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    2015-07-28 LDs #129, #130, sexcapades, semi-epic at neighborhood park (fencing, dog, cookies)

    by , 07-28-2015 at 11:56 AM (543 Views)
    Really? I haven't posted here in 4 days? Wow I'm slipping! A fairly great night, finally, both LDs and fairly good recall.

    00:00 (approximate) bedtime

    02:00? (unknown) get up to pee
    takes a while (10-15 minutes?) going back to sleep, I repeat "the next time I'm dreaming, I realize that I'm dreaming" to myself while falling asleep


    + LD #129 (first recalled dream of the night is a lucid, that is a first for me I think!) I'm in an international airport connecting flight area/border control, some of our group is down the long (curving?) hallway at the border control. I see my other travelling mates with their suitcases, I don't have mine, I realize I've left my suitcase on the previous airplane. I panic, what will I do, there is only 15 (25?) minutes for the connection, and I'd have to re-cross border controls/customs, they may not let me through. I decide I must go back for it, and start running fast. I think without the suitcase I'll have (no clothing?) for the (camp?) we're going to. I'm running really fast and am really concerned, when I get the notion that maybe there's no reason to worry if this is a dream, I do a nose pinch while running and it clearly indicates dream. I'm lucid and still running, part of what got me lucid perhaps was the fast speed I was running, completely effortlessly, and I'm amazed for a moment at this.

    Spoiler for sexually explicit:
    the dream ends/transitions.

    + LD #130 FA in bed (false dream home), on a high bed-stand next to us I see a white sleep/lucid dreaming mask with little LED lights on stalks, my wife reaches for and is handling/talking about this her "favorite" of my sleep masks, I'm concerned that she'll see it's more than just a sleep mask. I'm starting to suspect, then when I see my wife, who's still looking down at me, is floating up to the ceiling and bouncing around there I get lucid and a clear nose pinch confirms it. She's really bright, clear, shining, and beautiful. I notice/say "Hey you're young and hot, let's (get it on) like we used to" and I
    Spoiler for sexually explicit:

    About this time I notice out the window on the street below (we're about the 3rd floor) across the street a military/security vehicle, white and cube-like and open like a jeep with some triangular insignia on the driver door (facing me) is pulling up and stops, I look away so that this will not distract me from the sex. During the sex I look down again and see there's a man and young woman in the jeep, I meet the eyes of the young woman and decide to show off, I point to my sexual activity and give the woman two thumbs up, she nods and returns a gesture and makes a kind of humping motion to indicate she understands.

    My "wife" at this point seems like some sort of mechanical construction and the sex is unsatisfying, and then another of my wife enters the room with some things in her hands and indicates we need to choose some poster to put in to the plastic folder hanging off of the bed (it's somehow to please our cat?).

    +(f) kissing a DC (redacted)

    + semi-epic multi-scene long: at the basketball level of childhood neighborhood park:
    1) watching fencing competition, I'm standing on the sloping road leading down to that level looking down. I admire the performance of a friend of mine, the fancy thrusts he makes. Afterwards, I go down and want to meet him and imagine holding his foils in my hand and what sort of grip they have (there are two of them). I then move to the far side of the level and want to enter the hot tubs with the other competitors, at first there is force/gravity/wind that blows me a bit to the exit road leading down to the street but I recover and enter the hot tubs and have an animated chat about something.

    2) a vicious angry dog is gripping the back of my pants on the belt, I'm trying to placate/distract it to get away. I reach around to pet it (nervous about getting bitten), pet it, speak soothingly towards it, I'm walking up the path to the middle level. Back down on the basketball level there are containers of (breakfast cereals?) on the retainer wall and I scatter some treats down on the ground and this distracts the dog.

    3) I'm walking back towards the road to the middle level and see along the right a table of free cookies and other things, I think how great it is to work here to have these treats all the time. I'm looking at the cookies and take some into my hand, some look like big round really dark chocolate brownies, they're soft. Across the table I see a chocolate and red velvet muffin that looks awesome and I go around to get it, but some guy reaches for it as soon as I get there. Next to it is a full chocolate/red velvet cake so I quickly pick it up and put it on my (dirty with chocolate crumbs/sauce) plate to cut a piece before anybody can grab it, and I push it round a bit with my finger to get it in to the right position. The red velvet dude chastises me for touching the cake with my fingers which I thought I wouldn't have had to do if he hadn't have grabbed the muffin I wanted in the first place.

    + I'm moving down S avenue towards HC childhood home, the house on the left at the big right turn is being demolished and I'm surprised to see only the brick skeleton remaining among the ruins. On HC facing my childhood home, I see both the L's house to the left and the G's house to the right have new construction on them (new dreamsign, 3rd, 4th time this has happened recently). The L's house has new levels and some towers added on top, and the G's house is not much higher but the front has been completely redone and is has a lot of fancy details and decorations on the exterior walls. I'm looking carefully to see if new levels have been added and it seems like about 1/2 of a level has been added on the left wing. I'm amazed at how fast that appeared because this is the first time I'm seeing it, I ask my parents when did that happen, how did it change so quickly?


    +(f) with financial advisers and parents, tell dad he should sell some stocks or other investments, he's hesitant

    +(f) stuck in some stairway exiting a parking garage at a security station, there's a flat wide locked metal barrier (sort of like an ironing board but rectangular) a guy helps me out, a small lift lowers down I put a foot on it and ride it up, he says I stood on the wrong part of the lift, I don't care

    +(f) (vague) (DO?) guy says to parent "you're the one who's going to kill him, so go you go first" (gesturing to the Tribes inventory station)
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      Very nice FM! Congrats on the early pair of LD's! This had me cracking up!..

      she nods and returns a gesture and makes a kind of humping motion to indicate she understands.
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