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    2015-07-29: tennis date with O, pizza cousin, Mega-Epic: returning home

    by , 07-29-2015 at 10:27 AM (357 Views)
    Another mega recall night: no lucids but dayum the detail. Lost the early (considerable) recall due to laziness (didn't record), and a late morning multiple waking continuous epic occupied almost all my dream memory space apparently, clobbering the earlier recall.

    Another two Opti-Men day: one in afternoon, one an hour or so before bed. Lots of wakings, and lots of recall. Sort of a day off at the lake.


    (so much more forgotten, damn!)

    + who's that guy wearing the full-body "Coke" advertising outfit and baseball cap? The letters C-o-k-e are huge and spreads sideways from his shirt down to his pants. The letters are gold and the outfit is red. The same gold "Coke" is on the front of his red cap. Oh, it's my cousin P, I guess he's moonlighting as a pizza delivery guy, there's the boxes of pizza right there with my family to the right at the table (took a bite)

    + tennis date: started playing on the court with with Na (clarinet from the childhood neighborhood), she makes a shot which lands near the baseline, I get down and watch it hit the ground. There are two lines there very close together: one is the singles baseline, and one is the doubles baseline. The ball landed right between these two lines. I tell Na "your shot was out for singles, but in for doubles" (I repeat this again?). I think about hitting back a zippy forehand with lots of topspin.

    To my right a crowd has entered the court: I see a middle-aged Chris Evert has come and she's giving a master class on tennis serving. She tosses, swings, and follows through, commenting on what she's doing. At one point she "glitches" and fast repeats a movement several times. I'm glad we got to the courts before this or we may not have gotten a court.

    Na is now O, my wife's student (the goofy/cute/hot/sweet one) and we're on a date here playing tennis, now watching Chris Evert's class. We're getting closer and more and more cuddly with each other, more touchy, it's really exciting. Chris Evert at one point says something meant for the "couples" in the crowd and O jabs me that I didn't respond, but I was lost in thought about her (O) and say so. I'm standing slightly to her right and behind her, and lean around to her face and kiss her, I'm semi-hard and pressed up against her leg and I imagine she can feel that.

    I'm wondering what my wife will think of me marrying O? I "remember" my wife's said before that I'm free to go, but with O may be too much.

    O lies down in pain, she says "Oh, it hurts!" and she puts her right hand (I'm on her right side) on to her lower abdomen/lady parts area. I think she may be having female cramps. I'm saying (in various languages) "What is it? What's wrong? etc" Her legs are spread (she's wearing black leggings) and I massage the tendons of her inner thighs at the pelvis (pretty much right on top of her (ahem) but this is not sexual), and say to her she probably strained these running while playing tennis.


    + multiple-waking epic: we've returned to our California adult home

    Why are we here? Where are the new owners (the house is empty)? Why can't I remembe this? How long can we be here? Did we buy it back? If so, that would be awesome, I really miss this place. I'm standing in the kitchen and see the beautiful malachite-colored counter tops and the pale maple cabinets. I walk down into the living room and see two colorful Christmas trees there: one just a bit to the left of its normal position, and one smaller one over by the entertainment center.

    Brief scene with son S1 as a young boy. Something about playing/rewinding a VCR tape?

    Huge doctor bill:
    At the dentist/doctor's, when we moved away before, we left a huge (10's of 1000's of $) unpaid bill, for what, look at the itemized list with huge costs for each procedure (what could be so expensive?), what should we do (I say ditch it!)? It would take us years of saving to pay this. I say (and think if I should say this out loud) that "we only manage to net $2000 per month" (I think what's the right word, net or gross?). The people around us in the waiting room turn and look at us in pity for only clearing such a small amount.

    Emotional scene with young song S2. I say we should go shopping and buy and wrap the Christmas presents, don't you want to do that? He is sad and says no. I think "oops have I ruined the magic of Christmas?" I struggle with what should I answer if he asks me about Santa Claus: should I be truthful or maintain the magic? I weep/sob hysterically while looking at a couch and thinking about my son and my own lost Christmas innocence.

    Cleaning out the yard:
    I want to just hang out but my wife wants to get rid of the big old cabinet standing there in the side yard under the tarp. We carry a long piece of it into the garage, I want to place it right next to the garage door so that when I bring the van it's convenient to load up after opening the garage door, my wife disagrees, I'm frustrated at her disagreement. In the garage, I spot a vicious stray dog squatting there, he's large and looks like pit bull. I see a small dirty thick mattress that he sleeps on under a set of shelves.

