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    2015-02-15 LD#174 Tsunami/call; epic "Sand Castle" farm; mini-car; garden bees; waffle wrap; boy;

    by , 02-15-2016 at 12:34 PM (367 Views)
    + [EPIC!] "Sand Castle" farm

    standing in fields, looking in to the main building, I choose 2nd floor office with great view of the fields as my office.

    officers come by, they run off to catch a deer, they identify its breed

    walk into office, odd lock on door, ceiling falling in sharp heavy glass everywhere, very dangerous almost trapped and cut to shreds. Boy this place needs work, extremely shabby. We spent over $300,000 on this place.

    wake up in bed, my body is covered with red spots like mosquito bites. This place is infested obviously.

    The place is called Sand Castle by the locals in a derogatory way, because the soil is poor and sandy. If it was put on the market, it would get no offers for months. We won't get our money back.

    we become a couple's destination retreat for gay black men speed-walking marathoners. There's a competition held, it involves a huge slide on the course and someone must judge, I jump down this slide and end up by the pool. see couples walking, tents all around the place. This is how we're going to save the farm, and I tell somebody about this.

    pool: I see fish in the clear water [DREAM SIGN!], an owl dives in to pick up and eat a dead pigeon lying on the right side of the pool. There's a salt-water flatfish (like a sole) on the bottom, who put that there? There are other fish around. My work manager set up a low sun-blocking shade on the left back corner of the pool area.

    go investigate the land, craggy and rocky, tall excavated almost-cave. Inside smaller cave, there is an ancient line marking the passage of the sun. pick up the fence, looks better now. I find the spoon from my boy scout fork/spoon/knife kit, but a small boy wants it and takes it.

    the passport inspectors come and my sister and brother in law watch how the immigration officers in this country check out my passport and residency document
    wake, amazed at this long vivid epic dream. recall it for a while. eventually gather the will to apply my "fall asleep fast" approach. more dreams follow

    + mini-car
    There is a small red sports car, a man is driving it. He is a jerk, he's knocking people out of his way on the path, he's zipping around twisting mountainous paths. On the back of the car are the words written "range; 10 minutes on a charge." I think that's a pretty useless electric range and say so, have a discussion about how this could be used: maybe it'll help you reach the gas station if you're out of gas, or maybe if you take this little car with you on a road trip on a tailer (it's really small, so that's quite possible), it's enough of a charge to get you to a store and back. It's practically the size of a child's push-pedal car.

    + garden bees
    Down on the steps leading to my childhood home's back yard, I see that there are about 6 large circular planters arranged on the left side of the garden by the fish pond. I'm looking at them and I see that they're messing up the grass. I'm walking among them, and I think that they've been put over the place where I had planted mint [false] last year, I can't find the mind, there are some leafy plants growing, though. I should have put stakes where I planted the mint so I'd know where to look. I'm lying now on the grass with my head towards the right end of the yard, looking at the various flowering bushes growing on the left edge. One bush has a few grapes growing on it, "good, I could eat those before they're gone" I think. There are bees buzzing all around the flowery bush with the grapes. Some of them are on my shirt, a few on my stomach and a few on my chest. I brush them away but am concerned that they'll get aggressive. One of them flies into my ear and starts buzzing like crazy and I start shaking my head like crazy to get it out and I wake up.

    + waffle wrap
    I'm with my wife outside on a sidewalk doing something. I "remember" [false] inside there are tasty marzipan cakes available at a counter. I go inside and ask the girl at the counter but there are no more left. There is a man at the counter perpendicular to hers who starts offering me things. I have trouble understanding him perfectly, he's speaking a foreign language. He switches to English, and this surprises me [missed it!]. My wife is offended at his speaking English and leaves me on my own. I wonder how I'll get the order right myself. One of the things he offers is a waffle wrap with syrup, and sun-dried tomatoes on the inside. I decide I might as well get this.

    + boy with the hair, deja vu
    I'm in some public place and spot a boy I recognize. He has blonde and multi-colored dyed hair. He tells me about the situation he witnessed with me and some friends before, where one guy behaved very badly. I "remember" the scenario [false, probably]. Something with my wife correcting my pronunciation.

    + LD#174 Tsunami / call another planet ToTM Feb 2016 Advanced (i)
    In my childhood home, looking out at the view of the bay below. The water is in very close. All of a sudden, the water pulls far back very quickly. I recognize this as the sign of an approaching tsunami. I go running around the house screaming for my family to all get out immediately, stop what you're doing and run out and let's drive away! I'm running around and go up to the 2nd floor, into my old bedroom and look out the window. The scene is quiet and tranquil, the city lights are flickering in the distance and everything looks normal. Hmm. Is everything OK now, or is the tsunami still coming? I decide to fly out to sea and check if I can see a tsunami coming.

    I wonder if I'll be able to fly. I'll try to fly out the window to make sure. Maybe I'll just fall flat on my face. But if I can fly, I'll be dreaming. I feel entirely awake but am open to the possibility that I can fly [DREAM SIGN]. I take a few steps back and do a quick running take-off. Am I going to fall on my face? No, I'm floating towards the window now, slowly. I pull myself through the blinds and continue flying, slowly, I do a "superman with a go-pro" first-thrust to gain speed.

    I realize I'm dreaming, and I can do anything. There are people floating in the sky with me. I do a quick "B.E. S.T.R.O.N.G." just-got-lucid ritual, really rushing and missing most, remembering goals. Remember ToTM and call another planet, I decide to do this one.

    I decide I will summon my phone by doing by feel-only all the same gestures I perform in waking life: I reach down with my hands and lift up the flap of the pocket in my waist bag where I keep my phone. I pull the zipper open. I reach in with my thumb and forefinger expecting to feel the side of my phone, and I do! It feels completely like how it feels when I take out my phone when awake. I bring it up before my face and tap/push the button on it. Beforehand I decided I'd use an imaginary "voice activated calling" feature to avoid troubles with dream-dialing. "Call to another planet!" Just a ring or two and then an answer. I say "Hello! Please tell me your name and the name of your planet!". I hear the guy's voice clearly. Sounds like a young man, early 20's, with a wise-ass sarcastic tone. I understand him perfectly, he's speaking clear English. The planet was named (memory not perfect here) "Abbu Wabbe" or "Arab World", and his name was "Defeated Terrorist." He apparently really hated Arabs. At this point I was flying over the bridge and looked down and said "well, I bet there were Arabs on the bridge when the tsunami hit it, you're probably happy about that?" I then saw a replay of the tsunami hitting the bridge, it was just tall enough to hit the roadway, I thought it would be taller. It really smacked in hard and knocked everything/everybody off. I wanted to confirm the planet name and the guy's name, so I called back again using voice activation. I say "Hey, it's me again. Did you say your name was Defeated Terrorist of Defeater of Terrorists?" Another guy says "Oh, sorry, he went to lunch."

    At this point I'm probably losing lucidity, and see the remains of a nice-looking lunch of some acquaintences seated at the table next to me, some young boys who say "I hope he calls again." I pick up a single small bit of bacon from his plate and eat it, it's delicious...and wake up

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    1. MadzAssassin's Avatar
      Nice. I had a NLD about a tsunami the other day. It was quite intense. xD