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    2015-11-30 LD#156,#157 strange stuff on sand, in houses [TOTM], weird animals, vague encounters

    by , 11-30-2015 at 11:43 AM (430 Views)
    Standard procedure for my nights: I do not record at night, I do mental recall only, reviewing the accumulated dreams briefly (sometimes for a long time) on every waking, and record only after getting up.

    non-lucid, notes
    fully lucid


    + (impressions of doing lots of things with a team of young people) a house on fire?

    + (f) in the sand, stretching out a red tape, this is a very powerful


    + LD#156
    In and out of lucidity, semi-lucidity.
    A number of scenes, order a bit unclear
    I'm lying on a couch in a room, there is another guy on the couch and a guy across the room
    squishy spiders, cat eats one, I'm batting the other one away, see dense spider web (built for just the night!?)
    See dog L, it's been so long, he looks very thin, need to feed him, get lucid, go outside, think "yay, #156", think of TOTMs, go back in ask DC to tell me a joke, first one like "and I fell down", said "tell me another one", he tells another one also sort of gibberish. To cement the TOTM I bite him (on the arm I think), then I'm walking to a room around a corner I want to go somewhere else, he follows? I go in a bathroom close the door and think when I come out of here I'll be in a different place. Then I think of summoning a girl by making believe we're having sex and start making motions. I then "wake up" in a dark room lit as if by a fire in a fireplace lying down in a corner and self-pleasuring, and stop thinking someone else in the room can see me.

    Lying on ground in garage, girl's brought her new moped (looks like a bicycle) to show her friend who's there, I'm stuck by two cars, girl keeps shoving this bike right on top of me almost, I keep shoving it away, I eventually say "Hey I don't want that gasoline sloshing on me!". girl backs out of garage and I think hey why not kiss her, and I do, and a waking up lucid moment as I make kissing motions on nothing

    Then I'm back in the original scene standing over a bed in the living room of the same house and there's a man lying there with blue eyes, crew cut and bright red hair, and we're talking. I realize I'm dreaming again and go outside and try to find my way to a different neighborhood [rest forgotten].

    I'm in a bathtub. I'm writing really interesting things on the side of the bathtub with dry erase markers. But every time I raise my hand up to write something else I smudge/erase what I wrote before and this eventually starts frustrating me. I'm naked in the tub, and the tub is in a small enclosure just barely bigger than the tub (room to sit up), it's in an office and there's a window into the tub. I scoot down to the bottom of the tub and estimate that if someone looks in they won't see my (ahem), just barely. But there's a door on the end and they could open it and see me there.

    riding in back seat of huge truck (driven by JaEi [VP company "R"]), pat JE on shoulder saying "you're doing a great job driving this thing!" then he drives off some edge and we're in free fall for what seems like 4 seconds, I'm anticipating an unpleasant impact, we hit but we're not destroyed or hurt, I look behind us and see the cliff we just rode down. I'm feeling around my lap for my waist bag and can't find it. I keep searching front and back, and eventually feel it and am relieved.

    In room with young man, I'm trying to write on the side of a pen like I was writing on the side of the bathtub earlier, I was telling him about my dream of driving in the cliff-jumping huge truck, and he said, "I was there too, " and I said "You mean that was *real*?" But then I thought back to it and didn't remember there being any girls in the truck and said so. I think he was in a different truck that didn't go off the cliff like we did

    + I'm walking on some street, come to a stop light, waiting for the go indicator, and I see two guys I worked with (AM and Ch. from [company "B"]), and say s.l. "hey the guys from 'B'!").

    + LD #157
    I'm in my childhood home living room, it's dark/night, I suspect a dream, then I see an unknown short old man in flowing robes walking quickly towards the front door as if he just came downstairs and I decide (perhaps with nose pinch), yes, lucid dreaming again. I head to the sliding glass door and open it and walk out on to the deck. The night sky is filled with silvery moon-lit clouds. I see some patterns in the sky that look sort of like faces. I just stand there looking up at the sky in awe for several moments. At some point I hear a screech coming from the stairs, I decide to try TOTM advanced (i) and crumple the scene. I hold my arms up to the sky and start making gathering motions, but I feel no physical traction, don't notice anything visually changing, then I decide I really should go investigate what's going on upstairs. I run for the stairs and I take out and ignite my lightsaber, which shows a weak translucent beam that is lighting up the wall in a jumping around pattern as I run up the stairs. Decide no, switch to physical sword, so I "reach for the hilt" and "draw" it expecting it to be there. It's dark and I vaguely see a blade before me, I reach up my right hand and pinch the blade and feel it to verify its presence. I'm with some friend and we run in to my parents bedroom, and my parents are there and my mom and I trade sword blows for a while.

    wake, recall, BTS:

    later, vague short scenes, in and out of sleep:

    + in a house, strange small creature pets crawling into holes, brightly colored huge grasshoppers/shrimps(?) clustered under the slats on the deck

    + clearing out my room (at music camp?)

    + a guy's criticizing my chess, my moves were strong then suddenly (on move 16?) I started playing poorly, my explanation was that I was late with my wife to a party and so had to offer a draw instead of playing on for the win.

    + see two owls: first one owl (outside childhood home?), then it sees me and it flies to its nest which is in my childhood home garage? I think these owls perhaps ate the little lizard pet from the earlier scene and that's why nobody can find it

    + (f) with ex-gf SB, her face close to mine, kissing her forehead

    + some girls are coming to visit. I had to remove all the centerfolds I had put up inside the cabinets. I hope I did. We're walking through and I open the cabinets carefully and see I did remove them, and feel relief.
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    1. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      Gratulation for your last minute totms
      i like your second lucid. how you enjoy the nightsky and then go for an "adventure". cool gimmick with the lightsaber then the physical sword^^ one day i want to try a lightsaber too but its not an importand soon to be done goal^^

      so now good luck with the new totms^^ i am curious what kind of song you make out of the tasks again
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      Updated 11-30-2015 at 05:48 PM by RelaxAndDream
    2. Sensei's Avatar
      Yay! Someone else does some non sexual biting! I feel like it is easier to become lucid in the night after a lucid dream, like it is just easier to "remember"

      Maybe your lightsaber was almost out of batteries and needed some shaking to get it going.

      That sucks that you forgot what happened in the other lucid. I used to feel like "I must have lost lucidity if I forgot the whole thing". Noe I have had times where long groups of memories come back that seem like they were extremely present and I did dream goals and things. So it makes it more sad forgetting.
    3. lunagoddess's Avatar
      So many lucids and so much control! How inspiring! I hope one day I can have that many lucid dreams in one night
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