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    2015-03-12 (LD #104, TOTM basic-I & II), stakeout, accident, taxi-guy, TOTM-adventure, kiss doll

    by , 03-12-2015 at 04:36 PM (604 Views)

    Turns out it was a pretty epic night of dreaming. LD #104 is definitely the best of 2015
    and perhaps rivals my September 2014 TOTM LD in awesomeness.

    01:30 bedtime (WTF!? come on, 2.5 hours late)

    visualization of lotus flower w/flame in throat chakra for a while wall falling asleep

    Unknown dream times, mental only recall (no recordings until 09:13 after LD) multiple wakings up to WBTB time

    + I almost mess up a stakeout with repeated offers to give the bad guys more cash after the initial contact

    In an outdoors area with parked cars, I'm one of the good-guys in a stakeout against bad guys: I hand cash in entrapment scenario to bad guys, they take it. Comes a question should I give more: I walk forwards offering more money to the bad guys, but my colleague quickly motions/says "no" and I realize that, having already taken the initial money, if I offer more and they accept then by law the bust would be nullified.

    + (f) people in an outside park-like area with a tall tower?

    + wife drives off the edge of the highway, I go DO, the car rolls, she's OK, inside a mechanic's shop?

    Driving in car with wife (wife is at the wheel) on highways, I see that we're approaching a large turn to the left and there is no barrier off the right edge of the road, there's an abrupt drop to a long sloping hill doing down to the right. I say to wife "Careful! Look out for the edge!" Instantly the car veers and the right wheels go over the edge. I'm now DO flying behind and above the car following it as it leaves the road, heads down the hill, rolling over several times. I'm in a panic about my wife, screaming and zooming to the car to see if she's OK.

    i'm in some internal location (mechanic shop?) we're talking about (our?) car(s).

    + picking up (wife?) at airport on crowded holiday in foreign country, taxi guy gives me advice, walk with him, path turns dark and woodsy, he pees in the dark off to the side, Americans are camping up on hillside starting a campfire & I hear them practicing <foreign language> words.

    I'm heading to the airport to pick up (my wife?) It's incredibly crowded with tons of people coming and going, because this is the beginning of <this foreign country's> vacation period. I meet a taxi driver who is telling me about how to use a taxi to (fool the traffic?) to be able to approach the airport.

    We're walking down a road, it's night time, there are dark woods with leafless trees/tall shrubs off to the right, the guy goes off into the dark trees to pee, I keep walking, I wonder if he'll rejoin me or not. The road ahead is dark and uninviting going off in to the forest. I notice up the high, fairly steep hill to the left about 15 feet off someone's starting a small campfire, and I hear children's voices, they're American tourists practicing some local <foreign language> words.

    06:45 WBTB
    1x 4mg galantamine (Galantamind)
    Back to sleep
    Takes about 5x "20 down to 1" counting of relaxing breaths to fall back asleep
    Major success: focused only on relaxation, rejected thoughts of waking/work/life concerns, made it back to sleep fairly quickly! Could it be I'm finally mastering BTS?


    + (LD #104) I'm lying in bed on my stomach [same WL position I think] with ex-GF SB. I'm looking at, modifying with my finger a picture of people we were in grad school together with, "Oh, I've erased T.A." I notice/say at one point. We're lying close to each other she's on my left, we're falling asleep, I lift my head up and kiss her right cheek near her right eye, this annoys her a bit because it wakes her up. I lift my right hand up and place it under her left cheek, this also annoys her a little. Just continuing to lie there, she drapes her right leg across my butt, it's a lightly erotic sensation, I like it a lot.

    Her foot approaches my face from the right side, bottom first. I think about "having sex with her toes" and insert my finger between her very tightly packed toes. I then notice that the entire bottom of her foot is covered in a white fungus. "Oh! You have athlete's foot just like I do! You need to scrape that stuff off with a scraping stick, and get a pedicure." I'm standing up now next to the bed and she's looking at me blankly like she doesn't want to acknowledge this. I head to the bathroom, then walk back to the bed, SB has pulled the covers up over her head. "Dang" I think, I was hoping for some sexy time, but she's going to sleep.

    I notice in her mouth is some sort of tooth tray/mouthpiece. I think this holds the teeth in the proper position for sleep. Looking again at her I notice she now has a transparent horseshoe-shaped brace supporter running down both sides of her face. I mention that this reminds me of a childhood toy, the magnetic yoyo that so fascinated me as a kid:

    All of a sudden her braces structure appears on the bed: clear plastic trays on each side, and in the middle a number of metal wire pinball-chutes with metal pinballs moving along on them. Some other object also appears suddenly on the bed (forgot).

    This jolts my awareness, and I say s.l. "OK thats odd/dreamlike" and I do a nose pinch. It's inconclusive [I'm lying on my stomach in WL perhaps, nose pinches are less clear then] I say, "OK, if I'm dreaming, I'll levitate now" and lie down on the floor of the room on my stomach. I look down and see that my upper body is hovering over the ground by about 1/2 inch. I'm now fully lucid. I stand up and whip out my (ahem), which is pleasantly dream super-sized, in order to present it to SB for attention, but she is gone, the bed is empty. I think about looking for her/summoning her, but abandon this idea quickly. I look and see the door to the room [it's like a small motel room], see the doorknob, and decide to head outside.

    I open the door and head outside, it's night outside and I'm in just my underwear. I move my attention to feel for the temperature and detect nothing, so I'm completely comfortable. I think of goals and notice that the building here is like a two-story motel in a "U" shape. Some of the rooms have open doors, I decide to enter one for TOTM basic (II).

