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    2015-11-01 belated Halloween-ish nap, ultra-bizarre, vivid/present mega-EPIC

    by , 11-01-2015 at 04:46 PM (368 Views)
    OMG I may remain officially polyphasic if it weren't for having to live in the world with the rest of the monophasic sleep people. Long nap (2+ hours) dreams are amazing! Perhaps some quick day residue from watching "Snowpiercer" (highly recommended BTW, very dream-like).

    SSILD get me to sleep in minutes. I was pretty tired to start with, however.

    I just woke from one of the longest, most vivid/present, and especially *bizarre* series of scenes I've probably had in over a year (the bizarreness that is). Really strange stuff! Judging time is always difficult, but allowing for the inevitable gaps, it seemed to run at least 30-45 minutes and probably even more. There were some semi-lucid moments, but for the most part I was just observing/experiencing/participating in one really weird thing to the next.

    + outdoors walking rural hilly paths winding around corners with DCs, someone says the event is over and they're going to give a tour of the (outer ring road?)

    returning "home", sneaking through next door neighbor's garden leaning forwards so as not to be seen by them, they're inside the house. There are flagstones on the garden ground?

    important visitors (many) at the large table inside (my house?), passing around a plate of disgusting petrified tiny animals and animal parts. I get passed the plate and am horrified by what I see there, and just pass it on to the next person. I get up and leave the table even though the very important people are holding some sort of ceremony.
    I go to a back room, there's a woman terrified of what's behind the closet door, she's opening it slightly and looking inside, I open the door and look to see what it is but it turns out to be just some puddles of (cat? animal) pee/poop on the floor that I see is dripping from a spot in the the ceiling overhead.
    Return to front room and look for food packages under the table that are left over but most have been claimed

    walking through a gravity transforming 90-degree wall becomes floor area, a very strange feeling as the gravity transforms 90 degrees, almost lucid?

    sitting at a food counter (sushi?) while flamboyantly gay cooks wearing bright, shiny satin underwear under colorful kimono-like robes are jumping around like crazy, trying to shake up (the sauce?, which they're holding). He gets up on the counter and shakes his satin-covered butt up and down right in my face. "Hey, don't point that thing at me! " I exclaim. He asks "What are you looking at!?" and I answer "the cows" (?!)

    looking over at (undressing?) females in the building across and making cat-callish remarks. sexy time (censored, believe it or not, too much even for me to post!). The DC "finishes" and says so dirty-talk-ishly.

    in a very strange vessel with old and young men, I'm trying to find an available toilet (have to pee) but they're all occupied by guys doing weird things with worms. Using them as drugs? Rolled up bizarre creatures, they're going to smoke them live. Like a miniature bat-ray or large lamprey with circular, toothy, sphincter-mouth. The ray is rolled in to a tube in preparation for smoking it, I take a "drag" on the unlit living tube. Others are twisting/torturing strange small doll-sized beings (blue, smurfs?) and getting high off of the dust/vapor that they exude when twisted.

    outdoors in a parking lot, up on a higher second level are guys working at some sort of blast forge that is spewing streams of fire. In addition to the forge workers there's a guy wearing a medieval helmet and I suppose they're forging armor for this customer. I'm talking to people and glancing up at this forge in action and "remember" that I've seen those forging guys before (in person? on a show?). Enter tiny cul-de-sac filled with middle-aged women and teens/20s girls, my small car is there, I can't find my keys in my pants/pockets I'm patting myself down. Then I "remember" that I left the keys in the car. I look down and see them sticking out of the ignition. "What kind of car is that?" a woman asks. "The kind of car where you can leave your keys right in it and it won't be stolen." The women and the girls are crowding around me and the girls are getting very friendly with me, touching/rubbing against me, which I like. Then the older women get suspicious and leave, taking the girls with them.

    I'm trying to vault up over some railings and plan a grand take off to start flying, but some things are in the way and I lose momentum. Then I hop up on top of the railing, which extends straight for about 20 feet then ends high over a nice landscape, so I run along it picking up speed, and launch myself off the end just knowing that I'll fly. Extend my arms out to the sides airplane style. I'm circling around this area. A pretty girl is flying next to me, her shoulder against mine, a woman on the ground gave her some (orange juice? candy?) earlier
    Spoiler for sexy moment:

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