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    2015-12-05 A New Level of Dreaming! (LDs #158, #159, #160, #161), TOTM basic I & II

    by , 12-05-2015 at 08:50 PM (473 Views)
    Last night was an astonishing night. Not just that I had 4 LDs, but that the quality of the dreams were leaps and bounds ahead of almost any other LD I've had, except some on galantamine. I did a few things differently this night:

    Bedtime: approx 1:30am. Final out of bed: about 1:50pm (yup you read that right), wife woke me up because we had an appointment. Some time awake before post-lucid dreams.

    Lucids occurred approx 8 am.

    + Moderate exercise a few hours before bed.

    + I got off the computer about an hour before bed.

    + I read about vipassana meditation ("Mindfulness In Plain English"), doing calming breathing while reading the book, before bed, including reading through some Universal Loving Friendliness recitations.

    + At bed time, instead of setting strong intention to recall dreams, get lucid, pay attention to the night, for a long time like I sometimes do, I took a different approach: I had a "conversation with my SC":

    I know that you [my SC] knows how to dream. I do not need to "spend effort" to "make myself dream." Dreaming will happen naturally. All I have to do is notice it when it happens in order to get lucid. I would really love to be lucid in my dreams tonight!

    Thank you for my dreaming experiences! Tonight, I would like to have beautiful dreams. Lovely landscapes full of beauty. [and maybe a request or two about romantic encounters , but mostly focusing on beauty]. Fun, beautiful, interesting dreams.
    Also, I work on falling asleep using sivason's mantra breathing. I tell myself "I am…." on every inhale, and "…dreaming…" on every exhale. I really really try to let go of all tension and totally relax along with this, because typically reciting mantras keeps me awake.

    So there was a strong current of both mental and physical relaxation involved. I fell asleep initially fairly quickly.

    I had 4 phases of dreaming:





    I had longish wakings just before and after the Lucid period, but didn't get out of bed, I remained in bed and did recall. I went to sleep again using the mantra breathing "I am….", "dreaming." And "Remember, I am…", "…dreaming…"

    I thought I had forgotten these entirely, but some just came back to me now as of this writing (in the evening).

    + outside building, trying to get in, I need my math books. MaEd (husband of CamEd, friend at work in college) brought them to me. There are also lots and lots of papers to read. I look through them and see words on the paper. Kind of blurry like a bad photocopy, but definitely visible. I think if you do all this reading you'll get a lot of extra credit. [Possibly day residue from watching "Modern Educayshun" video before bed].

    There were more, but forgotten for now.


    + the road
    (walked too far, sit across from field up against a stone wall on sidewalk, dirty backpack, dirty (grass clippings) hat, brush it off, think people will consider me a hobo I'm so dirty. Crazy guy who works in the fields comes out, saying "HEY THAT'S MY SPOT" farmer in filed across the way says "yeah he always sits there to eat lunch." I don't get upset, I imagine sitting with him and having a conversation, [I think a result of Loving Friendliness recitations].

    + the mural
    an artist is painting a mural on the wall. I think it is a rendition of human inner connective tissues, it is red and white, and it is lovely. Artist (woman?) runs her fingers along the lines of the paint, red paint in between white boundaries (or the other way around?), smoothing out the paint, making long curving lines. Then she is drawing artistic features at lightning speed. With a few strokes of her brush in a second, she can draw a full "heart", she draw several.
    Then at the end, she submerges herself in the pool of water beneath a decorated Christmas tree, I have a top-down view of her sinking down and the reflections of the lights on the tree sparkle on the water.

    + sports field, conversation
    There is a sort of party outside, young people are milling around. Someone was supposed to get the beer. There was a mixup? Someone had left it up to "the Mexican."
    Approaching a sports field. Some even happening there? I stand above it.
    There is a procession of beefy male football players down a narrow strip of field below me. One of then is really huge and fat. I think he's over 500 pounds. Man, how'd you like to play against a 500 pound opponent?! I walk around the corner and run along the other side. I make a running leap on to the long seat/couch on the lower side of the "field"/walkway. A girl up ahead to my right calls out "Seismic event!!" when I land. I say "hey!", I think it's rude of her to commend on my weight like that.

