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    2017-04-15 super vivid & present / alternate life, multiple semi-epics

    by , 04-15-2017 at 12:26 PM (326 Views)
    bedtime finally not atrocious: head hit the pillow at 00:40. Some intention setting and affirmations before bed.

    Lots of dreams. Probably more that noted here, no recording until final waking, and epics tend to obliterate earlier dreams. 18 minutes of voice notes!


    Quick notes:

    + rental car, mustang, white doors closing, keys (could steal), dealer, "not too overpowered", (shakes his head), I think I could gun it later.

    + [semi-epic] at guy's house, dog holding ear, nanny & girl (?), in house alone, semis entering his garage, police come, "he was going to murder you in one hour"

    + police on streets on hill: look down, swanky party busted by cops; indoors, leading regent gives speech, appoints new chancellor of University: JH (boy scouts, frizzy hair): grizzled, old, red eyes, he can barely talk, he makes no sense, I feel sorry for him

    + DO: watching video of ME at (high school graduation?): who filmed me? View fully zoomed and centered on my face: tears are streaming down my eyes. I'm singing along with the other students: (national anthem?) no sound: my eyes are doing weird things, like rolling back in my head, I'm really embarrassed, I didn't know that I was being filmed.

    + football scrimmage, "C vs. C" overhead view: lots of laterals, tackling.


    + [semi-epic] in my "kitchen": burger meal on plate, big crowd of guests appear, can't eat now, make tea for everyone, boil water, girl talks about helping her learn how to catch balls, back in kitchen burger is still on plate, but fries/side dishes are gone burger is alone, I sneak a quick, big bite of it stuffing it into my mouth, guy friend walks up just then, great I think, just as I bite, I look for tea in the cabinets, open cabinet and many colorful packages, take out two fancy tea packs: one on right has white flakes in it, lots of dried fruit?, pack on left is dark red/brown pieces of tea like roiboos.

    + [semi-epic] at the theater: I'm in balcony, leaning over railing to the right and talking to a girl and a guy on ground floor, discussion of school, I start to say "enjoy your final years of school" but realize I don't know how many years she has left or is graduating, girl says something like "(help me?) and I'll give her to you (girl sitting behind me?) the play begins I decline I lift my left arm and put it around my (date? wife?) on my left she leans in puts her head against mine, attention moves to the stage:

    Guy from former work [N] has thinning hair is acting on stage, he's with another guy, there's a fight, one guy really slugs the other one on the back/shoulder and the hit guy's body tremors. One guy produces bills ($50 / $100 / $200) the $200 one (close up) I know is fake, it has some random guy's picture on it, it's pretty funny though. Then the guy and girl I was talking to earlier are on center stage and the guy produces some blue windex-looking stuff

    + On U lake in boat, wind, calm behind Rt island, I think I haven't been here a long time and want to next time take the boats to the island, study Rt island closely, it is not quite right, too many trees and there are other little rocks in the water
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