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    2015-10-05 (LD#150) huge night, recall across multiple REM cycles, short LD, some semi-LD moments.

    by , 10-05-2015 at 12:47 PM (312 Views)
    This kind of night makes all the day work worthwhile. Not a great deal of lucidity, but some lucid moments, but fun Fun FUN dreams: flying, sexy moments, dueling, magic powers, weird/bizarre things/sights, just chock full of awesomeness!


    + library, librarian unlocks collection of super rare books, the last in the world, "it's like Farenheit 451" as I caress the large, square, thin books.

    + freeway path gets progressively rougher. Sandy, hills, bumpy. They're doing construction on the road while we're driving on it. Large machines are stamping the sand in front of us. Then they turn into tall skinny naked male giants with huge flat feet and hairy butts which are fiercely stamping down the sand as we walk behind them. I don't like being so close to their hairy and smelly butts [don't actually smell anything]

    + SuBu, hold, stomach, sits chair, look in her fridge, empty but lots of stuff for making sandwiches; book report: I must gather oil from the pages (accumulated over years of fingers touching them), must scrape the oil off with something with a long thin edge like a ruler, I ask for an empty bottle with a stopper to gather this oil, I think this will take forever to gather together by scraping it off the pages.



    + (LD#150) in office, people are gathering boxes, packing up their offices to leave, I look for the pile of flattened cardboard boxes, see a small pre-assembled boxes (sized for video tapes), keep looking, find pile of flattened boxes, pick up some (are missing some of the flaps?). Head back to my office. Catch sight of a pretty blonde girl sitting to the left among the offices/cubes. Something goes "zing!"and I'm (weakly) lucid as I walk over to her, bend over, and plant a kiss on her lips. Signature "lip pulling" as I stand up, feeling the contact, amazed at the sensations that a dream can produce. I then imagine I'd like some attention from her and sit down and bring her over
    but it's vague from there, lose lucidity, or just transitions.

    + on bus S2 cracks tasteless joke, I'm sitting in middle row of bus, girl in the front (dark, middle-eastern looking with short dark hair) laughs. Turn back to look at S2 he's surrounded by girls on the seats all around, the bus is full; girl on bus playing with barbie-like dolls: one in each hand, she looks really intense, and plays like one of the barbies is shooting the other one, and shakes the hand of the shooting barbie and makes boy-noise gun sounds: "tut tut tut tut!"; the bus is approaching the big stadium (university?), I think the driver should get much closer before he lets us off.

    + batteries outside of store, I'm working in front of the steps, blocking left entrance, a woman tries to go by, I say just use the right door. Guys sitting to my left, they say "I fucking hate batteries." I look down and I'm working on some electronics project with a lot of batteries, I echo shortly thereafter "I fucking hate batteries."

    + (vague, impressions, fragment) playing squash, serving, changing service boxes, lose count of score, playing a few points

    + I'm in a car, sitting on the front passenger seat. Then there are two investigators there standing also in the passenger seat area, rifling through the contents of the glove compartment, I'm in trouble for something I'm stashing in there? Wake up and relieved that my life is not ruined.

    + In some area with a girl dressed only in panties and a bra, maneuvering along a seated/bench (sort of like a car front seat? Related to above scene probably). In the left compartment is her stuff included her graded papers, in the right compartment is my secret stuff and I don't want her digging around in there. We're exchanging positions shuffling by each other closely and I say "don't worry I'm not trying to touch you" or something like that. I do notice her sexy butt in those patterned panties and wonder if maybe I should...


    + (semi) high on cliff over rich beach houses (hundreds of feet blow), I think I should return to this spot in future dreams. I fly/dive down to a high patio on one house, the patio is empty of people, but I see a big party going on on ground floor, jump down, move to hostess,
    Spoiler for sexy time, don't read if you don't like explicit descriptions:
    , I pull back and hold her in my arms and I'm walking backwards through the party main room, I'm giving her quick kisses and asking her something like "did he kiss you like this?" but she never answers. I do this until we reach the far edge of the room and then stop and talk to some people.

    Spoiler for sexy contents, don't read if you don't like explicit descriptions:
    The blanket is now all wet in my hands, and I pull it up out of the water and mention to the guy to my right, "don't worry, it'll dry out quickly."

    I head outside: we're near the coast of the ocean, there is fairly heavy flog/clouds but there are some breaks showing sun/blue sky, and I think that I should fly up through it to determine how thick it is.

    + magic: create mac 'n cheese factory
    I'm walking by some (kids?) and someone kicks a couple of plastic gallon milk jugs, one of them floats up in the air and I immediately use my TK power with a hand gesture to "push it into space". It starts going really high and far away. Then I'm working with it in the air above me, trying to force it to become brighter (and hotter?), it is a sort of blue and gold lattice. I decide I should make the golden stuff into mac 'n cheese sauce, which starts dripping down. I call for the kids to come and eat it. Then the whole thing changes into a floating factory with whirring gears that automatically makes mac 'n cheese and dispenses it down a conveyor belt.

    + duel, "I'm old enough to Shreve!"
    In some building, some vague moments with people I'm in conflict with. Move around to different rooms. Leave, then return. It's a deserted looking industrial building. I look to the far side of the room and expect a platform elevator to descend. Instead, it comes falling down quickly and crashes in to the floor, and an oldish man falls off, he appears dead. I say "Mormont's dead!" (I think he's my father?).

    Outside on the street a young man wearing armor jumps down and confronts me. He says "I'm not too young to Shreve!" (I think this means killing a family member). He's killed father. I pull out my sword. He is standing over me and is wielding a white makeshift mace with many spikes on it. We engage. I block the mace and take many slashing blows at him. In between our clashes I lunch forwards and stab him solidly with the point of my blade, this will cause wounds that will gradually wear him down. He's not hitting me. I think that he has become frozen (?) and I start hacking at his arms and hands and it's like hitting thick ice, little pieces slowly chip away. At one point we're scrambling up onto a raised platform and I loose the grip on my weapon which at this point is like two round concentric shields. My opponent reaches for them but I manage to grab them back.

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