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    2016-09-11 LUCID 202 tail, thief, slop, scoot, ski [epic]; elevator, cables/girl, park [semi-epic]

    by , 09-11-2016 at 11:44 AM (284 Views)
    Another great, long dreaming night with 1-2 epics. And a first! Probably my earliest LD ever, somewhere around 2.5 hours in the first (noticed) waking of the night. And not just a weak, low-awareness LD, but a TOTM success LD that included a successful teleport out of the void! I set very strong intention to get lucid tonight. I also prepared 4mg galantamine + 300mg alpha gpc by my bedside for WBTB (but never took it, keeping it in reserve for tonight perhaps).

    @ ~ 2.5-3 hrs

    + lucid 202: I'm hugging my old dog L. He's facing me and hugging me back (in retrospect a bit too tightly and compulsively but in the dream it seemed fine), my face is buried in his chest and my hands are holding him tightly to me, I'm telling him "I love you, I love you!". Then I'm in my CH living room and I'm lucid. Lighting is subdued, like it's dark outside. As soon as I'm lucid I think "woohoo, #202". I'm pacing around between the living room and the entry hallway. I remember TOTM and I remember grow a tail. I'm standing on the corner of the big buffet which has a mirror and I will a tail to grow. I move it around over my right shoulder then I see it and touch it with my right hand and inspect it. It is a flat dark brown color, slightly fuzzy, and feels like the tail of a stuffed animal. I will the tail to move around some more and see its shadow on the floor in front of me, moving, I say "swish! swish!" I now want to do a basic task as well and I know I know the tasks and I feel positive that they will come to me at any instant but I just can't remember them. Next thing I know I'm pacing in total blackness. I decide I don't want to be here and I want to try a portal teleport. I lift my right hand and start to draw a portal in the air in front of me, expecting to see a shining outline appear, but nothing appears. I start over again, still unable to see any portal trail, but now I finish drawing a large oval in the air in front of me. I imagine it leads to <forgotten!>, as I start to step through I think perhaps I should have specified instead that it leads to Amber [Zelazny's fantasy realm] but I decide to keep my original destination.

    I find myself in a brightly lit city scape full of people, sort of medieval looking, the city is on a hill. I take off flying and I'm immediately surrounded by thousands of little flies or tiny drones, the faster and farther I try to go to evade them, the more that surround me. Lost all lucidity now, I'm talking with someone about what the cost is to (teleport me?) get to somewhere else. The guy says that he does not accept military contracts and there is something about the cost he offers.

    wake up and review dream, check time, about 2.5 hours after bed. I decided it was too early to take the galantamine, and went back to sleep. Very happy with what is probably my first successful intentional teleport.

    (@5-6 hours)

    + CH thief:
    I'm standing on the street looking down the driveway at my CH and I sense something is wrong. The doors of the house are open and the lights are on. I'm looking and noticing open doors. I decide to jump down and surprise the thief if one's there. I "jump/fly" down in one swoop from the street down to the back porch of the house and I detect an intruder in the house who runs away. He runs down the back garden stairs and jumps off the lawn down to neighbor's back yards. I do another big jump/fly down to him and there's a branch on the ground and a pair of long-handled pruning shears which he picks up and faces me to fight, <rest forgotten>.

    + slop:
    I'm sitting/lying on the ground outdoors. A small girl comes up to me and lays across me diagonally and hugs me and I hug her back, I feel love coming from her, she tells me, "Thank you for holding me!". Then I'm lying in some sort of trough and my wife and some other women throw in buckets of what I think is "pig slop", grey and thick and muddy, which I had been expecting but they threw it before I expected it and it splashed on my face. "Great!" I say with sarcasm, "you got it on my face!" and they react with concern.

    + scoot:
    I'm on a bicycle on mixed suburban/urban roads, I approach a busy intersection and use the hand brakes on the handlebars to slow down, I notice that the "turn left" arrow is lit and I'm following a dotted line painted on the ground that leads on to a sidewalk, and I follow it there. There are some cars coming down the sidewalk the other way and I'm surprised/annoyed by this. I continue on the sidewalk, now scooting? Now on inline-skates, I'm coming up on some people who are slow moving so I speed up to overtake them right as a guy is trying to pass me. My new speed prevents him from passing me and we're now running/skating side by side. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were there," I explain to him. Now I'm pushing myself with cross-country ski poles, still on inline skates, and getting some good speed from this. He's running. I wonder now many miles we can go like this, probably all the way up into the hills.

    + epic: ski
    I begin with thoughts and light visuals about a job where I worked at one former job while I worked still at another former job -- this is a (somewhat) reoccuring dream pattern about work. Then (I? someone?) says one of the benefits of the job is the big ski jump hill they build outside, and I imagine a large, wide, slide with alternating steep and level sections. Then someone else talks about the downhill skiing park that was built, then I'm standing at the top of the hill with skiis on and start skiing down. The guy had been saying about how fast you could do. The hill was quite steep but fairly flat. I'm hopping between left ski downslope and right ski downslope skillfully and wondering about just how much time it takes to perform one of these hops once you decide to do it. Then I run off a series of jumps off the left side of the trail, and finally I'm falling about 100 feet or more and think "oops now I've done it" and I'm trying to plan my landing place. I'm anticipating a bad impact really hurting my legs. But then I realize that as long as I land on a steep part of the slope below me there won't be much impact. I land and feel no problem with my legs. I jump again and this time I'm jumping over a river and I need to plan my landing, this time the snow runs out and my skies are clattering along bare rocks but on a smoothed pathway. I thought my skiis would get ripped to shreds but the stones are very smooth and I just slowly glide to a halt.

