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    2016-01-11 LDs#164,#165 all night awareness

    by , 01-11-2016 at 06:57 PM (328 Views)
    I went to bed around midnight quite tired, but my awareness just would not let me fall into unconscious sleep. My wife came to bed late and woke me up. In retrospect it felt like I was WILDing from bed time. A case of dolphin's "all night awareness" I believe.


    + I'm standing in a house, on a stairway, I see my father walking up from a higher landing up other stairs. He is naked, and his "stuff" is vaguely visible, so I turn away to preserve his modesty.

    I'm in my parent's bedroom, my mother is talking to me, she wants me to take a look at some letter that my sister brought by. I'm upset at her for talking to me because I'm trying to fall asleep (!). I take a look at it and there are some cards and a piece of paper but it seems not to be of any importance.

    + (f) I'm viewing a scrolling list of some sort, reading it, it's important.

    + (f) I'm thinking about fitting into zero area spaces between lines and the intersections of planes.

    I waken and realize these were dreams and spent some more time floating in "awake" awareness until the next bunch of dreams:

    + I awaken in bed to a sudden "bang" sound. I'm in my adult home, but sleeping in my son S1's bedroom but with my head by the window in the corner. I pull up the covers and try to feign sleep. It's son S2 who's up and making noise, coming out of the master bedroom into the hallway. He announces: "Guess who's going to Prom!?" This is odd since I know he's University age.

    + There are two young men, there is a narrator voice, it is vaguely sexual in some way, the young men are singing, something they say sounds like "fantasy." There is a track from where they are that runs along the right wall of the room, and little round things are rolling down this track. They are very small (1/4 inch) round thumbtacks with tiny x-rated scenes painted on them. There's a bunch of them stuck on to the wall by my bed. I'm pulling them out and seeing the holes left behind. Son S2 comes in and starts looking at them and I'm trying to hide them. I pull the bed away from the wall and there are more there stuck in the wall running along the floorboards.



    + LD#164 I'm the same bedroom as the previous dream (adult home son S1's bedroom), it is dimly lit. My wife is there and there are the same x-rated little thumbtacks stuck in the wall again, she is looking at them and saying "what are those?" I'm trying to pick them up and hide them, piling them on the bed, I ask her some question to distract her, then I have a feeling that this is an absurd situation and didn't I already deal with this? and get fully lucid, quick nose pinch confirms. The dream gets a bit unstable right away, dizzy/fading but quick hand rub brings it nicely back into focus. I remember TOTM basic I (read the title of a book) and go to the bookcase up against the wall and pull off a book and look at it, reading is difficult but I see "winnie". Then I'm looking through some book flipping through the pages and I see a bunch of colorful complex stick figures. No matter how fast I flip the pages there is always a clear picture there, I'm amazed that my mind can produce the images so quickly.

    I walk out into the hallway, and there seated on the floor next to son S2's bedroom door are my sons, aged about 3 and 5. I call them to me and get hugs from both of them, that was really nice. I walk down the hallway and turn into the family room, I walk to the bookshelf to check out more books since I want to make sure I get TOTM and I just want to try reading books. I decide I can order some food from the kitchen. I walk back to the family room entrance looking into the kitchen and am about to formulate an order and decide I'm rather just summon it myself directly. At first I call for pepperoni pizza but decide I want a Round Table King Arthur Supreme [my favorite chain pizza…mmm]. I think about extending my arms into the "aether" and grabbing it like Merlin does with Logrus magic in Zelazny's Amber books. My hands don't come back with a pizza but I glance down on to a table and see an open pizza box with a pepperoni pizza in it. I take a slice and eat. One of my kids comes in and eats some as well. I have the thought that this is a long, stable LD and that this is due to my daytime mindfulness work.

    Back to the bookshelf, I take a book from the middle section and open it and can't make any sense out of the title or the contents. I rationalize this via thinking "oh this is from my wife's German books collection" [false]. Then I go to the right section and think I see my old college Astronomy textbook. I take it out and open it, and at first I get the impression that I can understand words, but then everything seems to be abstract geometrical shapes.

    I've had enough of reading so I walk towards the living room. On the way there I get the idea to summon MaSt for some "fun." I'm calling out her name "M St…., M St…, M St…" and am walking around the (totally empty) living room. I walk by the light switches and try to operate them to make the room lighter. It doesn't work and I continue walking around the room, but give a quick thought to "be lighter" and notice that there is a bit more light.

