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    2017-09-07 house, dessert, $50,000, FA, owl eats a pigeon, job

    by , 09-07-2017 at 11:14 AM (338 Views)
    (middle of the night)

    + I'm looking at the side of a house, and I'm talking to someone (not visible) about the dryer vent that I see there. I decide to climb up on top of the house (for privacy?) and I scramble up there. Off in the distance I see through the window of a neighbor's house that people are scrambling to get out of my view. I think they were probably naked and don't want me to see them.

    + (FA) I wake up and L lying next to me says "Let's read a little bit"

    + I'm outside, it's twilight, and there are tall trees around, it's a city scene. Then I see a large bird (I think it's an owl) swooping down slowly in front of me it's wings spread wide, it is gliding very slowly and leaisurely, the owl picks up a pigeon from a group of pigeons standing on a rail below in its talons, and flies off. I lose sight of it. I think "what a lazy owl, it just lives on the roof of that building and swoops down to eats pigeons whenever it wants". I notice all of a sudden a great flock of vultures is roosting in the trees all around and they're all staring at a spot on the ground down and to the right. I follow their gaze, expecting that I'll see the owl eating the pigeon. And I do see a bird (like a seagull) lying on the ground, it's body cavity completely open, showing it's still pulsating guts, while the owl picks away at it. I think "the poor bird, being eaten while still alive."


    + I'm walking through in a large crowd in a restaurant. It is some sort of organized event. I'm getting handed a piece of "carrot cake" that is really heavy and about 1/2 a meter long. Then as I turn and take a bite of it, I realize it's really light and fluffy like a churro, and the icing is thin and insubstantial like whipped cream. It's also about a meter long now. Instead of tables the place is made up of high counters to sit at. I'm walking amongst the counters and looking for a tasty desert. I see bowl of ice cream, and desserts that are like ice cream that have large chunks of caramel in them. I see a brown ice cream that I think if coffee flavor. The waiters start taking away all the desserts before I can eat any. I'm upset and ask them to give me some but they say they have to clean it up. All that's left are the piles of "dessert garbage" which is unappetizing.

    [Yes, I started a new diet last week in WL!]

    + In a building, like an office, and I'm naked and want to take a shower, but the cleaning staff has arrived, I'm leaning around a corner talking to them?

    Some woman comes up to me and hands me a massive pile of dollars cash and says "here is your $50,000 investment." I rifle through it a bit and stuff it into my backpack. She's investing in my company. Only, I've not yet formally joined that start-up, which my friends are running. I'm trying to think what to do with the $50,000.

    Walking around, thinking about this money and the job, there is a very successful entrepreneur (like a Tony Robbins type guy) who is spouting business advice, and I'm listening to him and walking around.

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