    Now what am I going to do? I have probably skied somewhere around 20 (kms? miles?) and trudging back up that massive hill that long with ski boots and my skis in hand is just not going to happen, so I resolve to go forwards to see where I am. I quickly come across a building, sort of a cabin, with a sign on it, amidst pine trees, it's a large building like a camp building. But sort of run down, like it's not popular any more. I come across the main camp building which is similar (sort of run-down, out of date architecture), with people milling about. The camp is not in session, it's called "sundowner <something>" or "summer <something>". I talk to a staff member about getting back to where I came from and she mentioned that they had a taxi that I could take. "Taxi! Perfect!" I say and go to it. I'm then standing on a mini-bus holding a pole and I'm thinking about how I'm going to pay the taxi since I don't have any money with me. I then realize that I don't have my skiis with me, and that I don't remember taking them off, or my boots, or putting them anywhere. I just remember that my final skiing portion was near a river/creek and ask the driver to take me by there so I can look for them.

    While standing on the taxi I "remember" that I came here with some friends and they're not all here, we have to find them, I'm confused about where they are. I'm going to have to call my dad to come get us(?) and figure out how to meet him. "Where's Lawrence Y? [boy scout]" I see a double ski holder thing (that you carry skis in on the roof of your car) in the bus and I open it and look at the skis and they're covered with colorful shiny glitter stickers.

    I walking then go through a door and inside CE (my movie buddy when I interned at lab) is teaching a piano harmony lesson. She is going to play improvised scales in D-flat (major?) She begins and starts with something like 6th and 4th chords, then normal ones, I keep listening for a Maj7 chord but never hear one, and feel like I should sneak to the keyboard and hit the Bb key to make her do it, but I never do, I'm listening to her scales for about a minute.

    I'm thinking now that it's too late to take the G. Review dreams, toss and turn a bit, work on BTS and get BTS. Tell myself "the next thing I see will be a dream" and performing the dream-hand nose-pinch RC on exhales once in a while. Tell myself "I will fall asleep and get lucid." BTS

    (9-10 hours?)

    + elevator: there's a problem with the work elevator, I'm talking with the CEO (female) about it. It has to do with the old power board. I walk down the stairs with my son and realize it's a long way down and I head back up to fix the power board. I continue talking and say that the issue is due to the software's access pattern of the various power terminals. We could fix it by making sure the software doesn't use too many of them at the same time. But couldn't we just buy a new power station, "it would only cost, what, $20,000?".

    + cables/work/girl: <a bunch forgotten> also at work and there's a presentation being prepared in some large audience or dining hall. I have cables that are part of the projection system in my hand. We're (taking a break?) and everyone's putting their components of the projection system down on a table in front of a techie guy, and I put two short orange cables as well and say these are important. I'm moving through the crowd and a lot of people are in my say. There's are some young people on the stage and I notice in particular a cute girl with lipstick on, briefly. Then I'm moving back stage and a girl is there and I encourage her to follow me. I see a tent set up and open it and motion for her to go inside. We go inside and make out a bit?

    + (semi)epic: park / basketball:

    ... I'm looking at the newly refurbished basketball level of my CH neighborhood park. They've replaced the concrete/asphalt with a slightly bouncy black material like on modern playgrounds, it is very black. I'm just standing there on the far side facing the main entry side, noting all the changes they've made. They've adjusted the positions of the basketball hoops somewhat, moving the one by the back road fence even more to the left, and the main basket has been raised very high, and there's a secondary basket twice as high as well. I notice that they've also built very tall fences between this level and the middle level (guess so that balls thrown won't go between levels or get lost in the foliage). I continue looking at the tall netting and notice then that there is also a ceiling netting high over the entire basketball level, 50 or more feet up. I hope that it's strong so that if anybody climbs up there, it doesn't rip or they'd fall. I see briefly a circular section of the netting that looks like a 10-foot diameter spider web.

    I take a running leap off the raised pathway and fly/glide low over the courts to the opposite corner (by the bike rack). The entire court is covered in what looks like scrunched up brown paper napkins/towels. They're light and I can easily brush them aside to see the shiny new flooring/ground-cover they've installed. There is some "new plastic" odor. I see shiny markings on the ground, bumpy and extending up from the surface like the stuff crosswalks are painted with, but colorful. I start to run across the ground and pump my legs really fast and wonder about running really fast. Then a brilliant emerald green object on the ground catches my attention, I'm wondering what this beautiful thing could be. As I can see more of it I "remember" [FALSE] that I've seen this before, it's a sort of walkway made from modular pieces that you can put together to make a path, and parts of it are black rubber and parts are that emerald gemstone material, but I think it doesn't look quite as good as I thought at first.

    I notice on the main basketball court on the lower (but still high) hoop there is a sign: "females only". Well that's ridiculous, they've taken two of the courts and made them girls only, hardly any girls play basketball here, what's the point?

    A man/coach is there now and he's getting some guys together to play some basketball. I say I can't play because <I have to do something, forgot>. He's got only 3 guys together to play, that's not enough.

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