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    2016-10-04 LUCIDD 209 club/clothes/birds/water-cube; ping-pong;

    by , 10-05-2016 at 07:35 AM (299 Views)
    + club / clothes / 3 birds in water / water-cube

    + little living soldiers game

    + scary storm cloud

    + ping pong

    + women playing video games: my name on screen

    + LUCIDD 209 LD#209 in building, get lucid, do TOTM basic pocket summon get handful of tiny coins, 5's and 2's, ask guy what they are, he says "5 drachma", keep looking at them, shake his hand, go outside, kiss girl interrupt her she's talking to some guy, "mm, well, ok" she says, I stop and squat down and look around, then she leans in an initiates a kiss with me, we stand up entangled, things get hot, then the dream fades.

    +(f) in a house with people playing with furry pets (cat?)

    + "RTL" guy in restaurant, lots of food laid out on on the tables, it's a private party

    + return to room, meet family I saw earlier, kids misbehaved so they're going home, enter office, clsoe dor, walk along long narrow table to far end, move to end, make sure there's room for my feet at the end, set up to work there on my laptop

    + middle-aged asian guy sitting at table eating plain-looking dim sum. "Ssssshhhh!" he tells me and motions to a cart of food and drink behind him. I go there and notice cans of beer, and other drinks, I take one thinking it's beer but it's dark, sweet, and I think it's coke. I sit on the other end of the table from him and suddenly a commercial break starts up, an animation of a peanut butter jar appears in the air spinning around with music and a bunch of young Japanese advertising girls appear and I think this is hilarious and pretend to be the announcer caling out "Jiff peanut butter! <etc.>". Then there's a small saucer of peanut butter in front of me and I'm trying to eat a piece but the chunk I'm trying to take is stuck via a strand to the chunk still on the saucer, I'm laughing and hurrying it's all hilarious and there's a guy sitting across from me and I'm shoving the peanut butter to him to eat and it spills and there's a huge stain on the table all the while the nice Japanese advertising girls are trying to help us eat it.

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