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    2015-05-12 friends, cousins, pie, vacuum, root beer, purring woman, guests, climbing blanket hill

    by , 05-12-2015 at 12:00 PM (407 Views)
    Finally, a proper FM night again, could have dreamed more but noise at home stopped it

    Mental journaling all night long. Spent a long time (30-60 minutes?) in morning reviewing earlier dreams before final BTS and last two dreams.

    +(f) FA: woke in shock to my wife scratching lightly the back of my shoulder with the back of her fingernail and sort of giggling, very out of character for her must have been a FA

    + summary: black girl, 3 men in neighborhood (titan-like?)
    I'm outdoors (climbing over roofs), thinking about girls with afros, wonder what it would be like to be with one. I see 3 fairly tall scary looking guys approaching, they're walking in a straight line, they have tall hairdos, (one?) is faintly smiling, I sense they are menacing, they're walking through people's gardens, this is in my childhood neighborhood. I think about following them, but I don't want to be seen, one of them does see me.

    + summary: airport, bag, pilots work 30 hours in a row, bathroom with drinks in cooler (search for and find root-beer, see a more classic can but it's red cream soda and I want root beer)
    I'm in an airport on a trip, I'm thinking about how the pilots who fly the 15-hour flight have to turn around and fly right back, that means they must work 30 hours in a row, but they probably get to use the auto-pilot and catch a nap. I have my bag, then there's an airport employee walking around returning people's bags to them, but my bag is there, and I realize I must have left it somewhere, I go into the (bathroom?) looking for it.
    In the bathroom there is a large cooler full of cans of sodas. I'm digging through this and find some A&W root beer, I take the can out and intend to take it with me. I keep looking then I see a really large can with of some high-end, natural soda and think it's a better root beer, but I look at the can more and see that it's a red cream soda, and I put it back since I want root beer. I open the root beer and drink it while walking around.

    + reunion with high school friends: (DD?), N., CB, BD, CB's brother AB, shake everyone's hand, really glad to see BD since I haven't seen him since the end of high school, realize that this is true of N. as well but I didn't tell him this maybe he feels bad about that. This takes place in a restaurant (or a wine bar? DD has a glass of wine?)

    + Playing checkersy-chess with MR. The pieces look like checkers but I think they're pawns. The colors are red and black. I'm looking at the several pawn captures that are available and evaluating which ones will lead to a better position for me. I make one and MR responds by making this move by flicking a large checker (red?) with the number "30" written in the middle down to one of my pieces. I say "Hey, don't move like that I can't see what the pieces were before and after". Nearby on a trail, the (orange?) (animal? deer?) on the path reaches the end, you can touch it to cause things (the dream?) to end

    +(f) outdoors with cousins: GL is a photographer, taking slide shots of athletes, I wonder about color correction and she says that it's all done in photoshop anyway

    + vacuum: outside the (concert?) hall, white stone sculpted benches, powerful vertical vacuum with multiple hose ports on the side, I detach the main body from the base and takes several tries to reattach it, go to next room and work on cleaning assigned area, the attachment is not right for the floor (it's a couch attachment), it's too small, lots of cards and flyers get sucked into vacuum and I try to pick them out, I work on a spot on the carpet for a few seconds.

    + cousins: I say my son S1 is studying the same profession as PR, PR is there and I think about asking how is his job at S? I walk towards the entrance to the room and I suddenly see KD appear in in slinky black leather outfit, she's wearing a lot of make-up, she looks really hot, I'm a bit shocked when I see her suddenly. I turn back into the room and say I'm looking for some pie to give to KD, but I don't think there's any pie left, and I make a joke saying "I think there's only one type of pie in this room!" (referring to female *ahem*), and only KD gets the joke and chuckles. I find a plate of cheesecake with a few slices left on it, it's white with some cherry-red topping, and I give it to KD along with some small plates of (blueberries?). I notice that KD has changed her outfit to a normal one and removed her makeup all in a matter of seconds while I was getting the pie. KD's daughter comes to her sleepy from bed, I think I should go so they can interact, KD tells her daughter not to eat all her food.

    + with a group of people (on street outside childhood home?) I'm lying down across the front seat(s) of a car, head on the driver's side. An (Asian) indian woman comes in and climbs on top of me to lie down, my waist bag is in the way, and I reach up with my left hand and pull it to the side, then she fits perfectly lying right on top of me with her head on my chest. She starts purring, her whole body is warm and vibrating, it's quite cozy, I put my arms around her in a friendly way. Her man comes up and says "Heeeeyyy! What's going on!?" I lift up my arms into the air [DANGIT! Saw my hands! I've been trying to make that a PM trigger] to show I'm not groping her -- it's a comforting scenario, not an erotic one. But the man hangs around to watch and make sure. I don't want her to get off because the purring thing feel really amazing.

    late morning drifting BTS:

    + guests coming for dinner, the table is prepared, sliced grapefruit, they arrive, can only stay a minute, I go to the door and say come and eat, the guests can't stay long they say "5 minutes max", I hear in the dining room that a guest sees a picture of a famous person and talks about how he's his favorite, back in the dining room is my language class, we're preparing a special ethnic birthday party for IM, IM comes in and we quickly close the box of special chocolates so that it won't spoil the surprise.

    + climbing up a hill made of blankets and sheets, I seek foot holds, a girl is with me, I tell her to be careful, there are slippery parts, we're on the very right edge of the hill. Another family (man an woman) is to our left climbing up a more difficult part, we reach the top and look down to the floor below, about 10-12 feet below us, I say "this is the area with a (gravity anomaly?) that we don't understand," I know this is an area of power, my wife is in the next room waiting to consult the couple on some mystical matter, they ask my wife to divine the problem with the man's tooth and I think that's a bad idea because my wife knows nothing about dentistry, [waking world noise wakes me]

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