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    2016-01-20 LD#167 ToTM gravity change DC; epics: the house/soccer field, houses/woman/train; more

    by , 01-20-2016 at 09:48 AM (373 Views)
    Another "ANA" like night. This time influenced by Jamie Alexander's ebooks: "Lucid Dreaming on Command" and "Meditation For Lucid Dreaming". The main thing about his approach is to focus your awareness in your head, forget your body, and "go deeper, let go." I choose his recommendation to focus awareness on HI.

    I felt this is a lot like what dolphin does, staring at the back of his eyelids and waiting for FAs/dreams to appear.

    The first half of the night seemed to take forever before dreams began. I may have been aware in NREM because at one point I moved on to my back and when I felt entirely aware, my wife told me that I was snoring which woke me up and I thought that was strange because I hadn't felt that I was snoring.

    I kept trying to fall asleep to watching my HI and letting go/relaxing. Then the dreams started. Ordering not clear.

    + I'm on my way to get lunch, maybe I'll get pad thai. I encounter a (Round Table?) pizza place and go in, I'd love me some Kind Arthur Supreme! They have a buffet lunch going. I'm skeptical because I want the KAS, but I head that way. "Don't worry, " the cooks say, "we've made plenty of pizza for the buffet." I indeed see large circular clear containers full of pizzas stacked one on top of another.

    + semi-epic?
    I'm watching some presentation. A woman is talking about a piece of real-estate. She's trying to conceal her location, i see location on address on street, I know where this is [false]. House is large, 3 rich families live there. Look for a long time at the column marking the left front corner of the property, it's being reconstructed/rebuild? Around right front corner to side, the buildings are huge, right now just construction skeletons with girders. They're like 100 yards long, the size of a football field, what would be in there, a gym?
    Then my team is playing on the ground level under the construction, it's a soccer field. I stand back and watch for a while, we're scoring goals, they're making good kicks, too. Then I run forwards and start participating. It's not all that easy for me to run, like I'm overweight. We make a run for the goal, and I try to kick but my kick is weak, it's not a soccer ball but instead some small colorful triangle things (paper?). I kick to my teammate, and we make 3 goals like that in a row with me assisting. At one point the goalie is grad school classmate KA, then he's on my team and we're scoring a goal together.

    Enter a restaurant with my team. We're seated at a table. 3 out of 4 of my teammates are overweight.

    + semi-epic
    I'm walking among and looking closely at suburban houses. I recommended a painter to some friends and I'm looking at the results [false]. I observe the colors: deep, grayish blue main building, sometimes an odd variant of raspberry/mauve, very dreamy colors. These painters always do a great and careful job. I'm in the carport of one such house and notice that they've painted the foundation a different color (this one is the blue/gray house with a reddish/pink foundation). They've painted a slightly uneven line between the house and the foundation, but that is because the foundation is bumpy concrete so the uneven line blends in to the texture of the house.

    I pull myself up to look over the the roof and get a quick glimpse in a neighboring yard of a large fluffy dog.

    I then climb fully on to the roof and launch into the air and fly. I gain some altitude, to avoid the dog in the next yard. The dog is barking/jumping at me as I fly over. The dog jumps at me and falls off the roof into the garden. I'm hovering/circling about 30-40 feet in the air, a girl is walking below me, she has notes for me, she's upset about the dog falling off the ceiling. There are letters stuffed in between the pages of books. The girl is my daughter?

    Down on the ground I enter the house. There is a woman and a boy there seated at a table. I get a close up view of her right eye. It is strange. She has parallel vertical age lines above and below her eye on her forehead and her cheek:


    I think this is unattractive. Then I notice her skin on her shoulder and chest. It is exposed (no shirt) and colored reddish-orange and of a very strange texture: the skin is pulled and cut into regular rectangular arrays of flaps about 1/8inch wide that stick up in the air about 1/4 inch. Her entire upper body is covered with these arrays of skin flaps. I notice a wrinkly nipple. The whole thing is a very odd and fairly repulsive sight.

    Our team push starts a train. push hard, run to catch it, jump on. The woman train inspector may catch us. We've been riding around like this for a long time (is the track circular, how can we do that?) Uh oh here comes a end-of-track barrier, we're going fast, brace for impact, we plow through the barrier with no problems, and land in a cushion zone made for cases like this, with large slats of wood and piles of sand. There is a house for sale beyond this area?

    Something odd like a guy opening his mouth around the for-sale sign (?) and indicating that the other guys should stick in their (ahem)s? It's a joke.

    + traveling through town, looking for ice cream/yogurt, some places catch my attention, I go into one. At the counter/register there is a light on the left that indicates you can place an ice cream order, and on the right that you can place a yogurt order. The ice cream light goes off and I try to communicate with the servers but they speak a different language. I go walking around the large store. I see people sitting in booths. Up ahead there are some large, fat, nudist women (lesbians?) sitting in a hallway booth. I walk by them trying to avoid looking at them. Around a corner there is a large room off to the side, with a male rock band and some female groupies.

    + (f) I follow into my jr hs best friend DD's house, his father is there, we're there with friends, we start discussing world history. Something about my dad? Sewer pipe exits? Every fifth pipe has elevated salt levels? I feel my skin peeling off of my foot from the high salt levels?

    + (f) I realize that I've lost my toilet seat shaped pillow for the night, they have reclaimed them. I need to pay for another one before they're all gone. I get one(?) and return inside to the equipment rack?

    + (f) exchange of candy. I wanted M&Ms I leave the area and check the (gas pumps?) the attendants/adult, guards are there but they don't bother me, I have a bag of candy, I turn around and re-enter the area

    + LD#167 ToTM advanced II (change gravity for a DC)
    I look up into the sky and I see some puffy things like giant cotton swab puffs, and to the right a giant advertisement for a chocolate bar with many little bits of chocolate strewn around, I think "this is a dream-like sky, because only in dreams do you get particles like that in the sky". I do a nose pinch and am confused that I can breathe. That gets my attention, I try again and I can breathe. What? Oh! I run forwards and take a leap off of the road over a big drop with a small thought of "is this a bad idea?" but I fly and I'm firmly lucid now. I'm near a major university and think "I'm going to go mess with the students!" The thought of ToTM Advanced II (change gravity for a DC) enters my head. Down on the sidewalk below I see people, I choose a group of 3 walking together, 2 guys and a girl. I point my finger at the girl (who's standing on the right end of the 3 walking together), and will gravity to reverse for her so she falls into the sky. And indeed, she flies up high into the sky, 60 feet or so, when I un-reverse gravity for her and fly to catch her in my arms. Her head is to my left, feet the right. Her face is turned away from me. I turn her towards me, hoping/expecting to see a young/pretty college girl. She seems to be and I immediately kiss her. She's confused and I explain (punctuated by a few more short kisses) that I made a tiny modification of the space/time continuum around her, but that for her it probably felt like a large change. I ask her where she wants to go: New York? Europe? To the <rock band name forgotten> concert in Austrailia [false]? "Oh, the concert!" she answers. Darn, I think, I didn't really want to go to the concert. At this point there's a strange transition and we're outside a secret restaurant in Iran, and I'm now a small, dark-skinned, dark-haired local boy speaking through another local boy through a guy who works in the restaurant, explaining to the girl that I don't speak (Iranian?). The implication is that we're stuck in this situation (she accessed my dream power somehow to make this change?)... and then I wake up.
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