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    2016-11-06 LUCIDD 218 rock-paper-scissors [TOTM]

    by , 11-06-2016 at 11:47 AM (321 Views)
    + should I disconnect the transponder and trap the guy's soul inside the machine?

    + skating over the floors [DREAM SIGN] in a ranch house with glass walls [DREAM SIGN], punching the button controlling the garage door outside and yelling "WHAT DOES THIS ONE DO!?"


    + With F (from F&D college friends), her look-a-like brother [FALSE, it was son] she looks really pretty with her eye makeup

    + with MA and NI lying next to bed with them our arms entwined, I'm whining about my life, M comes over and gives me a big hug while I'm sitting on the ground, I say "thank you!"

    + Driving my car outside, I see MR outside walking outside the business building, along with guy I remember as "Mark Flamer" [FALSE], I hold out my hand for a handshake but it takes him a long time to take it, he has one extra false right arm hanging off his right arm at the elbow, it's because he has a blind vision spot and so he needs people to shake the higher, false arm in order for him to see it

    + grocery store, ice cream flavor (mint, vanilla), eating the whole pint, the guy then offers tastes from his lunch on a fork held before my face I don't want to put that in my mouth but I do it's one small round thing like a bean and one longer thing like a tiny hot dog, tastes quite good at first, crispy, I say "roasted pork?" he responds "Lion!" I say "Lion!?" he says "Hah you should have seen your face just now!" I see the lion skeleton with the skull locked into its death pain expression then I see smaller little skeleton sections and think these bones are too small for a lion

    +(f) she takes off her shirt, she has brown boobs...

    + LUCIDD 218 LD#218 I'm walking in a mall and people are in my way [DREAM SIGN] I'm trying to go forwards, faster, down a corridor with a sign blocking the way a narrator says the way is blocked because it's an employee smoking area I see them sitting along the very narrow corridor/walkway on the right, see the smoke, walk through it and smell it a bit, encounter another block a microwave oven and jars of things on top of it I'm trying to find a place to put my foot and step over this someone says something about me not making it (?) but I step over and recognize a guy [FALSE] and say "aren't you the guy who made the cabbage chutney?" he hands me a grey sausage I taste it it's good and beefy flavor I ask what it is he says "pork loin", I say it tastes more like beef. I think of something witty to say, I grab the now empty table in front of me in order to stabilize, it feels very solid, I'm slowly getting lucid, I turn to the guy again to say something but he's vanished and I get fully lucid from the shock of him and all the guys around him vanishing. I'm just looking around me for a second and yep they're all gone. I walk on farther down the walkway after a bend and start approaching a group of 3 girls. I stop myself. NO! Must do TOTMs! I think of them and remember rock paper scissors. I approach the girls again with RPS intentions but they get off and start hurrying somewhere to the left. I interrupt them and they say something unintelligble, but they don't want to stop. I grab one's arms and say let's play rock paper scissors and make a game move (rock) but she doesn't respond. She says something silly, they're all giggling "Tee Hee! Tee Hee!" I say again let's play and do the 1-2-3 count and make a rock fist and look down at her hands, she has made two hands, one left and right but I focus on the right and she made scissors, so I win! I say let's play again and this time I do a "paper" hand and she makes some odd gang sign/bull-horns hand with index and pinky fingers extended , I say "what's that?" she says "I don't know! Tee Hee!" So I say "OK, time to [sexual comment], Tee Hee!" and [Sexy Time], I worry a bit about stability but it's stable, but when I stand up to get more points the dream fades.


    + [vivid] in my hotel room, about to take a shower, window to the street, looking at windows, looking for door to room, look out and see a mess of my things as I undressed and came into the room, a container strewn farther down the hallway, how did I toss that there, it's too far into the hallway for me to get to it.

    + JoBis pile of graded papers, what will I do with this big, heavy pile? It is a collection of student's most famous bad papers/cheats/poor scores with funny teacher comments on them. One of them is a math paper and the student wrote as an answer a large matrix full of 0's (like 8x8).

    + mad scientist and the fragmenting rockets falling down. His rockets are too far ahead for the counter-measures to catch in time. I watch them from far away as the lights of the missiles dash towards the ground and the good-guys stuff follows. The bad guy is also a news commentator? He is there and says something but it doesn't matter because it looks like he won.

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    1. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      ehehe funny lucid. dont play an intelligent game like RPS with a stupid girl grats to the stable sexytime but bad bad you that you couldnt make us some more points
      FryingMan likes this.
    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      Yes I wanted to run through all the TOTMs. Gonna try for one last ditch nap, maybe I'll make it. 3 hours left!
      RelaxAndDream likes this.
    3. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      Go Fryingman GO
    4. FryingMan's Avatar
      Hah. I'm not a good napper. Never made it to sleep. Had a pretty good run in the comp, though, tons of WBTB, decent # of lucids, a big achievement for me.