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    2015-07-2 LD #127, beer garden, tent, shiny boots, flashlights, bacon, talking with coatrack

    by , 07-21-2015 at 03:12 PM (412 Views)
    The dream recall leading up to the LD were not really anything exciting or long. But the LD more than made up for it despite being a slightly bit unstable: it lasted a good long time (by my standards) with 3-4 different scenes, girly stuff, accomplished TOTM, some flying and some breaking through walls, some lightsaber action.

    + at a beer garden choosing (4 choices) what I'll have for the next round consulting with the woman sitting across from me. I'm thinking of a really pale beer next round, something with almost no taste. (Don't remember the names but some had some), (decided on a house special?)

    + I'm at the far end of a long snaking narrow camping tent, a friend is outside. I see and say that there is no zipper/way out on this side, so since the tent is so narrow I don't have room to turn around, so I start crawling out backwards. I notice some dirty spots on the floor of the tent and wonder if they're wet spots from dirty boots. I finally make my way out of the front where my friend is waiting for me (the boot guy below?)

    + There's a man who says he must cover his metal-tipped boots when he's outside or else the reflection will blind people. He gestures to his boot tips and I see a chunk of metal near the tip. Someone discusses how "hard" your boots you want, if you get them too hard they'll make a lot of noise on wooden floors.

    + walking through some sightseeing place with people, fairly dark indoor environment, turning corners (going up sloping pathways?) need flashlight, I have one or two in my hand, then there are hundreds strewn all over the floor to choose from.

    + Walking down the main stairway in my childhood home, my dad is talking about the nurses at the hospital, how they used to have a thing around there neck that expanded, it was called a (???), I see one and how it expands, but they wear something different now. My dad has to go to the hospital, I'm now in the living room where my mother has set a breakfast table (for me and my dad?), I sit down and eat, there is a bacon and egg sandwich and more bacon and some other things. It all looks really good and I start with the bacon. (I pick a piece of bacon out of the sandwich?) my mother says not to pick the bacon out of the sandwich but I say "hey it's bacon, it's OK" but I fully intend to eat the sandwich properly.

    At some point I wake up, pee, recall dreams, and head back to sleep, the exact place I re-enter is not clear.

    I see the breakfast table again and it's messy (piled with cereal boxes?), it's still in the living room because my dad's going to the hospital so we need a segregated breakfast table (WTF?). My dad is now concerned about being late even though he got up really early in the morning. I walk to the kitchen through the dining room and I hear my dad talking and coming towards the kitchen from the back porch.

    I don't want my dad to find me in the kitchen because (then I'll wake up?)

    I fly out the living room window
    and immediately I realize I'm dreaming. It is a solid realization, I'm very happy I got lucid. The scenery is daylight, bright and clear. I'm flying low over a Eucalyptus tree coming up ahead, and as I pass over it I lower my right hand and let my fingers run through the leaves to establish tactile senses. I feel very little, maybe 25% or even less, I'm somewhat surprised, touch is usually not less than 50% and usually full. I grab a bunch of the leaves and form a fist with my right hand, squeezing them, and I start to feel them a bit better.

    I then experience a slow, interesting transition (sort of a "pan"-effect) back into my childhood home's living room. I think of TOTM and am happy at having decent waking like memory. But then I just can't remember the basic tasks, for about 30 seconds I'm pacing around the living room saying "Right, let's do TOTM, the task is....the task is....it's...uh.." and just can't come up with either of the basic tasks. I recall at last the advanced II task of having a conversation with an object that doesn't make sound.

    I walk into the dining room, crouch down in front of the marble-topped cabinet/drawers, and say "Hi! What's your name!?" I imagine face forming and it responding to me, but instead a black rectangle whooshes in from somewhere, replacing the cabinet, then vanishes, leaving them both gone.

    Not upset by this, I just stand up and move to the living room where I see a coat rack, I immediately approach and say, "Hi! What's your name?!" (I think a face forms?) and it says "I'm Hank, and my son is Frank!" (I think the rack is covered with a string of lights, and wonder what they look like turned on?).

    I go out (the front door?) and see a sloping hillside in daylight of exposed dirt and some plants (ivy?). I wonder if I'm still dreaming, if I am then I could fly, I take off flying and am happy that I'm still dreaming. I turn to face downhill, and see through a window of the house into the living room where Hank is still standing, he looks sort of humanoid at this point with a very large head, like a small Ent or a large mushroom man. I think/say "turn on your lights!" but Hank looks at me, shaking his head "no," and holds up his arms containing the string of (Christmas tree?) lights. I think he must be done working for the day and has already taken off his lights, I do not want to force the issue so I forget him and fly forwards.

    Ahead of me (still flying) is some building, down below me a few floors down I see some girls standing at an ice cream stand. I can see down their shirts and there's some nice cleavage showing there. I land and watch them as I approach, there are 3 girls, young & pretty, one of them has dark sort of bushy eyebrows.

    Spoiler for sexual activity:

    Now I'm in a stairwell and I think the authorities are coming because of my taking liberties with the girls. (See/hear some security guys?) I'm running up the stairs and decide to break through the wall, I run my finger in a circle on the wall and push out a section and jump through.

    I'm in some non-descript alley/corridor between very tall buildings, and I decide as I approach a corner that I need a weapon, so I hold up my left hand and imagine there's a lightsaber handle there. I look at my hand and it's sort of fuzzy and transparent but I see it. I hit the "on" button and imagine/say that the blade will be green. I see sort of a 50% transparent green blade.

    I walk by a guy DC and swing the blade through his body 2 or 3 times, (he falls down?). Then I see a kid walking with an assembled clarinet, and step up to him and slice the clarinet into 3 or 4 pieces, haha.

    Up ahead on a higher floor (floating?) is a group of uniformed security. I prepare myself for a big jump to go up there and fight, I'm setting my feet just right and fidgeting then I notice a hot girl is floating down towards me, I imagine she wants sex, so I direct her to a bench and she starts taking off her clothes, then I
    wake up...

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