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    2017-02-20 very vivid long dreaming night, lots of dreams in all stages

    by , 02-20-2017 at 01:06 PM (456 Views)
    Finally a decent bed-time (around midnight). In bed until 10-10:30. Drank 2/3 or a bottle of champagne in the evening. Dreams very vivid and present, waking-like experiences. Lots of dreams, lots of detail, visual and awareness highly present. Late morning "dream-doze" state resulted in several more. Perhaps some REM rebound from undersleeping on several preceding nights.


    + flying, neighborhood, houses/mansions, house covered in candle wax from dripping outside windows

    + famous (actor?) knows my niece: lemon tree orchard, lemons (yellow tomatoes?) on ground piled near fence, open areas in fence, guy on ladder I'm trying to get around him

    + car crash: I'm in back, other guys are driving, car's crowded I can't get out or get to the driver's seat, we smash headfirst into a parked red Rolls Royce: we bounce right off and neither car is damaged, miraculously.

    + gym: everybody is picking on a (apparently flat-chested) black woman to show her breasts (for confirmation?). She exasperatedly lifts up her top and shows off an amazing pair of large, beautiful breasts, I'm wondering why they didn't show through her clothes.


    + playing pool, showing cue ball control, talking about draw. Someone is practicing on a table with oranges/grapefruits instead of billiard balls

    + playing chess, analyzing position. Not sure what pieces I have, one or two rooks? Should I analyze deeply or since I think I'm way ahead just dive into making combinations? I have a queen and I'm looking at

    + [long, detailed, vivid] angry they've messed up my pool equipment: cue rougher and shaft conditioner are ruined

    Looking in great detail at objects. Letters, presents (have they even been opened?) boxes, addressed to me or to SB. A "Serbian CD player" which has a strange, ornate shape, someone complains that it's greasy on the outside (show it to JH BF DD), a letter with my name (SB's name?) written on it. Opening a drawer and looking at objects inside, many detailed objects.

    SB is embezzling money from the kiosk/store she works at and hands me a stack of cash which I keep dropping. I suspect it is counterfeit and some of it is torn up into small pieces, some starts to look like it came out of a copy machine. Discussion of how hard it is to run the business.

    Late morning Dream doze, dream boundaries unclear:

    + use goggles, don't be afraid, see fish in shallow/clear water [DS], think how people swim in these waters all the time without fear, why would it be any different to get into the water with goggles on and be able to see underneath the water? Splashing larger fish approaches me and I want to wait to see what it is before jumping in to the water, it appears at first to be a standard Hawaiin triggerfish but it turns into a piranha fish that bites and latches on to my knuckle, I shake it off and see bloody knuckle and talk about dangers of pirhannas.

    + leaving the mall, topless and see-through top girls, wrong door
    We're on the upper floor of some large open mall and down below I see a girl with a see-through top with lovely breasts fully visible and I want to go down to see her. Around me there are more girls with see-through / visible breasts. Head towards what I think is the stairway, there's a group of young people including girls looking up at me (and laughing?) I see that the door (which is pink) is actually not the stairs but the girl's restroom. I feel funny because I think I have two hats on indoors and I reach up to feel the hats and take one of them off.

    + FA wake up in bed and start singing song acapella "Hero" (Family of the Year) looking at a car while singing. (DO) I see some street signs and the view looks like from city A (like from A hill) looking towards the B hills, houses and trees, and think about how long these signs (like highway/freeway signs) can stay in places, for decades, I get sentimental and weepy and think "I want to live!" and to be able to just walk outside and see trees and things and have basic life experiences. I'm walking down the sidewalk in my underwear, need to pee, walk past woman who gives me a funny look I'm a bit self-conscious about being in my underwear but not too concerned, heading to the mall's public bathroom past smelly bums there's a bad smell around here, the bums are waiting around the bathroom.

    + With wife, she's young/beautiful/healthy/shining, I'm happy to see her and want to hug her, but she has to have meeting with a "caseworker" woman about her mother, more and more people are arriving for the meeting, my wife has a "special appointment" and tries to pull her aside to speak in private with her, she hands the woman a pile of papers which she unfolds and has her (wife's) name/signature on it. I see the face of the case worker a large, rough face on a large head with short hair. More and more women are arriving for the time of appointment on this street / corner with the woman and they're crowding around her and they're interfering with my wife's ability to talk to her.
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Great to see your recall in very fine form and getting lucid the night before!