    Then I notice that the wall on the side of the entry way is all glass [DS] and I can see two local neighbor kids outside, a boy and a girl. I make a gesture for them to approach. I then see them again and their faces are a bit different. I go outside and there are a few more people here. Another man/woman pair whom I think are also very young / kids at first but as I approach them they seem more like fully mature adults but are just very short, they walk away from me. I turn back towards my house and there is a woman there whom I see in passing has a very large dark birthmark on her face. I will her face to be clear and briefly notice it happening but head back in to the living room.

    There is a young man there now seated on a bench and we exchange a few words. I decide to tell him what's going on. I walk past him and say "you are a dream character within my lucid dream!". He says "What!? NO!" and comes at me aggressively. I push him back and decide we'll fight and I pull out my lightsaber from my "utility belt" and turn it on. Sigh, weak translucent colors again. We both have light sabers and are vaguely swinging them around. I tell him to turn up the opacity on his as I want to do to get fully operational light sabers. Then he backs into a TV in an entertainment center cabinet and disappears into the picture tube. I stick my saber in there and swish it around, I want to see the TV set ripped apart in molten metal effects but instead I just get a bit of static popping up on the screen.

    I go back to walking in a circle around the empty living room and calling for M St… to appear, holding my hand behind my back, but the dream slowly fades.

    I feel myself in bed, with something on top of my eyes. But I don't want to open my eyes for fear of fully waking up. I try to slowly open my eyes. Then suddenly…

    + a new bright scene instantly appears. I'm lying on my back on a medical table against a wall in a very brightly lit medical procedure room. There is a black female middle aged nurse at the food of my bed, I'm pulling her on top of me and down for a kiss, I manage a quick kiss and want to make out with her but she pulls away, saying that I don't look good from my condition, and that "we've already done it today anyway". She walks along the side of my bed around to my head. She asks if I've decided to go ahead with the treatment, and asks me for the diagnosis. I notice I'm in a medium-large sized room with many patients on medical tables and many people attending to them. There is a person on a table nearby with someone standing next to him. I hear myself mumbling some medical terms that seem nonsense except I recognize the word "cortex."

    The nurse then inserts some thick needle object slowly into the area beneath my left eyebrow and above my eyelid. It feels like the skin the needle is going through is very thick and it moves very slowly, it's quite painful. It also feels like there is some sort of hard clamp placed over the needle holding in it place. Something clicks and I roll off of the bed/cart and am lucid, a quick nose pinch confirms. I'm in caveman right away and looking for a suitable female. Everyone in this room seems old/ugly. I'm walking out of this room and the black nurse is pursuing me but I call back to her "you already had your chance."

    I think what to do/where to go and I realize there must be a particular kind of doctor nearby and see an entrance to a waiting room and enter. There are a lot of people here too. I find a suitable DC sitting in a chair and kneel down in front of her. A male relative/friend of hers has his arms firmly around her shoulders.
    Spoiler for sexy time:
    while I'm reassuring her that the doctor knows exactly how to treat people like her so it will all be fine. After about 10-15 seconds,
    the dream fades.

    I wake happy at the very nice sequence of LDs and achieving TOTM.

    I just want some restful sleep at this point and try to release any lingering awareness so I'll fall asleep quickly.

    I sleep and dream some more. A number of scenes, mostly fragmented, some excerpts:

    +(f) walking in a hallway I realize I'm walking along former colleague DeHo, who lives in SC. I say "hi" and lean over to give her arm a friendly bump but instead I brush her breast by mistake. I feel a bit embarrassed and she leans a bit away from me. We talk about the weather a little bit?

    + (f) I'm trying to get an ice cream vendor to explain something to me and they're not cooperating.

    + (f) at my kid's birthday party, there are a lot of kids, how shall we ferry them all to the next destination? We'll need several cars, I can't see how this is possible. Also something about serving them ice cream.

    +(f) traveling with a girlfriend? She slides up to me on a seat and it's very cozy.

    + (f) I'm sitting down in a dim location on a bench with a girl I know is ElWa (grad school colleague). I sense her husband GrBa is watching us from the shadows. I put my arm on her bare leg and feel some stubble. I wonder what else is hairy. I know it's her but saying her name would somehow ruin the situation.
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