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    2015-04-17 the universe owed me a couple semi-epics and a sex-fest after 2 no recall nights

    by , 04-17-2015 at 11:24 AM (421 Views)
    Finally back to some semi-epic dreaming!

    early (late morning epics overwrote a couple more early ones):

    + I turn myself in for something and get arrested, they send a construction guy to clear away the thing we were building, he leaves all the building materials neatly stacked

    + dipping a stick into the ground, picking it up and eating the dirt/sand, do this several times before I realize I'm eating dirt and stop

    + I'm in nature outside in daylight, start walking down a 2 meter-wide path of short mowed grass, I know this is in an Ent forest. I wonder who mows the grass or if it is just grazed on by animals. I think about Ents walking around (but don't see one).

    I'm wading along a clear stream, about a meter wide, standing in the middle, it is located under trees closing above blocking the sky. I look down in the water and see saucer-sized & shaped flat fish (like sole) that are light colored, almost transparent. They're friendly and swarm around me tickling my legs. I think they're easy to catch, and I grab hold of a few and lift them out of the water in my hands briefly. (One bits my finger and I have to pull it off?)

    + round table of <foreign language> teachers faces, several of them are my nationality (so how good are they if they're not native?), one is a blonde female missing some teeth (and is named "Jacky?")

    + baseball play: two runners both reach 2nd, collide, they both run for 3rd, really digging up dirt as they run, the throw is to 3rd, the first guy at least dives for the base and is safe. I think somebody must have been out, I'm not sure entirely what happened.


    + (false?) WILD transition, feel a fast atonia buzz/vibrations, yelling for my dad to "pick me up!" (into the dream), feel partial separation of dream mouth and dream body

    + I'm in a house high in the hills overlooking bay in the distance (like childhood home). Looking out the window at the water along the coastline in the distance, I see shapes of a large school of large things I decide are dolphins moving underneath the water. I see a very large animal as well and decide it's a whale. I watch them swimming around for a while and call to my family to come and see them. I keep repeatedly trying to point out the whale to my wife but she can't see it. The whale transforms into a massive dinosaur-looking fish whose back extends up out of the water. I'm becoming frantic with frustration amazed that my wife can't see the huge fish which is right there IT'S RIGHT THERE!

    Then I'm floating in the very blue water in a seated position, body upright, my upper body is out of the water. I'm moving at fairly fast speed, like I'm holding on to a rope in the water being pulled by something. A bunch of people are moving along with me. Our path is an arc moving out into the deeper water, then curving to the left and heading back towards shore. We pass some people floating there in the water who are not moving, I think they've become stranded. I see some people are swimming along with the current to go faster. There are some large but gentle rounded waves at one point.

    The water is now like a turbulent stream heading uphill, I see the owner/creator of the theme park for which this river is the entrance ride, he's saying something about the park. I briefly flow through small tunnels then emerge onto the descending entrance stairway into the park. I see a ball (walnut?) bouncing down the steps one by one. We're then there in the park (me, wife, kids [smaller age]). I look around and am not impressed. It's very large/huge for a playground but very small for an amusement part, more like a neighborhood park. The jungle gyms look boring and like everything is for very small children, I think my kids will be bored here.

    Then I'm at the entrance again, which is like a deep empty swimming pool, I can't find the way up to enter the park. (Something opens?) and I see a way in? My glasses fall off and hit the hard cement ground and I'm afraid they're broken. I pick them up and indeed a see a big crack running along both lenses in the middle. I'm looking closely at the glasses for a few seconds and notice where the glass has broken away from the frames in places. I think these are expensive glasses ($XXX), and wonder if I can get just the lenses replaced. I do go sit down on a bench next to my wife and think more about these glasses.

    + in a building, someone's throwing something down a long hallway to us, we toss it back

    I'm walking through a sports complex looking for a racquetball court. The courts are on the left, they're all bizarre: the walls are paneled with colorful, odd materials like those "solar street panels" [watched a video about these yesterday]:

    The courts have glass front walls [DS] and are oddly-shaped. Too small, not deep enough, one extra-small one has 4+ guys in it playing handball, I watch one of the guys hit the ball off of the back wall in a big smash. One of the courts is "on the corner" and has a large corner inside the court itself.

    Farther along, I'm hoping at least to find a challenge court so I can play soon, I wonder about my ability to play though at my age and shape. I come across what I think is a challenge court, there are about 8 people milling around outside, inside I see that they are playing doubles (2 on 2). I'm losing hope of finding an empty court or of being able to play. I turn around and walk back towards where I was before, some courts are now open but they're really weird: some sort of tent-structure is on top and a basketball hoop and I know these are "fighting" courts where there is real violence. One guy is going up to the upper part of one of these courts and wants me to join but I don't go in, it's not to my taste.

    I walk further into the structure and emerge outside into a dark bleak landscape, there's nothing here, maybe another building in the distance. I turn around to go back but now I'm far up a steep hill above the exit where I came out, I see some people milling around there, I jump and float down, trying to aim for this door, but I'm gaining speed and I miss the door, trying to grab on to some poles as I go by and not get hurt.

    + semi-lucid girl-grabbing sex-fest, starting outside and moving into a public restroom, ending with (2?) FAs.

    Spoiler for sexy time, 18+:
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