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    2015-08-09 LD #133 Mega-TOTM, long, vivid, aware, multiple dream saves, saw mom, just amazing!

    by , 08-09-2015 at 04:47 PM (759 Views)
    early sort of vague, long BTS after a short WBTB, followed by a mega-TOTM top-5 (maybe best ever) LD

    Note: I listened to PercyLucid's MILD audio class all the way through this week, and have taken up several of his suggestions and his mantra "I will have lucid dreams TONIGHT, or VERY SOON!" I do his MILD, holding a still mental image of my desired dream scene in my head as I fall asleep. I've been doing it for about half a week at this point.

    Betime: midnight-ish. Glass of red wine some hours earlier (4?) at dinner. One Opti-Men multivitamin around 3-4pm.

    06:11, ~3 minutes of voice notes

    + standing among statue/memorials, where the shape of the stone is a language conveying a message ("Hindu"). In particular the place where the column narrows in diameter and then widens out again has some sort of special meaning. I read "pardo" chiseled into one of the columns (they're about 4 feet high).

    + several big bags of galantamine capsules have arrived from Amazon, and a bag of small round B6 tablets. The boxes were opened (I guess by my wife), and the big see-through plastic baggies (Halloween candy bag sized) are lying there on my bed along with the Amazon invoice. The galantamine capsules are large, about the size of my current Alpha-GPC capsules (which are real horse pills, it takes eating bread/drinking water to get them down). I put some in my mouth and start chewing them? I wonder if I have time left in my dreaming night to take some or if it's too late.

    Looking at the fine, thick, luxurious paper that Amazon uses for printing invoices, and the detailed high quality printing, I realized this is why I use Amazon, for this level of detail & quality.

    + circular cushion, it has to last a lifetime, one kid is jumping up and down and I severely discipline it, it gets progressively younger as I do so until it becomes an infant and rolls off on to the ground; two families different religious traditions are sharing this circular couch thing, it's OK with one family because their attention is usually focused outwards, you're not supposed in their tradition to use the middle part.

    I'm wandering in and out of sleep as I review the prior dreams.


    It takes about an hour to get back to sleep it feels like. Need to put on a sleep mask as the room is too light now.

    08:51, ~16 minutes of voice notes

    + LD #133 (TOTM advanced I & bonus success): KILD

    I'm in a fairly dark area with people, I hear (students and teachers?) talking about math, I remember hearing "N-squared". I seem to be re-entering this area, and notice in front of me a teacher lady lying on a reclining garden/beach lounge chair, facing me. She's by herself. I go towards her, lean down over her in order to kiss her, and as my face approaches hers I get lucid. I continue in for a quick kiss on the lips and say "I'm dreaming!" I get up and head up a stairway to the left, saying "I didn't go up here last time through". There is a very wide open platform up there. Up ahead along a long wall stretching along the platform is an open door, and I enter.

    Band Practice (TOTM basic I missed opportunity):
    Inside is a large, wide, but not deep, well-lit band room. Most of the room is off to my left (the door is on the right edge of the room). There to the left on a series of risers are the band student musicians (seems like high school aged) sitting with their instruments. I look for a guy playing (my instrument), and see him in the 3rd/4th row up, and call to him to show me his instrument. He holds it up and I nod, "nice. What's your name?" I ask, "Norman," he answers
    (delay not too long, sometimes my DCs don't know their names well!). "I'll be back later" I say and head out the door, starting to think of TOTM.

    Moon (TOTM Advanced-II)-fail:
    I try to remember my TOTM task cheer song, and all I can remember at first is the rhythm. Argh! I finally remember the moon rock task. I decide I will grab a chunk of the moon and eat it. I look up into the night sky, slightly hazy, but with lots of distinct stars, the background is not totally black. I clearly see the stars at high resolution, and notice several satellites lazily making a straight path from one side of the vision to the other. I follow one's progress for a few seconds enjoying the view. I will the moon to appear, several times, but it does not appear.

    I am now in the backyard of my childhood home, still looking up at the sky for the moon. I start to hear my mother's voice.