    I'm lying there and some people come up to me. Women in their 30's they seem like. Several come up and there are some conversations. Then MiSe (conductor, undergrad university orchestra) is there. He's wearing a knit cap that is pulled down just over his eyes which are slightly visible beneath the cap. His eyes seem red and kind of weird. I wonder if they're stuck to the hat. I want to boast to these women we're talking to about me playing in the university orchestra, but I don't say that.

    + DILD, LD#158 TOTM basic II (laugh in a DC's face)

    I walk into kitchen of childhood home [don't realize it yet]. It is dark/night. As soon as I step on to the floor I glide slowly across the room. This grabs my attention. I think the floor must have been recently oiled. I realize this is my childhood home's kitchen, I'm looking down at the floor and it seems a bit too large, missing some items, like things were taking away to clean the floor. The linoleum has random dots/drops on it for decoration. I'm just really liking this gliding: I take one step forwards and I glide all the way to the other side, slowly. How can this be happening? I step out of the kitchen into the living room Oh, I know: I'm dreaming! (nose pinch confirms). I'm very happy to be lucid. I think about narrating the dream but don't. I think of TOTM: laugh in a DCs face. My parents are right upstairs! I'll do the laugh one. Dream only slightly unstable at first, but solidifies. Go upstairs and down hallway to my parents' bedroom, the door is closed. Hey, I'll be able to see my mom! I open the door and say "Mom? Dad?" in a sort of little boy lost voice. Two people are in bed, they both sit bolt upright and look at me in surprise. Instead of mom and dad, through, there are two of my dads there. I think briefly this is because my mom passed away and I can't therefore see here. The duplicate dad disappears. My dad is sitting on his knees upright in the bed. I go right up in bed next to him, his face close to mine. He appears 20-30 years younger than he is now. I start laughing with a sort of high-pitched voice, looking into his eyes. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…" for about 10-15 seconds. He looks sad and a bit confused. Maybe says something once. When I stop laughing, he flops back down into bed on his face, exasperated. Satisfied I've done the ask, I leave and go downstairs.

    At some point approaching the dining room I lose visuals. It's like visuals are "stuck" at a scene in the upstairs hallway. I can still feel things in the location in the house where I know I am. I consider going back upstairs so that my location matches the stuck image in my mind as a way to unstick it. I go into the kitchen again and look at the floor and the visuals are back. I'm gliding across the room, and I notice that the pattern on the floor has changed: long lines now arranged in groups at right angles. I turn around and glide back towards the dining room and notice that there is also a new color suddenly on the linoleum [peach, pinkish?].

    I go out the sliding glass door onto the deck. I notice with satisfaction that the view of the city lights below looks very accurate and stable. I see that up and to the right in the night sky [blocked by some trees], is the sun. There are black clouds covering the sky. The sun is shining a weird yellow light into the night sky. Sort of like an eclipse sun? I walk to the left on the deck to get a direct view of the sun. The trees are still sort of in the way. So I do a jump into the air and go up about 50 feet. The sun is amazing and multicolored. It is shining multicored light onto the houses in the area. Red, purple, blue bits of light, I gasp at the beauty.

    Spoiler for frequent sexual content for the rest of this dream:

    the dream fades...

    DEILD, LD#159
    Spoiler for pretty much all sexual, explicit language and situations, some nasty bodily discharge, I'm warning you!:
    the dream fades.

    DEILD, LD#160:
    I'm back in the hallway bathroom, sitting on the floor.
    Spoiler for sexual encounter:

    … and the dream fades.