    On my way in to the room I remember my rehearsed LD acronym: BE STRONG [Breathe, Enjoy/Engage, Stabilize, T[private, the name of my LD "mascot"], Remember, O[private], Narrate, Goals]. I start with B[reathe] and I take several breaths, perhaps the first time I've ever consciously breathed in a LD other than for nose pinch, it felt completely natural.

    I enter and open room, and it's half-lit and entirely empty: not a single piece of furniture and the walls are entirely bare, no decoration. It's sort of run-down looking. It's a small two-roomed area, a front room with a short narrow corridor leading to the back room. I enter the room and head to the back room. As I'm walking I remember "S[tabilize] and I start rubbing my hands. I really feel the warmth and rub them for a little while. In the back room, I remember "T" and briefly visualize my mascot appearing but nothing happens.

    I leave this room and outside it is now daylight, the area has opened up and there are small buildings in the distance and a gently sloping hill before me heading down and to the right. I remember TOTM basic (I) and reach into my right pocket with my right hand and feel for a capsule, I feel one and bring it out, it looks like a small white tic tac. I swallow it and call out "REVEAL TO ME THE TRUTHS OF THE UNIVERSE!" with arms upraised to the skies. I wait for a few seconds, nothing comes to me and I move on.

    As I head down the hill to the right a guy drives up in a 70's muscle car and gets out, he's sort of threatening looking. I decide to take charge of the dream narrative and call out to him in a firm, demanding voice, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY GIRL, 'GILDA'!?". He's a bit shocked and looks at me with a puzzled expression.

    There's a TV screen/painting on the ground to our left, in it are depicted 3 bad guys. (Two males, one female?). They have deteriorated/painted faces. "Man," I say, "they look terrible." I decide we must fight them, this guy and I. We dive into the TV and emerge in their place [too bad it wasn't a mirror….hmm….no, don't think it was, dangit!]. I immediately reach for my lightsabre with my left hand, and ignite it. The beam is weak/highly transparent, but I wave it around and get very accurate sound, I'm pleased with the sound. Not much of a fight, I just wave the lightsaber around a bit, things are getting vague, I decide to leave, and turn off the lightsaber.

    Leaving the building I immediately remember my long-term goal of facing Sensei in a lightsaber duel. I ignite my saber again. I start calling out "Sensei! <Sensei's name!>, come on!" I'm walking towards a garden, I hold my hand behind my back and expect to feel Sensei taking my hand, but he doesn't. I call him several times but he never appears.

    I'm marveling at the quality of the dream environment. I'm trying to detect dream-like artifacts and cannot detect any. It is an entirely convincing rendering of waking existence. The green grass on the lawn, the textures of the dirt and the ground.

    At some point in this sequence I see an open field and think of TOTM bonus, but I don't want to mess with zombies so quickly move on.

    I see beyond the grass some people on horses. The dream slowly fades to grey, I try to hold it but
    it ends.

    Back in a dream, similar woodsy environment, I see two girls sitting down on a bench, one is "Lucy" and has short dark black hair, looks boyish, but I know it's a girl. Two boys approach from the woods and say they've found <some guy's name>.

    I bit in the distance I see a (picture?) of a doll-sized girl. I'm interested and go to her. I command her to become real and to grow to real size. She becomes 3D and a bit larger, I give her a quick kiss. . Around this time I'm fully lucid & realize whas going on and I say "be larger, more real!" and she gets a bit larger and more realistic, I give her a longer kiss, but her lips are still cartoony & not waking realistic. I say again "larger! More real!" and I think she gets a bit more life-sized and realistic, I decide to stop and just make out with it/her because her lips feel good, and do so for a few seconds before waking up.

    + parking meters, ethnic banquet, cruising food table, not much food left, "my friend" recommends his ham rolls which are excellent

    Outside on a street, we're trying to figure out where to park. Parking meters line this area of the street. I look at them and you can only use them for 2 24-minute periods, this is not long enough for us.

    Inside a building there is a <ethnic> banquet. I walk along the long table, there is not a lot of food left and what is left looks not all that appetizing. Down towards the far end there are some little triangular cabbage pies that look not half bad but a middle-aged guy comes up (I "recognize"/"remember" [false memory] him), and he directs my hands to his meat rolls which I try and they are indeed quite good.

    + spying into neighbor houses with telescope, enter and see the two ladies there in the kitchen

    I'm sitting outside on the left side back steps of my childhood home. I have a small spyglass and I'm looking down the hill with it. I'm also looking left into the neighbor's house. I see a woman come to the window and don't want her to see me looking so I put down the glass. Suddenly I'm inside their kitchen and see two young blonde women sitting at a table, some adult is milling around them.

    + throw something down on to my friend MR who's sleeping down in the garden in the dark [he signals me?], woman asks me to teach her son soccer, I decline and want to go back to sleep

    I'm on some high balcony, several levels down below me on the back lawn my friend MR is sleeping in a sleeping bag. I can't see him well, it's too dark/foggy. I think at one point he's moved to the left. I throw something down as a prank to land on top of him (a small pebble). I'm looking and looking to try to see him but don't. At one point I think I see two small lights (like animal eyes reflecting in the dark) but I'm not sure.

    A mother comes to me with a small blonde curly-haired young boy and wants me to train him in soccer. I don't want to. I say come back later and roll over in bed.

    +(f) more people, places, situations….forgot
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Awesome awesome!! Congratulations on your BTS success and a nice lengthy lucid!! I was smiling the whole way through happy for your success! Great job using your lucidity ritual as well! I loved this:
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    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      haha! Thanks! Yes that may have been the highlight of the dream, I'm glad you noticed it, I was using a sivason-style pretend memory declaration to drive the plot of the dream, to diffuse my being a bit nervous of that character. I have absolutely no notion what recess in my mind "GILDA" came from.
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