-01-31 Comp (SCoAA) night #7: both prior homes in one night! projectile poop-blasting macaques

    by , 01-31-2015 at 01:19 PM (356 Views)
    New dreaming result! I had significant (semi-epic) dreams *both* of my childhood home and my prior adult home, both in the same night (one after another I think).

    Dream signs or oddities that captured my attention in the dream, funny/interesting moments in bold.

    FM = false memory

    This is but a taste of what I dreamed. I know scenes were forgotten, and details.


    +(f) college friend FG: hands me a piece of fish, then a piece of chicken, I take a bite of both, they're both slimy

    +(f) I have FG in a headlock, I'm contemplating knocking him unconscious (editorial: serves him right for the slimy food!)

    The location seems to be the doorway of my sister's bedroom in childhood home, looking out into the hallway. I see FG's face up close to mine.


    + childhood home, neighbor tree with projectile-poop-shooting macaques, bathroom window, shower, visit neighbor & more macaque poop-dodging [it runs out of ammo]

    I'm in my childhood home, main floor, I'm really happy to be here. I open the sliding glass door in the dining room and go out onto the deck. I stand at the railing looking at the view and look down to the trees/plants in our neighbor's yards down the hill from us. The trees look wrong, something's different. I see one of them (sort of thick, tropical looking tree, tall and skinny, with large fat leaves) is so tall that it has bent over and reaches all the way to the trees/bushes underneath our deck. This is not good, since I think that animals can climb up this tree to reach our house.

    I notice movement in the tree, it turns out there's a "macaque" there about half-way up. It's attack is shooting a strong, tight stream of projectile poop+liquid from it's ass at high speed and far distances. This stream heads for me and hits me squarely in the chest / face. I detect a faint poopy smell. This is nasty. There is another macaque sitting quietly on top of the deck railing where it meets the house on the right, quietly.

    I head to the bathroom upstairs to take a shower. There is a macaque on the roof, opening the window, I rush to close and secure the window. Macaque opens it again, I close it and try to secure it, I can't seem to lock it shut. I take shower.

    I am now in the house/yard of the house below ours where the "macaque tree is." I look up and see the projectile-poop-shooting macaque is still there. It shoots a few weaker streams in my direction which I successfully doge, it's running "out of ammo." A few last nuggets of poop fall out of its butt. The people who live there are moving away. I ask "you're taking the macaques with you, right?" They say "no." I say "oh God these macaques will be unsupervised."

    + adult home [First time both prior homes visited in one night!]: floor uneven, neighbor fence reduced, garage stairs & hamsters, male being & genitals, outdoors and young men making out

    I'm walking through the rooms of my prior adult home. I am thoroughly enjoying being back here. I look at the gorgeous hardwood oak floors. I notice in one room there is a depression in the floor, an uneven area like the floor has partially collapsed down there, a few feet long and a few inches wide, I look at it for a while confused, that wasn't here when we lived here. I walk past my kids old bedrooms and think how they'd like to see them again. I head to the master bedroom and go out the sliding glass door to the back/side yard. My attention is instantly drawn to the fence across from my, it's completely different from how it used to be. Instead of a uniform height, the fence at the point right across from the master bedroom door become half height (full height going off to the left), extending all the way to the right edge of the property. The neighbor's yard (M) is fully exposed and visible, I see the plants, trees, and a dog running around there. I also see into the yard of the house beyond them [FM, no such house], because the fence on the far side of M's yard is also half-height.

    I walk along the fence to the right a bit, then two young girls, M's daughters [FM, M has only one adult daughter] are sitting there, (I get a no-panties up skirt peek at one of them?), they go running into the house to get a present for us they prepared for our return. I wonder where M is?

    I go down the stairway (to a basement?) [FM, just short steps into garage], and while heading down I notice a small hamster cage on a high windowsill. It is 3/4 covered on top with a white cloth draped over it. I see one hamster clearly inside. I'm confused, I thought our hamsters died a long time ago, the new owners must have bought new ones?

    Heading back up the stairs with a bunch of chidden, it's hard to get through the opening, I instead manage to pry open the door and the kids can easily get through.

    I'm right next to a (young man? A male being, maybe not human) sitting in a (large hamster cage?) He's rubbing his genitals in the bark at the bottom of the cage, this will increase his power? He's rubbing back and forth, there's not much "down there". Then I look again and he has a large, erect penis. I think "uh oh looks like he achieved his power."

    Outdoors in the backyard, I'm talking to someone but my attention is caught by a sight I see through a window/the walls inside the house, two young men making out. Better not to disturb them.

    +(f) preparing to question guide about equipment in large indoor dock

    +(f) trying to access bank account with banker, keep entering access code wrong, 90-degree left rotated "c" (is is a "u"?)

    I ask the banker "will I be able to access my <my bank's name> account through this system?" He says/nods "yes." Can't enter the code correctly. Funny "u" character that looks like a "c" rotated on its side, or an "o" with just a small bit of the top missing"

    +(f) long narrow walk-in shower with ex-GF SB [non-sexy]

    I'm maneuvering past SB to get to the water.

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