    In room blasting spider nests and a daddy-longlegs off the wall with a water gun (I think it's actually shooting bullets?) while son S2 watches. Through a opening in the wall between the kitchen and the garage I see a lot of spiders in a space behind the drywall: we'll have to remove this and clean them out.

    Standing between the kitchen and the garage, I look into the kitchen and notice an area with missing/peeling decorative red-shiny-reflective tape. We'll have to replace this. There are also what looks like very sooty white fuses on the wall, we'll have to clean these. Are we preparing this place to sell again?

    The dog:
    My wife is down in the garage and I'm at the door to the kitchen, and I see the stray dog crouching below some shelves, I yell to my wife "come here now!" she comes, and the dog lunges. I block the dog with something, I'm holding a barrier up at the dog's neck the dog is extended up on its hind legs. I make friends with the dog, petting it and talking to it soothingly, it gets very friendly, I take it to show my family, it's more like a curly-haired big poodle now, it lies on its back and we rub its tummy, it looks more like a bigger version of our old dog now. It gets up and walks and I see that someone has painted a heart-shaped big purplish drawing around it's butt based on "My Little Pony."

    The daughters / will:
    I see a picture/video/live scene of two cute young girls dressed up in frilly dresses, about 4 and 6 years old. Are these my daughters? Did we have two girls and I can't remember it? Such a major life event, why can't I clearly remember this? I go ask my wife about this, are these daughters hers from her previous marriage? She indicates yes, but they're both degenerates now (as adults), one is a vegetable in the hospital, and the other is a useless low-life. I do not want these girls messing with my sons' inheritance. I consult an expert about this, can I write a will that clearly gives everything 50/50 to my two sons that will withstand any late challenge? People tend to come out of the woodwork at probate/inheritance, they may somehow hear about it and show up to claim something. The guy says it's important to get an official copy stored with a trustworthy person in case someone presents a forgery. I think who would work for this, who's the right age, and decide on my sister. "She's totally trustworthy" I say. Mmm Hmm he says.

    The party: (this is like a sub-dream within the "returned home" dream, many scenes):

    Cup throwing game: I'm tossing plastic clear drinking cups to (girls) across the room. I'm spinning the cups with both hands and they're flying like tube-frisbees. One cup is crushed and I try to unwrinkle it. It doesn't have a cut out bottom, it won't fly well I think, I try tossing it and indeed it does not fly straight. I toss to a girl across, she tosses back to me, I toss to another girl, she tosses back to someone else? My wife says no, I must be the one to get the cup and re-throw it.

    In a group of people at the table the M's (british schooling former friends with the annoying chidren) are there. KM and RM. They look very old, gray hair, old faces, grayish like covered in a layer of flour. KM reaches a hand and I shake it. Them RM and I shake hands I have to lean really far forwards in order to do this. RM has a big deep chunk missing from her nose around her left nostril, it's very red. The M's say "but what about the property?" referring to the daughters/will situation. I get upset and say they shouldn't talk about such things.

    At the table, we need to put away the glasses, I say the ladies should do this (they object a bit?) my sister puts a glass into the display case, some (green?) liquid oozes out and I catch it cupping my hands together, it wasn't washed properly.

    The party is moving to the park across the street! A few people are walking but most (seemingly all girls?) have piled into one of the two cars. They're really packed in sitting on top of one another. There is a clean place left for me in the driver's seat. I get in and we take off. This is in the middle of a large city at a hexagonal roundabout at the top of a hill. There are two exiits I could take to get out of the parking lot onto the street, but the one on the right is crowded with cars so I take the left one. I need to turn right, but the direction signs painted on the ground only indicate left-turn allowed. I ignore this and turn right. For several turns I move my way around to the left of each of the exit roads of the roundabout. I enter a (tunnel?) inside. Then we're walking in a mall near a movie theater and I'm looking for someone who works here to ask directions to how to get out of here.

    In a boat on the water by the pier. I'm looking down into the murky water, trying to see something. The sunlight is streaming down into the water and then I can see it is revealing the ground, this is the first time I've ever seen the ground here it's about 20 feet deep (day residue from the day at the lake, observing the pattern of the sun through the water and on the sand). I imagine one can see fishes, and then I see them: the water is thick with them, medium sized. What about sharks? Yes there are some larger fish clearly sharks. A second boat has a boy/girl leaning too far over the side I shout to get back in, I think he/she might fall in and get eaten by a shark. He/she throws something like a sock into the water which lands on the head of one of the fish, I yell not to throw stuff.

    At an ice cream stand high above the water, my father chastises the kid for not listening to me in the boat.

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