    I hear her voice clearly, like she was standing next to me. I know she's in the house. I'm now floating fairly high over the house looking down, and am amazed at the clarity and accuracy of her voice.
    Sometimes voices in my dreams do not sound right, but this is perfect. She is speaking coherently but I do not remember anything that she said, she's talking to my father. I'm trying to get down to the house and have some trouble, I have to air-swim a bit. The house is not right: it appears to be a sort of a modern, multi-section compound with rooms of differing shapes from above. Then I'm on the deck at the back door, still hearing her voice, and I enter, go through the kitchen, and expect to see her there and see her walking through the dining room heading towards the living room, her back is to me. I get really happy, finally I'm going to see her in a dream!
    (in waking life she passed away two months ago).
    I follow and enter the dining room, imagining her being really happy to see me. She turns and sees me and I open my arms wide, (I'm wearing a light jacket and quickly unzip it and hold up my arms with the ends of the jacket, kind of like bat wings), and she comes to me and I give her a big hug, kissing her cheek and I tell her "I really miss you!" I see her and her face clearly. She seems young. Either she or my dad answers, and says something like now it is time for me to be with my father.

    Mom saves a FA:

    I find myself waking, and I still hear my mother's voice. If I can still hear her voice, that means I'm still dreaming! I have no visuals and decide to slowly "open my eyes." I seem to be in my childhood home's living room still, with something on my head, like sheets or a blanket. I sit up and stand up. I try for a little bit while walking forwards towards the kitchen to take the thing off that feels like a towel wrapped around my head, but I can't get it off, it's like a really really long sheet is hanging there and I just can't get it off. I decide just ignore it (and then it stops bothering me). My mother is standing at the doorway between the dining room and the living room just on the kitchen side. She looks really young, thin, healthy, and happy. Shes wearing a bright lipstick, orange-ish. I say "you look like you're doing great!" while I stand close to her with my hands on her waist, and something like "we will meet again!".

    Dinos! (TOTM Advanced-I success):
    After seeing my mother, I go out on the deck and ask my sister to take me to show me where the dinosaurs are
    (asking DCs to do stuff for me is fast becoming my favorite dream control method).
    She takes me to the corner of the deck and I look down and see weird beasts walking down the stairs to the backyard lawn (in particular notice one big black quadruped freaky looking thing walking down). I go down off the end of the deck and mount some small furry thing that I think is actually a movie monster of some sort. I'm a bit concerned about this not counting since I don't think this is a dinosaur. I ride it down the stairs to the lawn. There I imagine and see a medium-sized Trex there battling with a medium-sized King Kong. They're both between 15-20 feet tall: definitely big, but not immense. I jump and land expertly on the back of the T-rex. I imagine a faintly strange beastly odor. I'm sitting fairly high on its back/lower neck, and urge it forward to run up the stairs because I'm concerned about Kong. I urge it and imagine it running really fast, I'm "pushing" it forwards by "pushing on the reins" and it's leaping up the stairs towards the street but it just doesn't get going fast enough to please me, Kong is still chasing. Up on the street Kong attacks and I jump/fall away...

    Black Hole (TOTM Bonus, success):
    ... and (am in the void? Rub hands for a while, feel them, dream is solid, visuals return), I'm in a garage (childhood home?), I exit and turn to the right (180 degrees) and there is a large open plaza full of college-aged young people ahead of me. I try again to remember the full TOTM cheer song and I again can only remember the 2nd half (advanced) and "...Black Hole! Black Hole! Raa raa Raa!" I've already done one advanced, so why not? I decided to summon a black hole and jump in. I walk forwards a bit to get where the crowd starts, I hold out my hands straight in front of me and pull them apart quickly, imagining a massive black sphere appearing: instead something big dark and round flashes and disappears. OK, again! (I wonder what the students will think of the black hole!) I put my arms together, pull them apart quickly, and this time a large sphere appears solidly before me which I know is the black hole. Only it's partially reflective mirror-surfaced, which I think is fine because everybody knows that light plays funny tricks around black holes. I dive forwards into it and try to feel the sensations. I don't feel much, after a brief disorientation I find that I'm inside a sphere sort of like a one-way mirror, I can see out but people can't see in. There is a filtering effect looking out like sunglasses. The party is going on all around me in the plaza still and everyone is ignoring me. The black hole is about the same size inside as outside (about 8-10 feet in diameter, tall enough to stand in). There's a girl standing near the edge of the black hole on the outside and I pull her in (and kiss her?). The dream wavers/I enter a bit of the void and call for a DC to take my hand and pull me out, and "John" does just that, and the dream continues from there...

    John and boobs:
    I asked for a DC to take me by the hand and lead me from the Black Hole sphere, and a guy does grab my hand firmly and lead me out. We start walking together, I decide his name is "John." As we're walking through the crowd, a girl comes towards us .
    Spoiler for sexy stuff:
    Eventually I have John take my hand again and lead me back into the dream, works again, visuals return. I look at and touch briefly the edge of the table. Then I leave them both and move on down the path.

