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    2015-02-25 (LD #101) epic adventure, friends & family, weird buildings, caught FA (bed eject)

    by , 02-25-2015 at 01:52 PM (490 Views)
    24-min focus on breathing meditation during the evening
    bedtime: 20 breaths, followed probably by at least 30 minute intention setting, visualization, dream sign review, and pep-talk before bed. Hard to sleep, I'm so worked up. Take 2mg melatonin

    I'm pretty sure I had earlier dreams before the epic, but the epic clobbered them

    + epic futuristic adventure: tram ride, guy takes my seat; real virtual reality system with 2 friends; "the meadows": floating castle in the sky is closing down for security alarm; poison attack, can I drink from this glass?; blasting bed with bazooka; DeForest Kelley acting presentation, he's doing a great job for such an old guy; dinner with the president: 2-foot long juicy BBQ beef sandwiches, large pitcher of fresh fig juice [how long did that take to squeeze!?]; heading towards "The Meadows", travel agency "cream colored cubic building in a fancy mall", attacked by thugs; conflict outside of building: the elders have "saved" aside us young people from the battle in order to rebuild the empire later

    (The order of the scenes may be somewhat jumbled, there were so many)

    tram: I'm riding a tram/train (to "the Meadows?"), it stops and the doors open, and voice says we must disembark and get back on. I do this, and when I return there's a guy/guys sitting in my seat. I'm confused, I'm looking at the seats relative to the door to see which one was mine. A bit frustrated I plop down in a free seat with an audible, annoyed "Humph!". A guy offers me the seat back, I say it doesn't matter.

    real virtual reality: I sit down into a large "captains chair" (like Star trek), in a large room I'm with 2 friends, they're also sitting in identical chairs, both to my right, one a few feet away one about 15 feet away. I see that the system is engaging: VR masks/goggles are closing on my friend's faces. I sit in my chair and wait for my awareness to be sucked in to the system, because this is a "real" system where your mind is projected into a system. I feel my arms on the chair and try to make them comfortable, I think when my awareness is returned to my body I'll feel this chair again. Then I feel that my awareness is launched forwards plunging through a void, I keep waiting to emerge in the VR world but never arrive.

    "The Meadows": I'm outdoors, I glance up into the sky, there is a huge floating technological looking castle/mansion there. There are security doors sliding shut all over the castle closing over openings, the building seems to be in a state of high alert/emergency.

    I'm in a group of people outdoors. Someone arrives with a spray bottle/thing and begins spraying poison on people who immediately die. I'm far enough away from it (I'm on the poisoning side?) that I'm not affected. I'm standing in a room later, and grab a glass which is upside down from a counter and fill it with water and wonder if this is far enough away form the poison spray to be safe. I see that there is some sort of film/dirt floating on top of the water. Someone in the room says it's better not to drink so I don't.

    bazooka bed: There is some (destroyed) small room with no walls outside. There is a bed in that heap of debris that must be destroyed. I'm holding a bazooka/rocket launcher on my shoulder and trying to find a vantage point to get a good shot. I'm moving around a while trying to get a clear shot (never shoot).

    DeForest Kelley: in a half-lit room, people are sitting in a semi-circle on chairs. In the middle of them is DeForest Kelley, and old man with white hair. He's a famous old actor. he's laughing and giving a monologue. I think he's doing a great job.

    dinner w/president: A group of people are sitting down on two long rows of chairs that face each other (like seating in an airport boarding gate). I'm sitting next to the president. I then get on a chair in-between the long rows and scoot away from and back to near the president. I make room next to the president because the #2 in command has arrived. Besides the rows of chairs is a small table with food and drink. On the table are several really juicy & delicious-looking 2-foot-long subway sandwiches bursting with circular slices of BBQ beef. Several people return their uneaten sandwiches to the tray and take one of the awesome new sandwiches. I'm standing by the table and pick up a large glass pitcher of a drink: I look at it and pour myself a glass, I see "bits" of fruit inside, it's dark, and think it's fig juice, and think wow it probably took a long time for the cooks to squeeze that much juice out of a ton of figs.

