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    2017-04-12 LUCIDD 230 vivid dreams

    by , 04-12-2017 at 10:41 PM (610 Views)
    + a place is taking off on top of me, I get dragged by the plane, it takes off, I have to figure out when to let go and roll on the ground

    + baseball on radio

    + in work cubes talking to SC (not there) about how she was using my cube because I had been away for a long time

    + CH back yard back steps climbing up, dog (old and sick sounding), growls at me a bit at top, he's mangy looking but I'm feeling warm towards him still, food bowls inside the back porch, I see the front door is open, walk towards it, see a girl standing halfway up the stairs, I go up the stairs, there are groups of girls in my old room and sister's room. Talk to them a bit (forgot dialogue)


    + brief half-asleep sexy time under a blanket in a room

    + LUCIDD 230 LD#230 I am in my FAH (former adult home, CA) looking at the cat food on the ground, I fill the bowl with fresh food but it still looks soggy. I get up and walk by the dresser and see Christmas-related things there, I think that I at some point took the trouble to take them out of storage. I walk to the kitchen, and I look at the cooktop. The burners are still hot and somebody left some cloth materials on top of the burners, and I get really mad. I think it was son S2, and I start yelling "you can't put those kinds of things on top of hot burners! You can ONLY PUT METAL! ONLY METAL!" Then I see the material catching fire, son S2 is near and I keep yelling at him and slug his shoulder a few times, he gets mad and almost takes a swing at me, I feel a bit bad about hitting him.

    Older son S1 then says "hey look there!" and directs our attention to the light fixture in the dining room. I'm looking at it through the opening from the kitchen and see that the colorful light fixture is gone, the only thing that remains are a few fragments of clear glass/crystal. I think someone has stolen the colorful fixture. I see the dining room window and it looks ajar, and imagine a thief opened it. I look to the right through the family room and to the sliding glass door to the backyard, it also looks like it's been messed with. I go to it and the entire frame falls off of the house into the back yard. Clearly a thief has pried it away from the house to enter.

    I go out into the backyard, I feel a lot of fear that we've been burgled. I'm afraid for my dog now, I call for him, "L! L!" then I remember that he died a long time ago. I'm feeling really fearful of what we've lost and about burglary, and think that my only hope is if I'm dreaming. I do a nose pinch and I can breathe! I'm lucid! I feel a great surge of relief and re-enter the house. I imagine (don't see) that my sons are still standing there, and I say, "well, boys, this is a dream what shall we do?
    Spoiler for NSFW comment:

    Well that's silly, I can just summon them. No bother, they're already in the living room I decide. So I start walking there but at the dining room
    I wake up.
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      my only hope is if I'm dreaming.
      Love this way of becoming lucid! Congrats FM!..and on the vivid dreams as well!
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