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    2017-12-12 some vivid and present dreams!

    by , 12-12-2017 at 06:48 AM (278 Views)
    + pondering fruit (apples in particular), on trees, pear,pick it, need to wash it, outside CH, pull the water hose to me with TK, wash stuff, the big pile of money on the neighbor's fence gets wet and knocked down, I goto mom asking hey can you keep this who's is it?

    + in old CA home, S1's room, S1 small is there, room is rearranged, I take him on my lap and I ask him if he likes his new room and he says yes. There are pencil drawings on the floor near the wall. In hallway bathroom I look around a long time. It is filthy. Dirt and grime everywhere. I say I need to clean it. Head down on the floor, there are piles of dirt everywhere. I see two hamsters who have come to live there, then 4 hamsters, then a couple of hedgehogs. [visually vivid, present]

    + in bed with [deceased] wife, she was just away for the summer. How will I explain this to my g/f? This means I won't ever see g/f again, or it will be very rare, I certainly won't be able to stay overnight. Wife starts yelling at me about something and I get up and leave the room. I try to remember how I met g/f then finally remember [emotionally vivid, present]

    + in some back yard playing with model planes with g/f, she flies it expertly and I take a turn at the controls and it barely moves for me, I'm ecstatic when I get it to the elevation of a table top . The engine sounds like a gas lawnmower. [present](edited)
    + at a flea market, I'm at a table and a man instructs me to purchase the cover to Ronald Reagan's diary. In another moment of deja vu I think this is the 2nd time I'm seeing the cover but the first time was black and white and this time it's in color. I'm searching for his signature on the front of the cover, and finally find it. There are many other signatures on the cover, I think these are from his relatives and teachers, couselors, etc. I note it is indeed an empty hardback cover: there is no diary inside, and that it was taken out because it was much more valuable than the cover. I'm thinking the objects that I've purchased I intend to resell, but I'm not sure how much I can get for them.

    + [DO - disembodied observer] it is a deathmatch race, a huge red truck is coming down the hill and making a turn, and does something so that the surrounding cars all to flips and explode, but a small red race car makes it through the pack and slams into the big truck, I see metal fenders on both vehicles are getting crumpled, then a guy in an "iron man" suit jumps out of the big truck and directly challenges the little car, grabbing it by the front and s
    + at some competition. I'm raiding an enemy team, I forcibly take the (vinly record?) from them, but it turns out to have been a redirection and they have made a move for the record player. I get there in time before they can turn it on to play the record. I keep it in my hand and encounter the referee of the match and he tells me to (throw it down to the ground?) I then float over my team's table where we're assembling intricate electronic components.

    + sitting down at the table of a group dinner party. This is a room separate from the others, everyone at the table is a stranger except my g/f is sitting next to me (to my left). I have a moment of deja vu as I see the woman to her left sitting down and think "that's the time when she sat there," and I think that the people here at the table do want to sit close, so as to be able to join in the conversation . I say to the table about how we have our own private room. Then it comes time to go outside (in our swim suits?), and my g/f appears standing next to me in skimpy underwear, the guys's eyes at the table bug out looking at her. Someone comments "she's naked, she doesn't have a swim suit!" Outside peope are also sitting at tables and a young boy complains to me that he got put at the old folks' table, and he's going to be bored.
    pretty good night, woke a lot

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