    I'm on my way to the presidential palace called "The Meadows" (the floating one?), I'm describing the local of the (travel agency?) which will plan the rest of the trip for me. I'm "remembering" the location, and I say "it's in a cubic-shaped, cream colored building, in a fancy mall". I arrive and I'm not well received until they realize I'm a friend of the president then they treat me with great respect. I'm outdoors beyond this building and a truckload of thugs jump out and we fight: I'm blasting them with energy and awesome fight moves, we engage in some banter (which I forgot).

    There is a large conflict outside a large building: us young folks were "tricked" by the elders and not allowed to participate, they're saving us in case the battle is lost, so we can rebuild the empire -- (this shouldn't be too hard because we have a floating castle?)

    + searching for my room in a weird club/hotel: hot tub, jump down a level, follow signs, my room is a public porta-potty in a noisy crowded area outside, I'm outraged

    I'm in an indoor/outdoor location, like a resort, I hear a young woman laughing and see there's a hot tub nearby, I move to it, I see only a guy there, there's a girl hidden by the wall of the hot tub but I don't go closer to see.

    I need to find my room, the number is something like "8901". I'm on an upper level of the club, and I go to the lower level by jumping off of a ledge, holding on to a bar over my head and slowly stretching my feet down and then drop, it's only about a foot left to go so it's not hard to land. I can't find my room, I go back to the upper level and a guide points the way, I go back to the lower level and follow signs "to the garden" outside, outside there's another sign that leads through an employee and guest only entrance (a sign says so), I see some staff there doing stuff, I move on and am back outside, it's in a busy public area and quite noisy. I find my room finally and am outraged, it is a public ports-potty. I have my key in my hand and think "should I open the door?" I'm embarrassed to have such a sucky room. I do open it (the structure is a cylinder) but there's nothing there inside. Someone says "you have to go through the glass door" I don't see it, some guy "activates" it by pulling on a large lever.

    + I want to wash/rinse/brush my hair but my friends ( MK, AK, others) are lying in a tight row blocking the faucet, kid passing in a car grabs my hand holding my brush

    Outdoor/daylight scene, I want to wash/rinse/brush my hair, I have a brush in my hand. I see that our friends MK and AK and others are sitting down on the ground with their backs against a fence, the faucet I need to wash my hair is blocked by my friends, I walk up and down the line to try to find a way to the faucet. A car drives by and a kid in the back seat grabs my hand with the brush in it (my left hand) through the open car window. I'm trying to claw his face/shake him by grabbing his hood but I have no strength, all I can do is just stand there. [I wake up and my wife is pulling the covers, my arm is on top of the covers and it's getting pulled along with the covers]

    + I see cousins sitting down indoors (red interiors?), move to hug KR, turns out it's my sister and mom

    Indoor, half-lit, red upholstery? I pass some of my cousins who are sitting down on chairs, I don't want to talk to them. I see cousin KR standing and I know we haven't been on the best of relations but go to her, she seems very warm and we move to hug, I realize then that she's my sister and my mother is standing right there with us. Some notion of people arriving in a minivan(?).

    + wife driving, I'm observing weird building after weird building, false memory deceives me, one looks like a giant flat screen TV, one is straddling a depression and is cracking in half, I'll return to inspect it later, one at the top of the hill has a great view, sit on bench with 2 small kids climbing all over me, I explain why I'm going back to school

    I'm sitting in the front passenger side of a car/minivan, my wife is driving, we're heading up in to the B hills. I see a large building to the right that I don't recognize, I think that a large area of trees has been removed and that's why it looks different, I turn my head to the right to look at the building as we drive past, it's a company building.

    We then pass a strange building which is built over a little gulley, the entire building is sagging in the middle like it's collapsing into the gulley. I ask my wife to slow down as we pass so I can get a better look. I look to the right and see a large flat driveway/parking area, I resolve to return to this place and look at it more closely.

    Continuing to wind up into the hills, I see a HUGE building which is REALLY strange, it is very tall (5-6 stories) but extremely thin, I say (to my kid in the back seat?) that "that place looks like a giant flat-screen TV!), I turn my head around and look behind the van at the building as we pass.

