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    2016-02-28 LD#179 ToTM Bonus [fire and ice]

    by , 02-29-2016 at 08:16 AM (278 Views)
    LD 5/10 remainder of Feb. goals. 5 to go, and one night left! Need a marathon tonight!

    + I'm in some living room with friends. There are all kinds of electronic devices plugged in to a socket in the wall. The socket catches fire, Oh Crap! What if the fire spreads in the wall, we'd be screwed! We pull out all all the plugs in a hurry. Should I blow on the fire to try to put it out or will that just intensify it? I realize the wall has no back, I can walk around the edge of the wall and there is an empty area there and I could get at the fire there.

    + walking through home under repair, my way is blocked by construction materials. The walls are being spackled, and I move to the left and touch the table (or wall?) and get some of the wet white spackle on my hand and try to wipe it off. Suddenly the world seems to be moving! EARTHQUAKE! I yell out "EVERYBODY OUT OF THE HOUSE!". I make a run for a door but I find just a small half-width door I can't get out through that. I run back to the front of the house and there are people standing in the doorways, I stand in the doorway with a work colleague (MWP).

    + JT and DT are having a domestic conflict because JT struck one of their sons, she hits him over the head with something and knocks him out, DT goes and hugs a son

    + FA in parent's bed in childhood home, dark, view of the opposite wall, I realize I'm in their bed, I think I'm sleeping in the spot where my mom used to sleep [false, it was dad's side].

    + LD#179 ToTM bonus: fire and ice
    I realize that I'm lucid suddenly (no prior dream memories, maybe a start of dream DILD). (Nosepinch confirms?). I'm standing in some townhouse complex with 2-3 story buildings of some dark tan color, there are windows on the buildings. Across the way from me is a store with a sign that reads "Lflierwir". I stare at it a while to see if it changes, and while it seems static I get the impression that I can look at a letter and read it clearly, but when I look at the word as a whole it's somewhat fluid. I think of March TOTM and start to review the tasks, and the fire/ice bonus jumps out at me [as it did in the voting]. I hold up my hands so I can see them and cup them before me and will fire to appear. An approx. 6" globe of fire flickers in and out a few times then solidifies. I feel heat, but it doesn't burn me. I walk a bit more around the complex, looking up at the buidings at one point and noting the color and the windows, like a modern generic townhouse complex, the buildings look like this:

    I decide to do ice as well. I raise my hands up again and start feeling for a block of ice. At first there is nothing, then I feel a lump of something in my hands and an running my hands over it, feeling for temperature sensation. I get a few bursts of an impression of cold. Satisfied, I let it go and continue on.

    I'm now in my childhood home. This dream is *extremely* vivid and clear. I'm in the living room looking at the fireplace mantle, and it looks very accurate. I see my and my sister's Christmas stockings hung at either corner. The stocking on the left is a very pale lime color, almost white. Above it on the mantle is the word "choce", I know this is the word "choice" just missing an "i".

    With no other goals in mind, I decide to look for some girls .
    I head up the stairs to my sisters room and expect some to be there. I expect TZ will be on the bed, and she is.
    Spoiler for sexy time, explicit:
    and I wake up

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