    [Wake, recall, BTS mantra breathing]

    DILD, LD#161 Fish, task girl, restaurant
    I appear about 10-15 feet up from a fairly large expanse of water. It is grey and slightly dim. I'm sitting with fogelbise. He says he's burned out of fishing. I look down to the water and am astounded. There are *so many* fish visible in the fairly shallow and clear water. Big round ones, straight ones, over to the right some large shark-sized fish. They are slowly swimming about. I exclaim "man the fishing would be *great* here!" I'm looking at these fish and something strikes me and I do a nose pinch and I'm lucid again. I go down to the water level. I think of the TOTM basic I, ask a DC for a TOTM task. I look up to where I was sitting before but fogelbise is gone. There's nobody around. I wade out into the water and see a girl with her head (eyes?) just above the water line. I go up to her and take both her hands in both of my hands and lift her up out of the water. I ask her, "tell me a task!" She doesn't answer. "Tell me a task!" I say again. She mumbles something. I take her in to a building, there is a waiter there with paper cups and I want him to pour me some champagne to drink. I take the girl against a wall and put her on a table and ask again, "tell me a task!". She answers, "invest your cash register, freeze." I repeat it slowly to make sure I have it. "Invest your cash register, freeze?" I again repeat, "Invest your cash register, freeze?" She nods yes. I lean down and
    Spoiler for sexual encounter:
    I move on deeper into this building and encounter an older man, 50's perhaps, a bit overweight, wearing a white uniform, like a chef, and he's asking me for the remote control. We go into the next room and I"m looking around, forgetting him, and he again says he needs the remote control. We're near a chef's kitchen shelf (where they put up the finished plates) and I decide to reach around some appliance and expect to feel a small device with my fingers. I do feel such a device, but then an anonymous hand from the other side of the shelf shoves forward a small grey remote control. I pick it up and give it to the chef guy. I think of apologizing for it being missing, but I sense that I'm the boss of this place so that would look weak. I walk with this chef guy out towards the entrance, and want to have more fun, so I ask him to take me to the champagne, then...
    … the dream fades.

    wake, recall, BTS


    + appear in home, kitchen, a party's going on with guests over. fogelbise is sitting at the kitchen table in the dining nook, my wife is nearby in the kitchen. I want to indicate to him I had four lucid dreams just now, so I hold out my left hand with my thumb tucked in near his face slyly so no one else can see (I don't want to talk about the LDs where my wife could hear). fogelbise sort of shrugs not understanding and holds up about 8 fingers on two hands with a question on his face. I again indicate the four fingers to show I had 4 lucid dreams. There's a small boy (with an afro?) at the table also.

    + overlooking conference hall with military table different color, flags at each position , wife with me on upper level, computer, party, this is the place for action I say, she leaves angry, go get her?, go after she's still there by restaurant window, take sliced-in-half oranges from restaurant window, thers a cup there, we'll squeeze into a cup for fresh orange juice.

    + walk down street, big city, cross street, see son coming other way, want to cross to meet him, major gasoline lines being installed at this corner, overhead. Police block the crosswalk, I wait for green light and cross even through it may be blocked but nobody stops me.

    Spoiler for sexual content, bodily fluids:
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Awesome FM!! I see my prediction starting to materialize..because of your strong dedication to the craft, you will surpass me in lucid dreaming before you know it. A lot of interesting side notes and I featured in a couple of spots!..that black boy with an afro made me think it could be some alter ego of mine too since I saw someone similar when I looked in a mirror in a recent LD, but this was your dream...

      I like the SC conversation pre-bed!..I'd like to try something more like that. I plan to see what else I can learn from your side notes!

      Awesome job FM!!!
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    2. fogelbise's Avatar
      Man oh man!! You may be on to something! I did a version of your SC talking last night (using an approximation of my memory of what you described) and I also looked up Universal Loving Friendliness recitations and found a pdf with a bunch and I had multiple LD's with a short WBTB and without SSILD!! I also felt quite refreshed but that may be partly due to being able to sleep in, but usually I feel rather groggy after sleeping in a bit long. Thank you for sharing!!
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    3. FryingMan's Avatar
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