    We reach an area at the top of the hills and I see a house built into the hill, they have a patio build on an upper level were they can stand and enjoy the view. I look forwards out over the vista to the water but it's hazy/foggy and can't see any details in the distance.

    I'm out of the car and sitting on a bench outside. A small boy and girl are sitting with me and climbing on me and playing all around, I'm hugging them, they're related to me and I feel great affection towards them. Someone comes and sits down and I discuss why I'm going back to school, the point is "to get an education, an education helps with….getting a job, and being, … a useful person."

    + my private room is also a utility closet, another guy comes in his room plays loud music, I grab a DC and move to a corner to make out (semi?); a repeating story is told about me, a famous opera singer walking through the crowd

    I have my own room in some larger structure (community center). I'm entering the room and I see that the split door (bottom part / top part) top is open, I go out to close it, and back inside my room, I realize that I share this space with the center's utility closet so maids may enter(?). In the room I see a DC (indeterminate sex), take it into my arms, and walk towards a back corner, kissing it several times, and when I arrive in the corner kiss it more deeply for a longer while.

    I'm outside the room (with wife?) and a man who works there, he's going outside in just a towel, his privates are visible, he doesn't care. Another man comes in (a Russian?) sort of short and hairy, he heads into his room which is next to mine, and starts blasting some really loud music, I move to see the source it seems to be almost from within my room.

    I hear some narration that repeats several times about "the huge guy who's the famous opera singer who was moving through the crowd leaving the theater, and all the people turned to look at him[me], ignoring the scene playing on the stage". The voice also makes (a snarky?) comment about me kissing that DC.

    + (FA, LD #101) lying in bed listening to loud water rush through pipes in the walls, bed ejects me, get lucid, climb out window, look for girl, find one, undress her, count to 5 to calm down, wake up on "..3…"

    I wake up in bed looking up at the ceiling in a white walled room and hear a strong flow of water like moving through pipes, I look up and "follow" the progress of the water through the pipes with my eyes, along the corner of the room and then the corner of the wall with the ceiling. I expect the water to burst through the ceiling at any moment. Right then, my bed heaves itself up from the head end and I'm ejected out on to the floor. As the bed lifts up I realize this is a dream, and I'm thankful for having such an easy-to-spot FA. I realize this is a dream again because my "body" has no pains in it whatsoever. I hear something outside, and jump out the window. Outside is very bright daylight and there are lots of colorful things all over the place, I'm on the side of a house. I continue around the corner and pick up a male DC with a sort of moon face and will him to become a hot girl, or for a girl to appear. I then see a bunch of girls seated on a bench a bit farther on in the garden and move towards them, pick one, undress her (take off her top?) and then count to 5 to calm my self before engaging, and I start "1….2….3... … then I wake up! Ah crap!
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    1. KonchogTashi's Avatar
      Nice catching the FA! also, is that 2 LDs in 2 days?

      I have noticed a some correlation between lucidity and the appearance of fantastic buildings (when institutionally appropriate) in my own dreaming. Weird, wonderful, and cool stuff!
    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      Nice catching the FA! also, is that 2 LDs in 2 days?
      Thanks! Yes it is! Although, both were short, and the previous one so unremarkable that I couldn't remember it without looking at yesterday's DJ again . But lucid is good!

      I looooove dream buildings/architecture. My lucids are almost exclusively focused on DC interaction (heh), but I think most of the biggest "wow" factors absolutely come from expansive outdoor lucid landscapes (especially flying over them, can't get enough of that!) and studying big, weird buildings! Also indoor decor can be extremely fascinating.
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    3. KonchogTashi's Avatar
      Congrats again! inspiring!

      regarding architecture:
      I had one maybe 3 or 4 months back where the buildings were made of strange glittering grey/silver/white bricks. The buildings had odd curves, domes, and concave areas that seem as though they would be impossible to construct with bricks. I got lucid by noticing the fantastic architecture.

      in another about a month ago I noticed a strange building that appeared to be made of leaves and organic materials, but with metal sections as well. I looked at it, thought "this is a recycling station" and promptly got lucid.