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    2015-09-04 LD#139, dog, towel basketball, helicopter/wedding/funeral, crazy racquetball, follow girl

    by , 09-04-2015 at 07:45 AM (351 Views)
    bedtime a bit late, but natural waking at 08:30 on schedule

    didn't record earlier dreams, mostly lost. Felt a bit bad that recall wasn't great at earlier waking. Better recall later. Short late "waking" LD to end the night.

    later waking had good detail, vivid/present dreams, middle dream mostly forgotten

    1. +(f, unsure) flying an airplane?

    2. + crazy basketball [ds]
    Playing basketball. Guys are making lots of long 3-pointers at the beginning of the game. During a free throw one guy comes up from the back and makes an amazing high shot that zips through the hoop so fast and and such a funny angle that no one is sure if it is actually a basket or not. Slow motion replay shows that it is. Taking the ball out from out of bounds.

    I'm trying to make layups with folded up towels. This is a layup class. I'm standing RIGHT THERE under the basket but none of my shots gets even close. This is frustrating. At one point I use two hands and the "ball" (wadded up towel) goes farther but still doesn't score.

    3. +(f) dog
    Leaving house with wife and others, the dog starts whining loudly, wife says something like "man up." I'm annoyed by this. I go to the dog (German Shepard looking) and try to put on its collar, which is in two semi circles with round things on each end of the arc. I try to put the leash on to the collar ring and finally get it in place.

    4. + uneven pavement SUV
    I'm riding in a big SUV in the front passenger seat. (The driver is a guy who IWL our building is having problems with). We're bouncing over uneven pavement. The car's suspension has reached a bouncing frequency that makes the front wheels hop up just at the right time to get over the large uneven sections in the street which are bound with metal on the edges. I say "good job" for avoiding the bumps. I "remember" that on another street parallel to us there is another crack and talk about it. I can't remember the name of the street, I know it is located by turning left then right. I say "what's the name of that street that leads to A. hill?" A guy (in the back of the car?) answers "Crawdad Street(?)". The crack on that street also needs to be avoided.

    5. + military presence, wedding/funerals

    Standing outside urban environment, we're heading to the church to get married(us? kids?). Other groups are also heading to the church for funerals. A large group with a lot of caskets are approaching, individual men are carrying each casket. Are the caskets empty? That must be heavy. We should hurry, where's my wife? If they get to the church ahead of us we may have to wait all through the funeral service before the wedding. It's bad luck to be married at the same time a funeral service is going on.

    There are military helicopters flying just past the fence which is made of poles. The tail section of one helicopter I notice is gradually approaching the fence where it can/will get caught. It does get caught and the helicopter goes down on its side. I have a feeling we should rush the cockpit while we can.

    To the right down the street a big company of soldiers runs up. They're wearing red uniforms. I think it's pretty funny that this huge force was sent to deal with us, we're just standing around waiting for the church, ooooh, how scary we are!

    6. + crazy racquetball
    Playing on a somewhat dark court against a lot of guys. I'm serving and scoring points. I alter my service location between the left and right back corners. I'm serving standing on the right of the service area and serving towards the left back corner, score, count (it seems my score is a bit low for how long I've been here winning points), then I quickly step to the left side of the service box and serve towards the back right corner which completely takes them by surprise and they don't even go for it. One serve/shot comes back off the back wall fast and they can't catch up to it, another point for me. One one point I score by a corner shot against the left front corner.

    Another guy comes in to play against me. "Another one?" I say? I think the court is getting really crowded.

    There is a woman wearing glasses sitting down on a chair on the right front area of the court beyond the service box. I'm annoyed by this. I tell her she's in the way, and that she could get hurt. "The ball moves at 200mph and your'e not wearing safety glasses." I think I may be exaggerating but on some shots the ball could go really fast, if you put a speed gun on it to measure it it may be closer to 100 mph. She and I get into an argument. "Well you're not wearing safety goggles either!" she says. "Yeah but <something>" I say, I'm getting really angry and she's backing out of the court. She says "I'm a journalist and I'm going to write a story about you" (and your behavior). When she's gone I'm in the service box and start justifying myself to a guy playing. "She did not respond to reason in the beginning, <so things got out of hand>". I'm a bit concerned about the article she's going to write is going to present me in a bad light and people will think poorly of me, even though they don't have the whole story.

    (wake and recall dreams?)

    7. + LD#139
    I'm outdoors in an urban environment. I had to go get something at my car. I start jogging back to the racquetball game. I feel very light on my feet, like I've lost weight. I feel the rub of the jeans on my legs every time I raise them up to jog another step forwards. I think I'll need to change into my shorts back at the court, I hope my racquet is still there.

    Up ahead I see girls in uniforms entering a University. School is in session again. They look nice. I do a nose pinch to see if I'm dreaming ["If I were dreaming right now…."], and I am! I debate where I should go. On the one hand I'd really like to play racquetball lucid, I've been looking forwards to that for a long time, I should keep heading back to the courts. On the other hand: girls! I decide to follow the crowd in the right door. There is one girl with long blond hair right in front of me and I go up to her and face her and start talking to her. I ask her what year she is. The dream fades and I'm awake.

    2. fairly reliable DS. I've played basketball with wadded up towels for balls before in dreams. Can't make a simple shot over and over again.

    3. this was a longer dream, forgot a lot of it

    4. poor memory and reaching for something I think I should know it is a fairly reliable dream sign, need to catch these.

    5. lots of odd things here. "How odd is this?" should catch this. Especially the huge company of soldiers running up to our group.

    6. Major dream sign, I will catch this one day and play lucid racquetball!

    7. Happy that pretty girls got me lucid fairly quickly . Unfortunately, no stabilization, and I should have grabbed the girl and taken her to go play racquetball instead of just standing there staring at her hoping the dream doesn't end which of course made it end. Goals! Narrate! Lucid Lab!

    Yesterday IWL I started working on being aware of my path, location, and *how I'm moving*. I paid attention to my legs and the feel of my legs walking, looking down to see them and my feet. I paid attention to changes of direction, location transitions, and transitions in the material the ground is made of. This "feel of my legs inside my jeans" in the dream may have come from that!

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    1. Sensei's Avatar
      Haha. Trying to figure out the age of a dc before doing something with them? You are such a gentleman FM.

      I hate when I can't do something simple in a dream, like a layup. :/

      Would have been awesome playing some lucid racquetball.