    Girl outside:
    I've lost a bit of lucidity, I'm standing outside a door to a building, as I move towards it a girl sitting on a bench calls to me "<redacted>" which gets my attention.
    Spoiler for sexy stuff:
    and this brings me back to full lucidity. I stop with her and enter the door in to the building.

    Girl inside:
    Inside is a large mostly empty space, I spot two girls sitting at a desk not far away. I head right for them and sit down, noticing the girl on the left and give her my attention.
    Spoiler for sexy stuff:
    I move my gaze to look back up over my shoulder to the my left so as not to stare at her too long, I catch a scene of some busy detail outside the door I came in through.

    I stand up quickly and take her hand and lead her away, just desiring to be in motion. I'm holding her left hand with my right, and I start swinging our arms while we walk. <Something about a vending machine?> The dream starts to fade and I use contact with the girl to come back and continue a bit:

    Spoiler for sexy stuff:
    This brings me back into the dream. I then get the great idea to
    Spoiler for sexy stuff:
    and the dream fades, this time it feels like for good, so I start gathering my recall and prepare to record.

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    1. DannyCool's Avatar
      Love the bit about your Mum. It reminds me of AI. Is your Mum alive?
    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      Unfortunately she passed away a few months ago, which is why this meeting was so meaningful.
      ~Dreamer~ likes this.
    3. DannyCool's Avatar
      I'm so happy for you. The way you wrote the meeting was beautiful. There are so many wonderful people in life.
      FryingMan and ~Dreamer~ like this.
    4. ThreeCat's Avatar
      Wonderful experience with your mom, FryingMan. Thanks for sharing with us.
      ~Dreamer~ and FryingMan like this.
    5. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Congrats on this truly epic dream, FryingMan!
      I'm so glad you got to see your mom, that is really special.
      Nice work with all the saves, and great work refocusing your attention to remove the towel/sheet!
      It's cool that you remembered some of the TotM song in-dream, too!
      Very impressive recall as always, congrats again!
      FryingMan likes this.
    6. HypnoDestiny's Avatar
      Thanks for the spoilers. After I decided to click the first one and skimmed the text I was like "Okay, yup, there's a reason for the spoilers."
      FryingMan likes this.
    7. fogelbise's Avatar
      Awesome FM!! I am so happy to see you extend and extend your lucid dream. Very impressive. Isn't it therapeutic to see a deceased loved one while lucid?

      It took me G to really get to the next level of lengthy extensions and multiple scene LD's with sustained awareness but it sounds like you are doing it through your sustained practices! Congratulations!!
      FryingMan and ~Dreamer~ like this.
    8. FryingMan's Avatar
      Thanks for the spoilers. After I decided to click the first one and skimmed the text I was like "Okay, yup, there's a reason for the spoilers."
      I include these sexy time sections simply because I want to remember my dreams accurately. I realize not everybody wants to read that stuff, especially since I like to write explicit details.
    9. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      Congrats to this awsome LD!
      i really need to try some of your rescue stategies. why shouldn´t stabilizing be fun too right?
      ~Dreamer~ likes this.
    10. FryingMan's Avatar

      The most important rescue strategy is just assuming you're still dreaming. Entering "the void"[*] is NOT the end of a dream. It is just a brief break period for your "dream hardware." Keep thinking about your dream scenes you just experienced and usually that's all it takes for them to come back. Physical contact is important, too: rub your hands, dance around, feel your dream body, try to keep your dream body active. If you feel it's your waking body you're starting to move, then I'd say stop the motion, and concentrate on keeping your mind dreamy and on the topic of the recent dream.

      I had good luck with asking DCs to pull me back in in this dream, and paying attention to body sensations and critical reflection (hearing my mother's voice). With experience you'll come up with your own ways. I've also had in the past good luck with flying out of the void. In fact, I can't think of a recent dream where I *didn't* save from the void at least once or more -- it's just comes with experience and the expectation that you *can* get back out.
      [*] (as most of us call it, meaning loss of visuals, I've experienced dark (mostly) or white (rarely), it sort of looks like the back of your eyelids in the dark). Who knows what it really is? Your brain rebooting (lucid dreaming seems to take more brain power than non-lucid dreaming?)? A semi-wakeup? An incomplete dream transition and your mind is gathering material for the next scene? Some or all of these? The point is you can absolutely continue, just keep thinking you're still in the dream until it's unavoidably obvious that you've waken up. Once you get enough experience with "the dream feeling," and what your dream body feels like vs. your waking one, you'll know fairly certainly if you're still dreaming or solidly awake.
      ~Dreamer~ and RelaxAndDream like this.