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    2017-01-23 bean bag, gas station, gym

    by , 01-23-2017 at 01:26 PM (186 Views)
    Poor recall generally. But went to bed at like 3-4am so what do you expect. Had to really dig for a long time to come up with anything.

    + vague situations with people

    + pulling into a gas station. I have a heightened awareness for a little bit where I think this may be a dream but it quickly fades. Noticing the paths out of the station and how cars are driving away

    + in a gym, looking at a piece of exercise equipment, wondering how it works since I don't see the usual column of weight plates.

    + in former adult CA home [felt like it but nothing in common with real one] (with wife?) there's not much floor room around the bed. Notice that there is a very large, cream-colored bean bag outside on a covered porch, and I'm wondering if I should bring it inside to keep it safe from the weather. I'm not too concerned since the cover is probably sufficient to keep it out of the rain.

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