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    2015-07-23 LD #128, night baseball, app with "wife", mom's ghost recording (LD), later random stuff

    by , 07-23-2015 at 05:32 PM (504 Views)
    Lots of pee wakings, drank a full cup of water before bed, but it was actually probably the two cups of green tea a few hours before bed that caused me to wake up a lot.

    earlier, about 5 hrs.

    + night baseball: I observe some fielding, (the 2nd baseman ran all the way to left field?). I'm heading out to the pitcher's mound, I'm taking 3 (softballs?) with me to the mound. I think I should give the other team one of the balls so they can practice, I hold it up and gesture towards them, and toss it to them.

    I pick up a bat (I'm still on the pitcher's mound?) and prepare to swing at the pitch, I feel weak like I can't swing strong, I hit the ball but it's a weak line drive, I run for first base and just barely beat the throw but it's not clear where first base is, the lines are not clean and there's no bag there. I may in fact be off the base. The firstbaseman and a coach (sounds like Kyle Chandler?) are discussing this but I just ignore them and nobody tells me I'm out so I prepare to run for second. I think that I should be running as soon as the pitch is thrown. (I'm thrown out at second?)

    + doing an app with "wife" (not waking life wife): we're in a small office, wife's upset because the app is not going so well, I think it was probably a bad idea to go into the app business together with my wife. I speak in a reassuring manner and try to calm her down.

    + LD #128: childhood home, start in sister's room?, walk to parent's room, I think my dad is sleeping here by himself while my mom is sick, I notice he's moved the TV and other things to block off the deck-side of the room, I walk back in to my sister's room, my mother says that (some person's name) went to the Soviet Union and didn't like it, and her tone of voice suggests it was a stupid thing to do. I ask her what year he went, she answers 1987, and I say "well of course, if he had gone later he probably would have liked it a lot better."

    I see spread out on the bed for me is my old GoodWill cheesy disco shiny/rayon fish shirt and a bright red patterned tie. I think I do not want to be wearing this shirt when I hear of my mother's passing away, if I'm at work when I hear the news I'll have to take it off and wonder what my coworkers will think of that.

    (Entering the room again?) my mom tells me that she wants me to listen to a recording. I know it's a recording she made at night and probably shows ghost sounds. It begins with a loud sound and this is shocking. Then Then I hear a voice say something like "take this stack of books" and I get full-body goosebumps: I think I've heard this somewhere before and it must be a ghost talking! I get a vague impression of a ghostly transparent stack of books floating at me and I think I may have tried to take a book from the stack.

    Then the recording becomes too quiet/unclear, and I ask my mother to turn it up, she doesn't answer, and I sit up on the bed and I keep practically screaming for her to turn it up, that I can't hear it. I notice my mom is not in the room. I start to stand up and suddenly stop and get the idea I may be dreaming. I'm pretty sure I am. I do a slow, methodical nose pinch and I can breath easily.

    Now fully lucid I leave behind the whole ghost recording scenario, giving it a final fleeting thought as I leave the room and start to plan what I want to do. As in most dreams I immediately head down the stairs. As I walk down the stairs I think of trying more TOTM, then I suddenly remember my long-term LD goal: narrate the dream ala ~Dreamer~. I'm so happy that I've finally remembered to narrate the dream! Then I forget all about doing it haha. I'm more concerned about stabilization and engaging the dream. I rub my hands and look down to see them rubbing but there's not a strong sensation.

    I get down almost to the bottom of the stairs where I can see into the living room. It's quite dark, like early morning, about 30% light. I think about using dream control to brighten the dream but don't. I decide to engage the environment and reach out and place my hands on the stair railing, and it comes into a clearer focus and I start to look at it closely and experience the feeling of it
    and then I have a slow fade to awake. Argh!

    Awake for a while. Trying to sleep for about an hour, not making any progress, go online for about an hour. The cat is jumping around my room in a frenzy because it sees birds flying outside the window, so I banish it to the porch and try to get back to sleep. I'm doing a slight bit of SSILD, mostly just relaxing breaths going deeper each breath, and soon I fall asleep again for between one and two more sleep cycles! BTS success, yay yay yay!


    A really odd series of situations. They went on for a while but memory is mostly fragmented. Almost all happen in some vague large open room.

    +(f) I'm looking at a magazine. It's not NSFW . But some girls come in to the room and giggle at me, thinking it is a NSFW magazine because I'm turning it sideways some of the time. I think they're annoying.

    +(f) I wake up in bed(?) in this room and my (wife?), a few friends, and my best friend MR is there. I'm really surprised to see MR, what's he doing here? It's my birthday?

    +(f) I'm trying to crawl back to this room, I'm in a house's attic crawlspace. There is construction material piled in places around. I'm holding on to the rafters pulling myself along. I think the room's been blocked but I manage to make my way back.

    +(f) bunch more stuff going on in this room, forgot...
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      It's great that you remembered to try the in-dream narration, this sounds like a breakthrough in goal memory! I'm excited to see how it goes if you remember in a future dream.
      I'm glad you're having better luck falling asleep these days, even with distractions.
      Thanks for letting me know about this dream, I hope you can try out the narration soon!
    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      Haha and I forgot all about it instantly, instead doing a stupid "stare at the hand railing" "stabilization" that seemed to actually lose the dream. Next time I'll try just doing narration while enjoying the dream. But yes it's an improvement, I've been wanting to do the narration for about a year now.
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